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Bag Organizer

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  • Updated 08/06/2012
  • Created 07/26/2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL)
  • Newest File: Bag Organizer 0.51

About Bag Organizer

This is a simple way to keep you bag organized

How does it work?

After the installation the mod will create a predefined set of bags
When you pick any item from vendor, monster drop ... the item will be positioned
According to the bags name, so
The ASSEMBLY bag will get assembly type items,
The WEAPONS bag will get weapons,
The TALISMA bag will get talisman,
And the CONSUMABLE bag will get consumable items.


fixed an issue with curse client install script.


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  • #36

    i can't simulate that situation, with language are you client? until yesterday morning everything was working fine.

  • #33

    The mod throws stuff in all the bags randomly. Once my main backpack is full, there is no telling where items I pick up will go.

  • #34

    this is a native game function, there is not much i can do about that.

  • #30

    Will the ASSEMBLY bag stack the same item ?

    One big issue that i have is that all my runes (when i Disasemble items) goes to the main bag and dont stack, i have to manually do it.

  • #32

    sorry, i can't access the stack function from a mod.

  • #28

    I like the mod, it brings some sort of order in it, however I'd prefer if it could be even more granular. For example I like to keep Glyphs, Runes and the Elemental compounds separate. I Like to keep Heal/DPS/Tanking gear separate (until the gear manager finally works reliable)

    An option to specify your own bags would be great. I presume this all also depends a bit on classification of inventory items, so maybe instead of free form select categories by drop down list, this way you have more control over what the mod does from the modders side. If that's possible I don't know, would be nice though. :)

  • #29

    on the future releases i will try to implement some sort of customized sort, keep an eye here.

  • #22

    Somehow I think 1.1 broke this entirely.  I just installed post 1.1 and bags arent auto creating and items arent going into specified bags if I make the bags myself.  Waiting on patch.

  • #25

    Curse installer is placing the swf file in the Customized folder..not the Flash folder as it should.


    Move the Backpack2.swf into the Flash sub folder and /reloadui in game.

    Should work now.

  • #26

    thank you for the information, i will fix it later tonight

  • #23

    did you download the last version? the mod was updated em fixed post 1.1.

    Last edited by ranzou06 on 8/5/2012 4:18:35 PM
  • #24

    I had the same problem, I'll try to update when I get home in 2 hours.

  • #20

    Would there be any way to customize your bags so that you could save a snapshot of equipment to one bag (tanking gear to tanking bag) after selecting the bag to assign a piece of equipment to (that way when you switch specs the tanking gear all goes back to the bag it came from)?

    Also, how did you modify your bag sizes in the example picture above?  I can't figure out how to get them to stretch that way... 

    Thank you very much for the great mod!


  • #21

    its possible but requires a lot of work, to resize the bags you just need to drag  the bags corner,

  • #16

    Hey, can you package this for use with curse client?


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