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Damage Meter

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About Damage Meter

This addon adds a small window that displays your damage and healing along with related information.

The window can be repositioned by dragging it by the top bar.
The position can be locked to prevent accidental movement by clicking the padlock icon in the top bar.

Clicking the title in the top bar switches view. For example, clicking 'Damage' will switch to the healing view. Clicking 'Healing' will switch the the options view. Clicking 'Options' will switch back to the damage view.

Total damage, time in combat and DPS is recorded and displayed live.
Total healing, time spent healing and HPS is recorded and displayed live.

By default, the addon has a 5 second idle timeout. This means that after 5 seconds of not dealing any damage/healing, the addon will stop tracking. The next time you deal damage/healing, it will reset and begin calculating anew.

The idle timeout can be changed in the options view.

You can pause and continue tracking by clicking the pause/play button in the top bar.

You can stop the idle timer early by pressing the stop button in the top bar. This also effectively resets current tracking.

You can send a message to group chat with your stats by pressing the 'To Chat' button. If you are on the damage view when pressed, it will send information related to your damage. If you are on the healing view, it will send information related to your healing. Unfortunately, at this time, it will only put the message into your chat input box. You need to hit enter on your keyboard to send the message.

I hope to have some further features out soon. You can guess what they are by the names of the disabled buttons.

Installation instructions are provided inside the readme.txt file.

See Vipers post on the TSW forums here for instructions on installing addons in patch 1.0.2.

~ Falira @ Huldra

Fixed an error in the installation instructions.


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  • #31


    SO i've had this and ran it since i don't remember when, Say forever. And loved it so thankyou.. Have my soul my happiness and second born.

    BUT i have a troubling issue which is stumping everyone. On my main i moved broke or some how disappeared my meter.

    On any new toon or other toon it works. I broke it on another reset it via the appdata yada yada and it came back, ON all but my main. NOTHING i've done including appdata reinstalling the mod even the game has worked.

    Any ideas? i'm at a complete loss, No other mod will work with it now either i'm finding. BUT only on my main. It will work on everything else.

    On the off chance you have an idea or can help. Again here have it all.


  • #30

    so this is like Recount in wow?

  • #29

    Is this addon still working for people in 1.3? I can't get it to work at all. I had it installed a while back but when I formatted my hard drive I never put it back on until now and can't get it working.

    I tried the /option damage_meter 1 but it just says it can't find that option.

  • #25

    /option damage_meter 0/1

    0 is off, 1 is on.

  • #21

    Is there any way in-game to bring up the DPS Meter? Mine has disappeared. I was just making sure if there was an answer before I uninstalled the Addon.

    Last edited by Zechti on 8/9/2012 9:58:04 AM
  • #23

    Same I thought it was just me. 

  • #19

    Any chance you could package the addon for Curse client?


  • #27


  • #20


  • #26


  • #24


  • #22

    3rded... ^^

  • #18

    Downloaded the mod for the healing info. It only seems to track when I am healing myself, not anyone else in the party. Is that working as intended or do I need to do somehting else to activate it for everyone in the party which I am healing? Thanks for the mod by the way, very nice.

  • #13

    Does the addon simply track your own dps or the entire groups dps?

    Can you see individual dps in fx. a dungeon group?

    Will there be added features to see how much damage you do with each ability (similar to Recount/Skada @ WoW)?

  • #14
    Quote from Katanos »

    Does the addon simply track your own dps or the entire groups dps?

    Can you see individual dps in fx. a dungeon group?

    Will there be added features to see how much damage you do with each ability (similar to Recount/Skada @ WoW)?

    The addon only tracks your own DPS. Currently there is no way to track group damage from within the GUI.

    I want to eventually have a breakdown of each fight with min/max/avg damage of each ability used, %crit, %hit/miss, etc, but I am not sure if all of that information is available. I've been busy lately and have not had time to work on the addon, nor even play the game. Hopefully I'll have time soon.

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