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Catagorical's Enhanced TeamWindow

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  • Updated 08/05/2012
  • Created 07/09/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v6.0.1
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About Catagorical's Enhanced TeamWindow


If you enjoy this mod please consider kicking a few bucks into the tip jar.

Any amount is appreciated.

Special Note

Any donations over $20 will be credited in the Readme as a special thank you.
Be sure to leave your username in your special instructions!

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Bolded means it's new in v6!

  • NEW: Horizontal and Vertical Layout options: Choose between a 5 person vertical column or a flat, horizontal row.
  • Mouseover Casting - Slide your mouse over a member of your team to make them your target. Great for healers!
  • Move and Lock Team Window - Look right, look left, look any way you want!
  • Move and Lock Defensive Window - Set it someplace and keep it there!
  • Defensive Target highlighting - Figure out exactly who your next heal is going to land on at a glance.
  • Sleek and simple appearance - The footprint is much smaller than the base UI, trimming out the unnecessary bits.
  • Buff Black and Whitelisting - Currently nonconfigurable. Set to hide Sprint 4, World Domination, and Nightmare Lockouts.
  • Team Menu - Configure options from right on the window. No hassle, clean and simple look.
  • Toggle Mouseover Mode - Do you prefer to click? Then hit that menu option and turn it right off!
  • Slash Commands: A full slash command system has been hooked into the configuration settings, bringing everything to your fingertips.
  • Settings persistence - Everything you do saves for the next time you play, every time!

Coming Soon

  • Buff display improvements


Unzip the addon zipfile into your BASE TSW folder.

For example, unzip it into C:\Program Files\Funcom\The Secret World\ if you installed to the default path.

It must be installed from whatever directory your root files are in so that the files are put in the right place.

If you are already logged in, type /reloadui.


Go to The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash. Delete TeamGUI.swf
Go to The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized. Delete the CET folder


Many things flow from the Team Menu


- None


  • Joe "Eavus" Silva
  • "Taelnia"
  • "MasterCB"

v6.0.1 - 8/4/12
- Fixed: Fusang RaidMenu and raid configuration issues.
- Fixed: Excessive padding appearing when viewing 3+ teamclips in a raid frame.
- Fixed: Fifo (Fading text used for UI notifications) mispositioning itself after changing defensive target.
- Removed: Extraneous RaidMenu options (Group visibility, Alignment settings that weren't implemented, etc)

v6.0 - As I lay me down to sleep - Horizontal Layouts - 8/3/12
- Added: Horizontal Layout mode. Configurable via /cet team layout (0 or vertical|1 or horizontal) and also via TeamMenu
- Added: Ability to hide/show Team window. Useful for dps who don't care what's going on! (Minimizes window to a single arrow point)
- Added: Full /cet team menu allowing complete commandline control.
- Changed: More aggressively polling TeamArchive state (Smaller chance of settings values getting munged)
- Fixed: Issue with an overly exciteable bounding box. You can now get much closer to the sides.
- Fixed: Fifo no longer obscures horizontal layout when placed near the top of the screen.
- Fixed: Readme now uses Windows Line endings. :P

v5.0.2 - 8/2/12
Thanks to all the people who sent me reports, DefTgt is now staying put!
- Fixed: Defensive target location fixed once more. Stay down dagnabbit.

v5.0.1 - 8/2/12
- Changed: Debugging info is now activated. If you are having issues with the addon, please post in the TSW forums thread or in a comment here and we can figure out what the problem is and I can fix the code!

v5.0.0 - 7/31/12 - It's no Slash Fiction, but it'll do [Slash Commands added]
- Added: /cet slash command system and stubs for easy modification and alteration of the windows from the command line.
- Changed: New Installation Method. The entire zipfile is extracted to your *BASE* Secret World folder. I.e. C:\Program Files\Funcom\The Secret World. Do not extract to any other directory, it will not work
- Fixed: Defensive Target location no longer gets all wiggly and jiggly on you when reloading ui and will position itself properly like it should. (The clip was being drawn and positioned before the Module finished loading settings, i.e. where it should be).
- Fixed: Settings are no longer lost post zoning, death, etc.


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  • #34

    Any chance for an update for AEGIS?

