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Bag Organizer

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  • Updated 08/06/2012
  • Created 07/26/2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL)
  • Newest File: Bag Organizer 0.51

About Bag Organizer

This is a simple way to keep you bag organized

How does it work?

After the installation the mod will create a predefined set of bags
When you pick any item from vendor, monster drop ... the item will be positioned
According to the bags name, so
The ASSEMBLY bag will get assembly type items,
The WEAPONS bag will get weapons,
The TALISMA bag will get talisman,
And the CONSUMABLE bag will get consumable items.


fixed an issue with curse client install script.


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  • #51

    Is there any way to make the CONSUMABLE bag getting Quest items or to create a QUEST bag getting them?

  • #49

    When i tried uninstalling it, the mod was still active ingame. 
    When deleting the Backpack2.swf file i had NO inventory instead... Pressed 'I' but nothing showed up ... tried the dropdown in the top left corner i could see the little whtie dot next to the 'Inventory' description lit up but nothing shows up on my screen... bags are gone now .... the only way to play now (except spending an hour repairing broken data might help) is with the mod active ... but it seems like its not recognizing quest items. When i pick up - say a keycard in the orochi office building in the story quest - the quest tracker isnt updating and i cant proceed with my next objective. Apart from that - other red items seem to dissapear randomly.

    EDIT: Ive tried anything i could think of ... repairing broken data now to see if it helps. 

    edit2: Uninstalled the mod. Deleted the file again. Repaired broken data - but the bags the addon created is still showing ingame, and what used to be my main inventory window (the one with the Seach bar) has switched places with another one... so i have to recreate my entire inventory as it was once more.

    Edit3: I just did some reading and it seems the particular quest im referring to is fubar ... I appologize for mentioning that things disappear and quest isnt advancing - thats apparently the missions fault - not the mod!

    Last edited by Zcoox on 1/18/2013 6:47:23 AM
  • #48

    Get well soon!

    What this addon needs to become perfection is a button that will stack identical items. For example there are many identical items of one kind, like say pure water, that are clattered and should be stacked. A button that will sort and autostack the items is direlly needed.

    I hope you get well soon and upgrade your nice mod :>

  • #47

    I have a question where are the info for bags stored. I run this addon on on both my main pc at hoime and my laptop but the stuff in the bags doesn't stay sync'd so am guessing this info is stored locally on the respective hard drives. Do you know what file or files these would be so I could transfer them between my pc and laptop using a memory stick so the bags stay with the same stuff in them.

  • #45

    i have been offline after an automobile accident, was not aware of that problem, i will try to update it soon.

  • #46

    Oh goodness! Well glad to see you are still with us, I do hope you recover swiftly!

  • #44

    Have loved this add on for some time, sadly I had to delete it.  Turns out that the shortcuts bar does NOT display with the addon...sad days :(

  • #50

    how did you uninstall it? .... read my post in here for clarification.

  • #43

    accidently stacked assembly onto the consumables bag now the assembly is gone...

    how does one get the self sorting bag back if it gets deleted??


    seems a re-install fixed it...

    Last edited by qiyamatawil on 11/13/2012 3:54:12 PM
  • #42

    Needs a stacking function badly! I know that it stacks when you add new things into your bags initally, but after crafting sometimes things get moved around. A button to re-stack would be great!

  • #40

    How can I delete it? Already uninstalled it by curse client, but it´s still there. Which files must be deleted?

  • #41

    you need to delete Backpack2.swf from Data\Gui\Customized\Flash, are you having any problem with the mod? why do you want to delete hin? is you explain to me, maybe i can make it better on the next release.

  • #38

    Hum for me it doesn't work the items stay in the main bag, i think it's because i'm playing with french game. Will you do translate your addon to work with different location ?

  • #39

    i will try on the next weekend.

  • #35


    ...I thought the  addon was supposed to:

    "According to the bags name, so
    The ASSEMBLY bag will get assembly type items,
    The WEAPONS bag will get weapons,
    The TALISMA bag will get talisman,
    And the CONSUMABLE bag will get consumable items."

    However my items get placed anywhere.

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