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World of Warcraft Spotlight - XRP

World of Warcraft Spotlight

Welcome to another World of Warcraft Spotlight! This time we will feature XRP, a roleplaying addon developed by BorBlasthammer.

As mentioned above, this addon is aimed towards roleplayers. It allows you to create a profile of your character; which contains various features, a description and a biography. Not only can you make your own profiles, but you can also read the ones created by other friends. This will surely come in handy if you like to roleplay with your friends. Each profile is stored locally, so you will never have to worry about losing them.

If you have used similar addons before, such as MyRolePlay or TotalRP2, you will be happy to know that XRP is compatible with them. This means you will not have to recreate all of your profiles. All you will need to do is importing them.

Additionally, it comes with various other useful features; including a tooltip showing roleplay related details of players and pets, the ability to set a chat name for roleplaying purposes and an options panel for configuring the addon.


Simply clicking the "Install via Curse Client" button found on the addon page is all you have to do to install this addon.

Final Words

XRP might just be the addon you were looking for if you enjoy roleplaying. It allows you to setup profiles of your characters, view other players' profiles, change your chat name and much more.


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    154lbs? That's one malnourished dwarf. A human in WoW looks to avg about 5'11", maybe 6' even. Lean, but well muscled, I would estimate their weight at 200-210. I know when I was in excellent shape (10% body fat) and standing 5'11", I was 205lbs. Compare a dwarf to a human in-game. The dwarf is wider and denser. They are heavily muscled and muscle weighs more than fat (which they also have a considerable amount of) so I would put their weight at closer to 250-275, perhaps going over 300 for a taller or fatter dwarf. 

    A lot of people think of dwarves in WoW as being the same as dwarved irl. In WoW, they are not simply a short human, they are a completely different race of people, incredibly dense and wide bodied. Remember, they used to be made of stone and though most likely considerably lighter than their former stone form, they are not light weights by any stretch of the imagination. Gnomes would more fit the real life version of dwarves or little people. Small and generally having normal sized heads compared to their bodies. 

    But then again, this is what makes RP so fun, you get to make the rules up as you go!

    Awesome addon.

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