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Elgå, a better (?) wardrobe

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  • Updated 07/29/2014
  • Created 08/17/2012
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  • Newest File: Elga 0.4.1

About Elgå, a better (?) wardrobe

What's new ?
Fixing text alignment in columns.
Ordering of clothing slots in first column like the one of the tsw default wardrobe.

Fixing following TSW 1.9

Update according to TSW Api changes

Bug preventing to see the 'Innsmouth academy hoodie, white with blood' should be fixed.

- Filtering feature
- Distinction between zipped and unzipped "Striped hoodie jacket"
- Removing "," at end of categories
- Better integration of clothes from the item shop among other similar clothes
- When selecting a category containing only one cloth, the cloth is selected (preview)

What's with that name?
It's the name of a hamlet in Norway (Funcom country) and of a wardrobe line of a rather famous northern europe furniture brand!

It's also the (temporary?) name of an add-on to help use the in-game wardrobe.

Are you fed up with endless scrolling when choosing clothes?
Are you fed up with having to juggle between vendors to choose a nice outfit, without being able to preview clothing from various vendors at the same time?

Elgå may be able to help you.

The user interface makes browsing clothes more enjoyable: by grouping clothing which are only different by colors and providing a bigger interface for clothing selection.
You can check the clothing on sale at multiple vendors simultaneously too.

Interface description
The movable icon to open the interface
Main window, movable
Viper's Topbar Information Overload integration

The "Wearing" icon line shows which items of clothing your character is currently wearing. On mouse-over, a tool-tip display the clothing name. On click, the item will be selected in the lists.

The "Preview" icon line shows which items of clothing are currently on preview on your character. By mouse over, the clothing name is displayed. If you don't own the clothing, the price and vendor will be shown too. On click, the item will be selected in the lists.

The button "Wear all" will equip all currently previewed clothing (if they are in your wardrobe, you can't steal the vendor).

The button "Preview reset" resets the icon line "Preview" with the content of the icon line "Wearing". Useful when your character clothing preview is lost, because the add-on is not able to detect the loss.

The checkbox "Show vendor's inventory" is used to ... filter the vendor's inventory.

The field with a magnifying glass is used to filter clothes. ie: write 'red' to only have clothing having red in theirs names.

In the lists:
- the checkmark on an element shows that the character wears this item of clothing.
- if instead of a checkmark, you see a '$' sign, it means you have not bought the item yet. You can see the preview but not wear it.
- A triangle means it's a group containing other groups or clothing .
- By clicking on a clothing (no triangle), the clothing is previewed. The "Preview" icon line is updated.
- By double clicking on a clothing (no triangle, no '$', no checkmark), the clothing will be equipped. If the clothing was already equipped (checkmark), it will be unequipped (exception for legs and torso). All other clothing previews are lost.

Preview of clothing sold by merchants
Load Elgå simply by opening the buy/sell window of each merchant once (you can close it right away).
At the next Elgå window opening, the clothing will be available for preview. You will have to do it again at each logging in of the character.
This functionality allows you to use the preview of clothing of various merchants simultaneously.
The "Show vendor's inventory" check-box must be checked, of course.

Known bugs
- small upward shift of text in the lists

Technical limitations (= I don't know how to do it)
- Use preview from item shop
- Detect previews done by the standard interface (well, I could do it, if I replace the default ui for vendors, character sheet and character inspection, with the risk of breaking theses interface, and there is still the item shop problem)
- To empty an item slot by preview (like removing a hat). The only known way is to remove the clothing, which resets all the previews.
- Detect when the preview is lost (ie: by moving the character) to update the "Preview" icon line.

What I don't want to do currently with the add-on.
- Buy clothing through the add-on. If something goes wrong with your money, I certainly don't want to be held responsible.

Possible new features
- When removing an item of clothing by a double click, to reapply the other previews instead of coming back to the currently equipped clothing.
- When clothes are equipped with the "Wear all" button, reapply the preview from clothes which are not available (from merchants)

Why is a cloth badly sorted ?
The game does not provide any kind of grouping for clothes. It's all done in the add-on by looking for what I identified as "color text", so to speak, that goes into the list on the right. I may have missed a few colors. If new "colors" appears, resulting in bad grouping, please report it to me.
Sometimes, the name of similar clothes is not consistent. I'm looking at you, Curse T-Shirt. One version is with a virgule, another without. The add-on fail to group them. I added an exception mechanism which can be extended to other clothes. Please provide your suggestions for that.

Want to help ? It would be welcome, of course, for:
- Bug reports and suggestions to improve the add-on
- Reporting wrong clothes grouping: see "Why is a cloth badly sorted ?

Text correctly aligned in list.
Ordering of first list matching the game default wardrobe.
Better management of clothing from sets without color in the name.


  • #5

    Hey, I have noticed that once & awhile while standing still this mod changes my appearance. As soon as I move it clears back to what I was actually wearing. When this happens I usually haven't opened Elga since logging into the game...

  • #3

    This is a great addon, but any chance of you adding the ability to save clothing sets?

  • #6

    It's done by other addons (Fashionista by Valyrie or Valet by me).

  • #1

    The updated 0.3 version of this excellent mod has been available via SecretUI for quite some time now, so why is the update taking so long to arrive via Curse?

    The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else

    - Frederic Bastiat

  • #2

    The reasons:

    • It can be a lot longer for addon archives to be approved on curse (almost 2 days sometimes).
    • Sometimes, the approver reject the files because of the readme file (they are not even installed...) put at the top-level of the archive (created using this exemple:

    I uploaded the version 0.3 at the same time on Curse and SecretUI. Approved in a few hours on SecretUI. A day and a half to get it rejected on Curse. Back from work, resubmitted with a little change to get a chance to have it validated, the archive is waiting for approval for 22 hours now.

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