  • #33

    Trying to use the right mouse button menu to add people to friends or send tells results in the rather strange 'person doesn't exist' error.  Using the chat window slash commands to add to friends and send messages, works.  I haven't had any trouble adding people to a group with the same menu, though.

    The reason I'm uninstalling it is some weird tooltip behaviour.  I don't know why but far too often tootips for debuffs get 'stuck' on screen.  As a healer I'm constantly running the mouse up and down the list to pick targets, meaning my mouse regularly crosses over someone's debuff.  The pop up info for what the debuff is comes up and sometimes it just doesn't go away.  Not until the debuf wears off, or I reload UI (which can be fatal during a fight).

    I love the look and behaviour of the mod in general, I love being able to move the windows around to more convenient positions based on the role I'm playing.  I don't know why the popups keep getting stuck, but It happens often enough that I have to try something else even when I don't really want to.  I like CET.



    Last edited by Porkdish on 2/8/2014 4:38:05 AM
  • #32

    /cet returns an errror.   /cet not found  no such command??????????

    so no icon and no   /cet.  How to we make settings unless in a group who are not-at-all patient people.

  • #31

    This Mod conflicts with Opening of Help from menu. Temporary workaround is to manually type /petition to open that menu.  Great mod though. Thank you very much.  I like that I can make the menu translucent and not a big black unmovable thing that blocks view area.

  • #30

    there is one issue that i find annoying

    when i try to send tell to one of my grp mates i cant, it dosnt work.

    othen then that it sounds realy nice addon.

    havent tryed healing with him yet but iam sure he'll be great

  • #29

    I do not understand how to open the menu....was looking for an icon but i cant seem to find it.

    I tried /cet Not working.


    Help !

    Last edited by zaibut on 7/2/2013 12:05:56 PM
  • #28

    it is normal that the stacks of buff / debuff is not displayed on the friendly target ?

  • #27

    I wait for display buffs' stack on target :)

  • #26

    Won't work for me. Changes team screen, but I can't move bars, or open the app.

  • #25

    I love this mod for healing but I am having issues when I switch targets via mouseover everytime I change target i get terrible fps for a second. It makes healing so much easier however I hate the fps drops. anyone have any ideas?

  • #24

    Please update this addon so I can send tell and inspect peoples gear. Thats the only issues I have with this addon. That I cant send tell to peoples in my grp, it just shows /tell undefined. And inspect dosnt work. Cant ignore as it dosnt "find" the name.

  • #23

    Catagorical is offline for months now ... is this addon still developed?

  • #22

    This addon somehow prevented me from having the choice "group" show up in the list of public channels to join.

    I removed it, logged on, joined the group channel, then installed it while the game was running and /reloadui and it's all working now.

    It also always prevents me from sending anyone a wisper by right clicking on the defensive target frame.  

    Version 6.0.1

    Update: today, it blocked me from entering any text in the chat input box when I logged on. Removed it, chat is fine. Oddly this only happens on one alt and not the other 2.


    Last edited by sqrly on 10/21/2012 10:15:32 PM
  • #21

    This is a very useful mod and makes healing a lot easier, but I have noticed a few issues and things I would just like to see. First the Defensive target window moves even when you lock the party bar. Second there is no way to scale down the party. Third the window around your team is larger on the bottom than the max size of group, and you can't move it off screen. This means there needs to be quite a bit of unneccesary space between the team and edge of screen, which is just annoying to look at.

    TY for making this, it does help a lot.

    Last edited by Gorehunter on 10/14/2012 12:15:57 AM
  • #18

    I am horribly, horribly perplexed.  Your installation instructions are to extract the contents of the archive into C:\\:Program Files (x86)\Funcom\The Secret World.

    I decided to follow you directions to the letter, and extracted the folders CET, CurseMod & Flash into the game's base directory (I guess you assume all users utilize curse's addon manager, but I don't trust that thing at all).  This of course did not work.  I downloaded the last version.  Here is the disparity:


    It's obvious to me that one of these archives contains a file structure that would work with your installation instructions, and the other requires the use of the Curse addon manager.  Unfortunately, the 6.0 version does not include the script necessary to make the addon functional.  Please either release separate archives for Curse installation and manual installation, or include the cet script in the 6.0 archive, along with the useless CurseMod folder.  Thanks for your hard work on the addon, can't wait to get it working!  ~Iso


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