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Build Snapshot Manager

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  • Project Manager: pipn
  • The Secret World
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  • Updated 01/12/2013
  • Created 01/08/2013
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About Build Snapshot Manager

One of the unique traits of The Secret World is the support to mix and match various abilities from the skill wheel to create one of a kind characters. Trying to manage your unique combination of abilities and gear can become a daunting task. Being able to quickly switch out your characters layout while the rest of your group patiently waits for you is another story entirely.

The Build Snapshot Manager makes managing your abilities and gear a snap! With BSM players can create an unlimited number of builds and switch between them with a single click of the mouse.

For more information visit the BSM website.

To open BSM target yourself and click on your name plate. This will display a menu that will open the build manager.


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  • #27

    Don't work.

    Role's dropdown is emptu on deck tab, so can't do anything.

  • #26

    It is not saving Augs

  • #25

    Is this gonna be updated?  It looks awesome and the in game manager is so broken.  VDM doesnt do gear.

    I'd LOVE to use this but when you try to add a ROLE to a new deck, the dropdown doesnt let you select anything.

  • #24

    As soon as it saves the builds locally or with TSW servers I will download and use this addon. Until then, I'd rather not risk it.

    EDIT: It also takes a large portion of the screen. A small window w/ drop downs would be easier to manage/select builds.

    Last edited by KnosisOne on 7/16/2013 2:40:31 PM
  • #23

    I used the "&" character in the description (or title, 'dont remember), it made everything that followed (all other decks), fail to be displayed. annoying :/
    Apart from that, it was good :)

  • #22

    Apparently my accountant allowed the credit card on file expire without updating the payment info for the site.
    The site is back up and all the builds, decks, etc should still be available. Sorry for the inconvience and thanks for reporting the issue.
    - Software

  • #19

    My TSW game reinstalled 3.8 gigs of data files last night.  I guess something got corrupted.  When I logged in this morning my Build Snapshot Manager is still installed but all my saved builds, gears, and decks are gone.  I too am getting the "undefined" notice.  Can you tell me where the files are that store my builds?  I'd like to restore it/them from an image file from a week ago.  That would be far better than remaking the dozen or so I had before the loss.

  • #21

    I can't create new builds, gears or decks.  At this point I'm stuck using the funcom gear manager.

  • #20

    Yeah I am wishing I had backed everything up. I'm rebuilding mine now and typing the skills for each into a spreadsheet, lol.

  • #18

    I am experiencing the same thing as of today. Everything seemed to work fine yesterday 4/2/13.

  • #16
    BSM - reports undefined

    I can't really say what has changed, yesterday everything was working fine. Today when I access the build manager interface it starts by checking the version and after that reports 'undefined' two times and I don't have access to my builds and can't make new ones (even the roles are missing). I have tried to reinstall but situation hasn't changed. Have you had similar reports about this?

    EDIT: Apparently FAL is also acting weird - no longer showing tips or any names in green so I'm assuming I'm only seeing people who joined using the built in tool. Also, inspect is turned on.

    Last edited by ibujan on 4/3/2013 6:50:08 AM
  • #17

    I am having the same issue. I had this one time a week or so ago. I ended task on secret world, started back up, and it worked fine. This time I actually exited game and now I cant get my builds at all.

  • #15

    For some reason when im switching between Builds it will not update the items correctly.

    For example it will switch  my Neck Talisman about 5 times between the current and set one untill i get the "you must wait a little while before you can perform that action again"

    Basically it is not switching items and times out trying to change it over and over.

     *edit* assuming it is because of my ping? 300~~

    It checks to see if item is changed and due to latency notices it hasnt changed??
    Maybe a delay can be added if this is the case?:P


    Last edited by Shocksight on 2/2/2013 2:44:15 AM
  • #14

    I love this mod, it makes saving new gear or abilities so much less painful. Any chance you could add support for Top Bar Information Overload though? Always a bit scary trying to click it right next to the leave group button. :P

  • #6

    Version has been uploaded and will be available as soon as approved by a curse admin. It contains a couple enhancments and bug fixes. The compatiblity issue with Categoricals Enhanced TeamGUI mod should be fixed now. It was stopping the inspection window from closing.

    A full write up of the release notes will be available later today on the site.


    - Software

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