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Advanced TradePost

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  • Updated 01/31/2013
  • Created 08/23/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Advanced TradePost v0.7.9
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About Advanced TradePost

Advanced TradePost

ATP is a full TradePost replacement mod (and won't work with any other addon replacing the same TradePost.swf file). The aim is to enhance every aspect of the trade post in the long run. The first new features were focused around lairs since that's what my cabal needed, but the rest will be coming up soon.


Addon development takes a lot of time. If you really like this addon and want to support it, please consider making a donation, any amount is appreciated.

A Better Bank

  • View the entire banks' content (personnal & cabal) on a single page each
  • Improved sell window. Get the market data pulled in a single click when you try selling an item (and select a price in the list to undercut it)
  • Select different side panels for either the personnal or guild bank
    - Lair mode (both): See a summary of how many (unique & total) fragments you have for each zone/boss, move easy all the fragments for a boss or zone to/from your inventory. Withdrawing fragments requires a 4x4 bag (with "lair" in the name) for region bosses and a 9x3-6-9-... bag (with "lair" in the name again) for zone bosses.
    - Inventory mode (only personnal bank now): Adds a search form to find items quickly in the bank and has 2 options to do some auto-stacking. "Stack Items from inventory to bank" will scan your bank first and then the inventory for any items that can be added to existing stacks. Check the options to configure how the mod should work once a stack is full.

Anti-Spam Mail Filters & Transaction Log

  • Pax from sold items is automatically taken when you open the TradePost
  • All mails from AH are hidden to prevent the mailbox from looking like your spam email adress while also improving loading performances (see more below). Mails can be shown again in the settings (along with some options to configure auto deletion)
  • Get an overview of your income/expense/number of transactions for current day, previous day, last 7 days and last 30 days
  • Get a full transaction log for each time period (click on them to show the log), no more clicking mails one by one to check your market activity

Improved Market View

  • Market tab is now displaying price per unit (and sorting by price per unit by default)
  • Improved search options with a single dropdown menu for item types and rarity filter
  • Manage your current items for sale with the "My Orders" button (still under development)

Known Issues

  • Market data won't be pulled correctly if you try to sell the same item twice in a row
  • Mail icon in top bar might stay visible even if you don't have any unread mail
  • Mail filtering isn't working on german client yet (and haven't tested on french one)

Installation Instructions

  • Extract the AdvancedTradePost folder and TradePost.swf file into ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\
  • Restart the game

You should have those files installed in your game directory

  • ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\AdvancedTradePost\CharPrefs.xml
  • ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\TradePost.swf

Uninstallation Instructions

  • Delete the ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\AdvancedTradePost\ folder
  • Delete the ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\TradePost.swf file
  • /reloadui


  • Price lookup when selling items isn't automatic anymore
  • Price lookup will now correctly select rarity to only get the right item
  • Personnal bank will now show all slots correctly when buying some from item store past the first 300
  • Fixed a bug with settings that would delete market mails past 525 stored ones
  • Improved lair fragment transfer a bit, depositing shouldn't fail anymore, withdrawing still might


  • Packaged correctly with the XML file (Derp!) this time


  • Fixed some broken settings, shouldn't delete mails anymore during settings reset and scale correctly personnal bank and cabal bank
  • More lair fixes
  • Added Spy Mode, try searching for "_Eth" on the market to see it in action (and feel free to buy what's listed!)


  • Added Inventory Panel for personnal bank (cabal bank will get the additionnal panels once I'm happy with the way they work). Check settings for more options
  • Fixed some lair patterns for the related features


  • Did some changes to how mails are marked as read, might solve the mail icon not disappearing in some cases
  • My Orders button appeared at the bottom of the market tab. It just lists your current items for sale. More features incoming in there soon!
  • Mail/Logs settings are in. You can choose to only keep mails for a certain amount of days or delete old ones when reaching a certain amount of market mails. There is also a checkbox option


  • Fixed menus/split popups to not go under other UI elements or off screen and stay at the correct scale
  • Fixed some panel-switching glitches
  • Repackaged the mod correctly (hopefully fixes the Curse Client update issue)


  • Fixed the transaction log to sort correctly past transactions
  • Right-click menu and split popups will always appear in a correct position
  • Testing some improvments with mails to have the mail icon hidden in a more reliable way
  • Tradepost can be scaled between 75 and 200% to better fit your usages
  • Number of columns for both banks can be configured (remember your cabal mates might see the bank organised quite differently with a different number of columns)
  • Side panel can be hidden
  • All types/subtypes for market search are now in the same (big) drop down menu
  • Rarity filter for AH is in


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  • #16

    for some reason the auction search seems to be broken, I look for 'talismans - luck', and put in the search bar 'dice' and shows me no results, however, if I ask for 'brutal dice' I do get results

  • #12

    It seems that if the Bank has more the 300 slots (buying some with Funcom Point it's possible to get 400 slots)  the addon display only the first 300.

