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Minecraft Spotlight - Silent Hill Texture Pack

Welcome to another Minecraft Texture Spotlight! This time we will take a look at Silent Hill Texture Pack, created by Xuchilbara.

Unlike both previously featured packs, this one does not stay faithful to Minecraft's colour-scheme. As the pack's name gives away, it is aimed towards fans of the Silent Hill series. These textures will change the look and feel of Minecraft to resemble the atmosphere of those games; the creator achieved this by putting more detail into the textures and diverging from their original style.

The visuals provided by this pack will surely appeal to fans of Silent Hill, as they give the game a much darker and gloomier atmosphere. All textures complement each other very well and tile nicely, resulting in a seamless Silent Hill experience. On top of that, these textures are also much more realistic than the original ones, especially the larger variations of 64x and above.

To get an impression of this textures pack, be sure to check out the gallery below!

Texture packs can be installed easily by using Curse's very own client. After opening the client, navigate to the "Get More Textures" page, type the name of the texture pack in the search box, select the pack of your choice and hit the install button. It's that simple!

We also had the chance to hold an interview with Xuchilbara, creator of Silent Hill Texture Pack. Read on to learn more about the pack's development process!

How did you get into Minecraft?
Well I got into Minecraft around 3 years ago, I saw some videos about it on Youtube, and then I talked with a few online friends about it they said how much fun it was building your own world so to speak, so I figured I would check it out.

What made you decide to become a texture artist?
I wanted to make my own texture pack themed after Silent Hill, Since I'm a fan of the Silent Hill games and all.
Really, I never thought at the time when I started making the texture pack, to uploading it to share with other's I just wanted to make something I liked.
But a few months later I decided to upload it and see if others liked my work, and it went pretty good.

What was your inspiration for this specific project?
Pretty much everything Silent Hill was my inspiration, make the textures dark and moody but also interesting.

How did the community respond to the pack’s first public release?
The Minecraft Community as a whole is a great source of support ,and I have had no negative nonconstructive feed back, so many other sites out there are pretty negative it seems, I'm really glad it's not like that here.

Roughly how much time did you spend on the initial version of Silent Hill Texture Pack?
I think around 200 hours or so for the very first version of the pack, but then we got more updated with new blocks so it just keeps adding up the time over time. lol

Have you come across any challenges during development and, if any, how did you handle them?
Really, my biggest challenge was trying to figure out how to texture all the different mobs, chickens, cows, zombies, etc. they are set up in a way that wasn't very logical to me, but after a while I started to understand how they where put together.

What was your favorite development tool for this project?
Probably Minecraft itself and how simple it is to make textures packs, other games you have to do some much to mod them Minecraft helped keep things fun.

Have you learned anything new from this project?
Mostly I've learned patience and persistence.
When there is a new update with a lot of new blocks, and I'm still working hard to get some new stuff done to the old blocks and I wanted to get everything done in time for the new update so everyone can just start downloading from day one, it can get very stressful. But at the same time it's a good thing, it helps me have a goal and to stick to it no matter what, even if it's tough or I want to quit and do something else for a while I choose to stick with it and get it done, and really that's something that can help in my daily life, to have patience and persistence.

What stage of Silent Hill Texture Pack’s development process did you enjoy most?
There were a few points I liked really not just 1 it's really hard to choose just one. lol
I really enjoyed this last update we had with the "Sun detector", I worked pretty hard to get them just right, also enjoyed making the "Iron Golem" when he first came out many months ago it was a lot of fun making him, there are more but it's a long list.

And what is your favorite aspect of the texture pack itself?
I really like the Iron Golem I made, he has a lot of character to him, but also the wolves, I made them to look like Mira from Silent Hill 2 and was pretty fun making all the fine details that give them character.

Are you currently working on any other texture packs, plugins or updates?
Well as far as other texture packs, I have for a while been planning to make a 256x Little Big planet texture pack, but it tends to take a back seat to my present texture pack, sooner or later it'll get done.   

Other updates, well Minecraft is always going through changes so I'm always updating my Silent Hill texture pack, well there are the new horses that will be out with the new update they will be really interesting. ;-)

Plugins, not at the moment, but who knows?

In addition to your Minecraft texture pack, have you ever released any custom content for other games?
Well a long time ago I was doing some Half-life 2 modding, mostly map making and making new textures for the maps, also did some 3d static models,  but nothing got released since the mod team I was in sort of broke apart and stopped working on the mod, life sort of got in the way I guess you can say.
Here is a link to the old forum post with some of the work I did. if you like 'to check it out

Aside from your own projects, what are some of your favourite texture packs and/or plugins from other authors and why?
I really like both

LB Photo Realism Pack
by Scuttles

Misa's Realistic Texture Pack
by Misa

There work has helped everyone enjoy Minecraft to it's fullest, and for others to be inspired to make there own texture packs.

I personally like to thank them both for there hard work.

Do you have any advice for other potential texture creators?
Best thing I can say is to never give up, if you have trouble making your texture pack or plugin, just look to the Minecraft community, there are a lot of helpful and friendly ppl out there that are willing to help.

Special thanks to Xuchilbara for both participating in our interview and creating the texture pack!

Silent Hill Texture Pack is great choice for fans of the series, or the horror genre in general. The pack will give Minecraft a dark and moody atmosphere that is more detailed as well. Ranging from 32x to 256x, there is a suitable pack available for everyone.


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