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Minecraft Spotlight - Arestian's Dawn 32x

Welcome to the latest Minecraft Texture Spotlight! Today we are taking a look at Arestian's Dawn, 32x texture pack created by theVoid1313.

The pack featured today introduces a visual style that is inspired by medieval fantasy as seen in many a roleplaying game. Not only does it make the game's visuals more detailed, but it also comes with a slightly different set of colours to match the new style. As you can guess by now, the pack is not aimed to be faithful to vanilla Minecraft.

Also included with the pack are newly designed weapons and tools that actually look distinctive from each other. For example, the wooden ones look much rougher while diamond gear is beautifully decorated compared to iron. To complete the fantasy oriented look and feel, the author also designed a new darker interface that is not as bland as the original and actually pleasant to look at.

Keep in mind that the pack is not entirely finished yet, so you might come across blocks that have not been redone yet.

Texture packs can be installed easily by using our Curse client. After opening the client, navigate to the "Get More Textures" page, type the name of the texture pack in the search box, select the pack of your choice and hit the install button. Be sure to patch your game too using MCPatcher to make use of all the pack's features.

Arestian's Dawn is a great choice if you are a fan of fantasy roleplaying games. It gives Minecraft a new, more detailed graphical style, complete with new items and a matching interface.

Thanks to MadPixel for the Minecrafter font.


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    Grr! my Minecraft server isnt working i don't know how to stop it from lagging me after i've been on for more than 6-14 hours! I need to run this server it was formed last week and its quite hard to get plugins and things in it's beta form can somebody help ive tryed shuting it down/clicking f3 and a at the same time killing all mobs and clearing all items from the worlds and notthing works can somebody help?

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