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Eth's Buff Bars

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  • Updated 02/10/2013
  • Created 07/19/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Eth's Buff Bars v1.2.8
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About Eth's Buff Bars

The addon is currently being rewritten from scratch, both to improve performances and allow more features to get in. The end goal is to provide an addon that can display your buffs in any way you want with complete freedom on customization to decide where each buff should appear (even in multiple places or not at all) and how the buff should look (form, size, colors)
It's quite a long process, the buff display part is more or less complete at the moment and I "just" have the UI left to create (which is probably the longest part to get it done right)

Buff Bars in action

A few videos of kills made by players using the buff bars, if you made a nice one, feel free to send me a link to add it here

Quick How-To

  • Left-click and drag'n'drop the addon's icon at the desired location
  • Right-click it to open settings (or type /ebb in chat)
  • Configure what buffs (or debuffs) you want to track on yourself and your offensive/defensive target
  • While settings window is open, drag the dummy bars around to set where real buffs should be displayed (and use mouse wheel to change the size of the buff bars)
  • Profit!

Advanced Users

You can change the color of buff bars by adding an hexadecimal color code after the buff name. Example: if you want Breaching Shot's buff bar to appear in pink, instead of entering "Breaching Shot" in the buff list, enter "Breaching Shot#E81067" instead.

Known Issues

Let me know about any bug with 1.2 version

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the EthBuffBars folder into ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\
  2. Unzip the Script\ebb file into ...\The Secret World\Scripts\ (Create that folder if it's missing) if you want to be able to use command line
  3. Restart the game

You should have those files installed in your game directory

  • ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\EthBuffBars\CharPrefs.xml
  • ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\EthBuffBars\Modules.xml
  • ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\EthBuffBars\EthBuffBars.swf
  • ...\The Secret World\Scripts\ebb (optional)

Uninstallation Instructions

  1. Delete the ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\EthBuffBars\ folder
  2. Delete the ...\The Secret World\Script\ebb file
  3. Restart the game

Find more of my TSW mods on, that has a few nifty tools for the game: an item/mission/... database, a tool to calculate glyph stats and more to come.


  • Slight tweak to buff bars removal to prevent them from disappearing for too long when a buff loses a stack


  • Fix for buffs without a duration


  • Attempt to fix buff bars not disappearing correctly


  • Fixed Colors not being saved correctly for offensive target's buffs


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  • #87

    Edit: I tried everything that other has listed up before, nothing worked, so I ended up with deleting everything that had anything with the word buffbar in it, with great help of wordpads build in search feature.

    I went into C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Funcom\TSW\Prefs\Phantorang

    and changed ALL the prefs2.xml docs.

    Thanks and good luck :)

    If  you get any trouble, just ask me, I consider myself an expert on the matter :p

    For some reason the curse feature to delete all prefs doesnt work for this addon, before it worked to well, now it doesnt at all.

    The player one is gone, i install and re-install, no difference, it doesnt reset. I went and changed fro -1000,-1000 (or somewhere near) to 500,500, nothing is changed, its like its stuck, now Ive tried all the prefs files, no difference, is there no way to completely uninstall this addon? and then reinstall it? Curse doesnt, it doesnt manually, im at a complete loss here.

    Sad, cause I liked this, but not enough to completely uninstall every pref I got, and start all over with everything. :(

    Last edited by Saftsuse on 3/18/2014 12:35:00 PM
  • #86

    I like to add on but I did one thing wrong I dragged the bars off screen and I cant get them back anyone know what I need to do to get it back set as default so I can have all three of the bars back

  • #85

    Great addon!

    Though one thing really bug me as some of the buffs for players are getting more popular each day.. If I am watching a buff on myself, and by any chance if my target, both defensive(PVE) and offensive(PVP), also has the buff, my buff watch will disappear(notice that I am not watching for the buff in neither defensive or offensive target) until my buff updates.

