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Deck Manager

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  • Updated 11/13/2013
  • Created 07/11/2012
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Deck Manager v1.3.0 pre-release 16
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About Deck Manager

Tired of Gear Manager bugging out? Being limited to very few slots for storing builds? Being forced to also store gear layout even though you use the same gear for multiple decks?

Well, here's the solution: Deck Manager.

Plain and simple it will allow you to save your own custom decks containing only your active and passive abilities. And there's no limit to how many you can create.

Simply click the icon which sort of looks like some cards and it will open up. The rest should make sense. :)

Version 1.3.0: Pre-release 16

  • Added preliminary support for augments.
  • Fixed an issue with loading decks while some abilities were on cooldown.

Version 1.3.0: Pre-release 15

  • Added flame thrower

Version 1.3.0: Pre-release 14b

  • The Curse package actually works now... Sorry! :(

Version 1.3.0: Pre-release 14a

  • Actually contains the pre-release 14 code.
  • Now installs the /vdm script file.

Version 1.3.0: Pre-release 14

  • Added support for the whip aux weapon.
  • The group dropdown now works properly in the "Save New Deck" and "Import Deck" windows.
  • Icon (when not using Topbar Information Overload) should no longer disappear in some cases.

Version 1.3.0: Pre-release 13

  • Collapsed groups now show the correct deck count when searching.
  • You can no longer make enter mess up the search field.
  • "Remove From Group" added to the group popup menu.
  • The currently selected group for the deck is now highlighted in the group popup menu.
  • The group popup will also highlight the selected deck.
  • Only one popup menu should be visible at a time now.
  • Group dropdown added to the save/edit and import deck dialogs.
  • Favourite popup menu now lists 24 decks before adding a scrollbar (this will become an option later on).
  • Fixed issue when saving new decks with no alias during the same session.
  • Some corrections done to the data set to make sure everything is in order.

Version 1.3.0: Pre-release 12

Version 1.2.4

  • Added support for the new Quantum Brace weapon introduced in 1.5.

Version 1.2.3

  • Fixed (hopefully!) the issue some were having with windows not getting created properly without reloading the UI first. Please report back if you had this issue and it's fixed so I can make the appropriate changes to my other add-ons, thank you. :)
  • Window will no longer grow on its own and can't get bigger than the screen resolution (well it can, it will just get its size reset the next time its opened).
  • New backup/restore feature (where the disabled options button used to be). This will allow you to get a complete chunk of text for all your decks, to store in a document on your computer, in case the preferences gets reset and you lose your decks. There's no real checks in the restore function, but you can't do a restore unless you actually haven't got any decks (just a slight precausion).
  • And added the chainsaw.

Version 1.2.2

  • Fixed the error that caused the missing aux weapon to show for builds without any aux abilities in them.

Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed so "Edit" no longer saves the abilities as well, but only name and comment.
  • Fixed keyboard input getting messed up after having opened windows with input fields in them (seems to be a problem with the CLIK controls which apparently sort of stay active despite not being so). Reverted to normal input fields - might make my own later.
  • Fixed "Edit" not getting into the undo stack.

Version 1.2.0

  • Entirely new UI - it now fits with the TSW UI.
  • You need to double-click a deck in the list to load it now.
  • Added a context menu for decks by pressing right mouse button on a deck in the list.
  • Window is now resizable, remembers its position and has a scrollbar.
  • The list sorts alphabetically now.
  • Undo button added to allow you to undo different actions.
  • It's now possible to update a deck's abilities with your current ones.
  • Added ability to add comments for decks. These will show up in tooltips when hovering over a deck in the list.
  • Shows FIFO status messages about what's going on.
  • It will no longer try to equip abilities you don't have. Instead a window is shown with a list of the abilities you're missing when you load it.
  • Works with patch 1.2 and Auxiliary weapon abilities.
  • When patch 1.2 hits it will still be able to import pre-1.2 decks.
  • Entirely new data structure for storing the decks which is ready for the coming features I plan on adding. Your old decks are converted automatically to this new data structure.

Version 1.1.1

  • Should hopefully better hook onto the compass now.
  • Now suports the Topbar Information Overload Add-on Manager.
  • New icon!!! ;)

Please note: If you use this together with the new Add-on Manager in Topbar Information Overload you will have to slot the icon into position before it shows up. You do this through the Add-on Manager by Shift + clicking Deck Manager in the list and assigning it a slot.


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  • #38

    I tried updating to the latest version, but it does not work.


    I deleted all files from the old version and followed the instructions in the readme to the letter. No icon next to the compass, and the / command does seem to work in the chat window, but does not make the deck manager window appear.


