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  • Supports: 1.7.4
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  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 06/02/2012
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Support development! **

About Affluence

Affluence is a WIP texture pack which i am currently creating. I hope you enjoy :)

Just a quick update to sort out a few problems there had been with the conversion to resource packs. Also added a few new textures, as it seems there is still some interest in this pack. So i have completed the textures for the new trees added recently. I plan on releasing a larger update in the future, ideally within the next couple of weeks.

== **What I Have Completed So Far** ==
* Dirt
* Grass
* Sand
* Stone
* Cobblestone
* All Leaves
* All Ores
* All Logs
* All Wooden Planks
* All Wool
* Torches
* Redstone Torch
* Redstone
* Netherrack
* Soul Sand
* Nether Brick
* Glowstone
* Vines
* Iron Bars
* Ladders
* Monster Spawner
* Lapis Block
* Rail
* Detector Rail
* Powered Rail
* Bedrock
* Mossy Cobblestone
* Obsidian
* Enchantment Table
* End Stone
* End Portal Frame  
* Bookshelves
* Gravel
* All Flowers
* All Mushrooms
* Snow
* Redstone Lamps
* Emerald Ore
* Tall Grass
* Pumpkin/Melon Stems
* Piston
* Sticky Piston
* Sandstone
* Smooth Sandstone
* Chiseled Sandstone
* Ice
* Clay
* Activator Rail
* Stone Slab
* Stone Brick
* Mossy Stone Brick
* Cracked Stone Brick
* Chiseled Stone Brick
* Tilled Soil
* Mycelium
* Jukebox
* Note Block
* Furnace
* Beds
* Nether Quartz
* Acacia Logs **New!**
* Acacia Planks **New!**
* Acacia Leaves **New!**
* Dark Oak Logs **New!**
* Dark Oak Planks **New!**

However, please keep in mind that none of these textures are final, and if you dislike something in the texture pack, leave a comment, and it can always change!

Sorry for the long delay, I've got a lot of things going on at the moment so haven't spent much time on this for a long while. I will try to update relatively frequently but i cannot promise anything.

== **Short Term To Do List** ==
* Finish terrain.png
* Change a couple of textures I'm not completely happy with ( Pistons, top/bottom of sandstone possibly )

Please try to leave comments on what you think, and what could be improved!
Thanks :)

==** Other Links **==  
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  • #6

    Gonna download this one later.

    It seems that everyone in these comments likes it, so I will try it out myself. But I still see by the screenshots it looks beautiful.

  • #5

    ok thank you very much

  • #3

    please upload the texture of the emeralds to finish my adventure game Please I need the trade Forex



  • #4

    Go to the project site for this texture pack, and click on files, download the 12w25a version, thats updated for the latest snapshot.That will have textures for emeralds and all other new textures :)

  • #1

    I am SO picky when it comes to texture packs, so keep that in mind when reading this:

    I love your textures ;D this pack has a both smooth and rough feel. The ores all match, but the planks don't. I like the non-linear aspects of these textures and the overgrown, but still crisp ambience that one can't help but notice when playing with it. A lot of texture packs try to give the illusion that there are no tiles, but you have embraced it. We all know it's a game of blocks, why hide it? You certainly didn't and I just wanted to say thank you for the texture pack! I know a lot of hard work has gone into it and I can't wait to see what new textures you'll produce.

  • #2

    Glad you enjoy the pack :) I plan on changing the ores, as to me they seem out of place atm, and when i do, it will most likely have different styles for different ores, similar to the planks, and probably items aswell. 


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