    This is extremely annoying for watching elemental force. Basically the scenario goes this way: my elemental force is at x stacks, and my target's elemental force is at y stacks. As my target updates his elemental force buff to y+1 stacks, my buff watch disappears until I update my elemental force to x+1 stack. These steps go in a very intensive motion as the buff updates typically once per second. Visually it just means that I only see my elemental force buff watcher for less than one second with its stack number, then it is gone until I update the buff to x+1, then I see the buff with x+1 stacks for less than one second, it is gone again!

    Any chance to fix that? I have downloaded the addon after 10 February 2013 and the addon has not been updated ever since.

  • #83

    I loved how it worked, but I ended up unistalling it because its GIGANTIC and takes up way too much screen room. It makes it harder to focus. So I removed it.

  • #84

    Ummmm, Gigantic? You saw the part in the instructions where it said you could use the mousewheel to size the bars, right? I found I could size the bars so small the text was unreadable...

  • #81

    Need a reset button, my player bar does not appear anymore on the screen and there is no way to reset/move it. It would be great to know where are the coordinates of the bars are stored. thx. great addon btw. but lack of a reset button :p

  • #82

    - Go to your AppData/Local/Funcom/TSW/Prefs/"account name"/charxxxxxxx/
    mine is C:\Users\mike\AppData\Local\Funcom\TSW\Prefs\MY_ACCOUNT_NAME\Char6713223\

    If you have more than one CharXXXXX folder, i dont know how to find the right one... So i modified all of them....

    You MUST backup the Prefs folder before continuing....

    - Open Prefs_2.xml

    - Find line  <Archive name="EthBuffBars">
    Below you will find  <Point name="SelfBarsPosition" value="Point(-1081.000000,-1015.000000)" />

    Of course Point coordinates will be differents for you.

    You can now modify coordinates of any bar.

    PS: Try to delete Prefs_2.bxml file if this is not working. 

    Last edited by mike182 on 6/14/2013 10:39:10 PM
  • #80

    I really need a reset button for the bars. Or a description of what file I might use to change the placement. 

    My problem is that I use a laptop to play on and normally I have it hooked to a larger monitor. However atm I am away for 3 months and so I am stuck with the smaller laptop screen. This causes my buffbars to be out of the screen and I can't get them back inside the visible screen area I am now stuck with. 

  • #78

    Somehow I lost the player bar.  I have my offensive target and my defensive target, but my player bar has gone by by.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I even deleted all the data in my GUI folder and ran a repair.  Where is the character prefernce xml and bxml located so I can get rid of it?  It seems that when uninstalling EBB this little piece of info stays so it is never a complete uninstall which means no guaranteed fix.

  • #79

    deleted the character prefences and all after uninstalling, deleting all my data in the GUI folder, and the appdata, still no player buff bar, only the defensive and offensive target remain active.  I know the issue started when I misclicked on my screen and someone shot a breaching shot off, while tanking.  I clicked the player buff bar and moved it or something on my screen so wondering if somehow it went off screen.  I cannot find an option for it in order to change its x/y axis any way to get an update that allows for this in order to see if it solves the issue?

  • #77

    I would like to have the abilities I place on a monster (bloodsport, weaken etc.) shown as a different colour from the buffs they place on themselves. That way I can quickly glance in a fight and know how "well" I am doing. Is there a way of doing this?

    I can see that you can change the colour of individual items but I currently have it so it does not show any listed. I would have to show all mine/monsters abilities and do not have a complete list.

    Thanks and love the tool.

  • #76

    Could do with these a tad smaller in depth as if you have a massive attack running it takes up half the screen?

  • #75

    With one of the latest updates, the add on is totally gone from my game. It's not in the slots and it was before. I've checked for extra files in the program foler and I did the /setoption EthBuffBarsMod true trick. Neither worked. Several of my cabalmates have said the same thing. Any ideas on getting it to work again? 

  • #74

    I'm having an issue with this since it updated. The bars no longer show up on my UI. Usually they are invisible, or sometimes I will see it flash real quickly before it becomes invisible again. Can't seem to figure out a combination of options that will make it work like it was...

  • #73

    Is it possible to add custom sounds?

    I remember an addon from wow, Power Auras. You seem to be heading in the same direction with EBB. Many things I tracked with it I did so with only sounds.

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