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  • The Secret World
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  • Updated 06/27/2015
  • Created 06/28/2012
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: UltimateCrafter 1.3.10
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About UltimateCrafter

Recent updates

After a few years break, UltimateCrafter is getting some updates again! There will be a few more small new features in the next days/weeks but nothing major for now (the mod would really need to be rewritten from scratch to make it efficient to implement a lot of new stuff or improve current ones)


Addon development takes a lot of time. If you really like this addon and want to support it, please consider making a donation! Any amount is appreciated.

About UltimateCrafter options

All options are set on the safest value by default, to prevent anything unwanted to happen if they should ever reset. They can be accessed by clicking the "?" icon on top of the assembly window.
Default options include the "epic protection", that will prevent epic items from being dragged into the disassembly slot. Make sure to disable it if you need to break epic items.

Current Features

  • Disassemble all your spare items in a single click (you can configure the QL, rarity and item type in settings)
  • Upgrading all materials/signets in a single click (you can select the maximum quality to upgrade to in settings)
  • Create patterns in a single click with a drop down menu to select what you want to make
  • Assembly Window improvments: protection for epic items against manual disassembling, automatic augment upgrading, moving toolkits to the right slot if dragged elsewhere, ...

Known Issues

  • Anima/Drink/Augment feature not working on german client[

Installation Instructions

  • Extract the Flash\Crafting.swf file into ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash
  • To remove the mod, remove the file from that directory
  • If the crafting window doesn't change, a /reloadui might be needed for the game to correctly load the file


  • Toolkits now always go in the toolkits slot no matter where you drag them to (unless there is already an item in the toolkit slot, incase you want to upgrade toolkits)
  • Fixed augment upgrading to pull enough mats for the entire augment stack
  • Anima/Drink breaking and augment upgrading should now work on french client


  • New option to auto-complete augment attuning recipes


  • Fixed bug for auto-upgrading, so it won't stop after the first item


  • Extra options for breaking drinks/animas
  • Extra option to upgrade items from the bank
  • Upgrade now works on aux signets


  • Another fix for french version
  • UltimateCrafter can now create Anima potions. As a reminder, Anima & Pure Anima potions will stack once TSW patch 1.4 goes live


  • Fix for french version
  • More minor fixes for lairs


  • More lair fixes to be original! Blue Mountain now works and fixed some names/order in a few boss' patterns


  • Fixed some lair patterns errors in a few more lair bosses


  • Fixed some options to not trigger AutoUpgrade from manual disassembling
  • Fixed some stuff in lair patterns


  • Fixed a bug that prevented bound filter to work
  • Improved the epic/bound protection to prevent the dragging to disassembly slot (and added a feedback message)
  • Craft mats are now auto stacked after manual disassembly as well
  • Changed the toolkit used by QL10 purple glyphs to the Nightwatch one


  • Autostacking: After using AutoBreak, materials spilled over by the game will be stacked together (still polishing that feature, it doesn't always stack everything)
  • Inventory Restriction: There is a new option to restrict auto breaking to items in your inventory's main bag
  • Lair Patterns: You'll be able to build lair bosses in a single click
  • More feedback: Started adding FIFO error message whenever something fails, so you know what's going on


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  • #12

    New patch broke it I think. Doesn't seem to work anymore.

  • #14

    Just 1.0.2 that confused me, I mixed up some swf files and uploaded the default Crafting.swf by mistake. You can either get the correct version from "Other Downloads" (v1.1.1) or wait for Curse to approve the correct package for the Curse Client if you're using it to install/update mods.

    (I totally blame my cabal for making me run dungeons while trying to get mods done :P)

    Last edited by EthanolRift on 7/24/2012 8:34:05 PM
  • #15

    Haha cool thank you :)

  • #8

    Thanks for the update, a couple of issues though.

    Auto Break seems to break down Bound items, the option in the ? settings is not clickable to prevent this.

    Trying to craft QL10 Green Talismans, Type and Item fields are empty, not allowing patterns to be created.

  • #10

    Edit: Uploaded a fix for both issues, will be up whenever someone at Curse can check and approve it (and deleted original 1.1 file)

    Last edited by EthanolRift on 7/23/2012 4:28:42 AM
  • #7

    The auto-break button freezes my UI and I have to Alt-f4 out of the game to fix it. 

  • #9

    Could you send me the autobreak settings you were using? (and possibly what it would have made the addon try to break)

  • #6

    Uploaded new version with settings window to configure the auto-break.

    Didn't have enough of the auto-upgrading done to publish anything related. I'll include that in the mod's update coming after the TSW 1.1 patch.

    And feel free to post requests about what you'd want that AutoUpgrade feature to do.

  • #5

    Wow really happy to see someone active for this game. Lots of work to do and this is extremely helpful. Thank you so much and looking forward to your other works. 

  • #3

    work well, but there's a important stuff forgotten : potions patterns. that's really what I need for fast craft.

  • #4

    Yeah, I had totally forgotten to add those patterns before releasing that version, they're ready for the next one (should have it out in a few days)

    I'll also try to also include gadgets, might be helpful for some people.

    Last edited by EthanolRift on 7/19/2012 7:08:55 PM
  • #1

    This is probably related to the 1.0.2 update that reportedly broke mod functionality, but when I installed this mod in the custom folder it did nothing. When I installed it to the default folder (after backing up the original file for safety) I couldn't open the assembly window at all. Even after I replaced the orginal file I still COULD NOT open the assmbly window. This was not fixed until I ran the repair tool from the launcher (a long process).

    Last edited by roninsilfar on 7/18/2012 8:17:19 PM
  • #11

    Had the same issues with another Mod.
    Trying to "reset" everything using the original files, tends to mess everything up for some people.

    At least after FunCom messed up Mod options.

    Hoping its gonna get fixed in the patch a few hours from now - or at least on the 31th :) 

  • #2

    I'll test with the version availaible for download, but I didn't have any issue with the development version in Default folder so far.

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