    So i deleted the new files and reinstalled one of the old 1.1 versions and all works again. Except that i cant "inspect" other players.


    Any idea why the newest version is not working? Other ppl seem to have the same problem.

  • #41

    If you are using it together with Topbar Information Overload you need to slot the add-on first using the Add-on Manager. Right-click or Shift + click Deck Manager in the list and assign it a slot.

    If you aren't or Deck Manager simply doesn't show up in the list there is something interfering and you should check \Data\Gui\Customized\ for left-over XML files which contain Deck Manager entries and remove those.

    VDM should not in any way interfere with the ability to inspect players, so it's quite odd if that happens.

    My guess(es) as to why the add-on doesn't work for some is either the confusion (which is my fault, sorry) when using it with the new Topbar Information Overload and the icon isn't showing up automatically. Or it's left-over XML that wasn't able to be cleaned up by the Curse client. Or something went wrong with the Curse client installation and the XML files didn't get copied over, possibly due to an error during packaging.

  • #42

    Thanks for the response. I tried it again, and this time it worked. Not sure whats different this time as i deleted all the same files again. The not being able to inspect problem seems not related and remains.

    Another thing i would like to ask, i'm running out of space in the deck manager. Is there a way to install multiple instances of the addon? Like rename it to "Viper PvP", "Viper PvE" etc.


    Last edited by suntox on 8/16/2012 5:22:39 PM
  • #37

    This mod is absolutely amazing! Thanks for taking the time to help the rest of us :)

    I imagine you're still planning improvements as you wrote in the post and I would very much like to be able to make comments on the different builds i have. Like "change this and this passive for these if someone else is running afflicted" or something like that. 


  • #36

    Installed as pre instructions and also tried curse installer and neither are showing yet were earlier before this update.


    Ive honesty followed instructions to letter but no joy :(

  • #40

    Are you also using Topbar Information Overload? If so go into Add-on Manager and right-click or Shift + click on Deck Manager in the list and assign it a slot.

    If not check your \Data\Gui\Customized\ directory for left-over XML files that contain references to Deck Manager and delete those lines as they will cause the add-on to not load.

  • #34

    I'm trying to use the Curse installer and it's not working any suggestions?

  • #39

    How exactly is it "not working"? :) I need a bit more to be able to help you. :)

    Are you also using Topbar Information Overload, if so you likely need to slot the add-on first for the icon to show up. Do that by right-clicking or Shift + clicking the add-on in the Add-on Manager list.

    If you are not using TIO then, yeah... Make sure you don't have any left-over XML entries in \Data\Gui\Customized\ that refers to VDM as that will cause the add-on to not load properly.

  • #32
    Add to Topbar

    This may seem silly but I don't see the icon to use it on the TopBar.   I used the Curse Client to install both this and TopBar.  I can get to it through the addon manager in the menu.  I am missing something?

    Update: Under closer review my question should more appropriately be how to I add it to a slot in TopBar?



    Last edited by WillusT on 8/9/2012 12:16:44 PM
  • #35

    Thanks Shift Click worked.

  • #33

    Right-click or shift + click the add-on in the Add-on Manager and you can choose which slot to set it to, then it will appear. :)

  • #27

    Minor tweak I noticed:  When you click the "X" icon to close the window in-game, if there is an open bag with an item in a slot underneath the X, it performs a click on that bag and "picks up" the item in it.  Tried testing it with other interface elements and they don't seem to "click through" the Deck Manager, not even the lock/unlock and remove back icons on bags themselves.  It seems to only happen for the contents of the bags, and only when closing the deck manager window.

    Somewhat related, it would be nice to be able to close the deck manager window with the escape key.

  • #30

    Strange it bubbles down, but should be sorted once I do the overhaul of the add-on in the near future. Then you will also get your Esc-to-close functionality. :)

  • #26

    I'm sorry, but this addon is as of now completely non-functional.

    I did a complete uninstall of everything related to the old version (including lines in the CharPrefs and Module files) and then tried clean installs, both via the Curse Client and manually. Nothing works. It won't even load.

    Hope this gets fixed, as having to rely on Funcom's gear manager is... no fun.

  • #29

    I can guarantee it works just fine, assuming it's installed correctly. :)

    Try and download the latest version and go through the readme.txt file and make sure everything is in order.
    If there's issues with the way the Curse client installs the add-on then please let me know exactly what's happening (compared to the readme.txt) so I can address it.

    I don't use the Curse client myself to install add-ons, so I don't really know if there's errors (however it should have been tested and working).

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