  • #13

    Fixed that one in last version (0.7.9)

  • #11

    One option I'd like to request is the ability to disable the Market Data search when selling an item.  It overwrites my searches and makes it more difficult for me to go through and sell lots of things.  Other things that might be nice would include filters for price and a fix for glyph searching.  (i.e. I did a search for Item Type: Glyph, QL 3-5 and got 13 results.  I did one for Item Type: All, Keyword: brutal, QL 3-5 and I get 80 results, 50+ of which are glyphs.)

    Other than those few things, I love the addon.

  • #14

    Disabled the automatic price lookup in last version (and also made it add the rarity filter to the search so it doesn't miss items with the 100 result limit)

    And I'll check out for potential issues in search filters. For price, I believe the filtering is done after you received (up to) 100 results so it wouldn't be very accurate when you'd want it to work.

  • #10

    A virtual must-have mod for TSW players.  Auto-stacking (how is this not part of the default UI?) and the ability to gauge your lair pieces is an enormous time saver.  Thank you!

    By the way, Eth, when you sort by lair boss, is there a place that displays which specific pieces I'm missing for that boss (as opposed to totals)?  I can't seem to find that information in the GUI, so I'm currently relying on withdrawing pieces through ATP and then using UltimateCrafter to tell me which pieces that I'm short.



  • #9

    Awesome! Only thing missing is Cabal bank sort /restock / move from inventory, same as in personal bank :D Pretty please add these uber features for cabal bank :)

  • #8

    This is the BEST Add on in the game Hand down. just flat awesome. Thanks so Much!

  • #7

    There's an issue with the Halloween consumables. Let's say I have a half stack of normal Healing drinks and a half stack of Halloween Healing drinks (they have the same name) and one of them is in the bank and the other is in my inventory and I do the option to move items from my inventory and stack them in the bank then the addon will become confused and try to stack these two stacks together. All it ends up doing is swapping them back and forth but this goes on forever until I close the window.

    Also, would it be possible to blacklist certain items? for instance, I have a TON of anima buff potions and I like to keep a stack of each on me and a the rest in the bank but when I come back from signet farming and do the "move to bank" option, it moves my animas as well.


  • #6

    This add on is remarkable, makes bank sorting a breeze (finally), still learning the market side of it (as I used MarketPlacePlus for that previously), but so far am impressed with it.  My only hope is that one of these two soon show a price per unit on the market tab (For those of us wanting to buy, let's say, pure water in bulk)


    Thanks again!

  • #5
    Re: Advanced TradePost - Settings

    Been trying out your mod, love the idea and everything, awesome work but none of the mod settings are being saved.  The size of the UI or the Market mail options all are reset upon opening the Trader again.

    Also if i have any market mail it is deleted immediately upon opening the TradePost.  So that also means my logs are empty and save no data. 

    Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if an update is coming. 


    EDIT:  NVM apologies, I forgot to restart the game XD lol.  All is working well now. TYVM for the mod.


    Last edited by aresimmoral on 10/19/2012 11:51:07 AM
  • #4

    Hi, thank you for spending your time creating this mod. Its been great using it so far. I would like to inquire if it is possible to set the mail filter for auction mail as an option that we can turn off? Personally I would like to delete  the auction mail entirely rather than just not seeing them, as in the event that a new patch breaks the mod, all the mails left that has not expired would show up again etc. I'm not sure if you can actually automatically delete the mails through a mod, but that might be risky/against some eula or something. Laughing

  • #2
    Re: Advanced TradePost - Include initial auction cost in logs.

    Firstly I like to thank you for creating this mod that makes trading a breeze. It's user-friendly and includes features that are actually useful and intuitive. May I suggest adding the intial cost of posting an auction into the   log (and also include the refund when it is actually sold)? This way, it will reflect accurately the running cost of using the Auction House and true up-to-date profit/loss.

  • #3

    I think it's doable for listing fees. I'll check it out when I start recording market data after finishing the side-panel system.

    (At the moment, the log is created from the AH mails, which have the advantage of being stored on server)

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