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World of Warcraft Spotlight - XToLevel

World of Warcraft Spotlight

Welcome to another World of Warcraft Spotlight! Today we will cover XToLevel, a levelling addon developed by AtliThor.

This addon will provide you with detailed information on the requirements for your character's next level.

In addition to the amount of experience needed, it will tell you how many kills are left and how many quests you need to finish. Besides quests and kills, the addon also takes into account the remaining dungeons, battlegrounds and crafted items. On top of that, it even calculates how long all of that will take. These details are displayed in a bar, allowing you to keep track of the current requirements at a single glance.

Additionally, the addon can be configured easily by using either the /xtl command or the /xtolevel one.


Simply clicking the "Install via Curse Client" button found on the main page is all you have to do to install this addon.

Final Words

XToLevel is an excellent choice if you would like to know more than just the required amount of experience for reaching your next level.


  • #1

    Why in the world would somebody put an outdated add-on in the spotlight. I looked at in the downloads thinking it might be nice, but since it is outdated and apparently the author has no intention of updating why would you post this as a spotlight item. I will NOT be downloading anything unless it shows signs of life. Have you lost your mind Curse?? I am not trying to be mean or abusive I just wonder why you would post something in the spotlight that is outdated and not being updated!

  • #2

    The addon was updated a month ago...not sure what date you are looking at, but you are incorrect in the assertion that this is an out-dated addon.

    Last edited by erictoni on 4/11/2014 9:04:38 PM
  • #3

    Dude the page itself and even the comments !!!

    Supports: 5.2.0

  • #4

    "Updated 11 March 2014". While I have been having some issues lately, please read all the things, not just the parts that you want to complain about. When it's up-to-date, xtolevel is an invaluable addon and I never level without checking that it's enabled. 

  • #5

    xx I would install it in fact I was going to install it until I saw the 5.2.0! It looks like a nice addon a VERY nice addon to have. I just will NOT dwnload an addon that is not current!


    Oh and I read every single comment. That does nto change the 5.2.0!!! Sorry!

    Last edited by petergunn on 4/19/2014 6:21:21 PM
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