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Field Agent Locator (aka Dungeon Finder)

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  • Updated 01/13/2013
  • Created 08/05/2012
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About Field Agent Locator (aka Dungeon Finder)

The Field Agent Locator (aka Dungeon Finder) allows players from all dimensions to join a queue so other players know they are looking for a group. Players looking for a group are able to specify their role (Healer, Tank, DPS), the dungeon they want to do and the difficulty mode (Normal, Elite, Nightmare) and join the list. Players that are looking to fill spots in their group are able to browse the list and invite you directly through the locator interface!

This addon makes it much easier to find groups instead of being locked down in Agartha spamming the chat channel. Now you can go do your solo missions or socialize with friends where ever you want while looking for a group!

The latest release notes can be found here.


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  • #76

    fisrt of all, thank you for this app, its amazing. that being said.... why did you force people to choose ONE dungeon in order to be able to que??? sometimes i just want to play some dungeon roullette, but NOOO!!! if I dont choose one dungeon im not allowed to que. is that really necesary? at all? can it be disabled?? also, every time i cave in in order to que i get the messages that i qued for the FAL and that i quit the que for FAL. also i cant see my name in the que. regardless if im in it even if i dont see it, i would like to see my name on the list just like everyone else.

    dont force people into choosing dungeons in order to use the MOD, its just rude

  • #74

    This seems really useful tool, but I think there is some issues with queuing. I managed to queue for Polaris just fine, but it seems I couldn't get out of the queue. After running Polaris a few times on Normal, I wanted to go for Hell Raised, so I left Polaris queue and applied for HR. However the notification said I was queueing for Polaris and All Dungeons (Normal), and when I checked the dungeon lists, I was only displayed on Polaris. I also received invitations to Polaris only. Tried leaving the queue and joining multiple times, but every time I was in queue for Polaris.

    I managed to queue to Hell Raised only be uninstalling this addon, reloading the UI and using the default LFG tool...

    I don't know if I've misunderstood something or it really is bugged, but I would really like to use this addon when it's working properly.

  • #73

    I think this is an awesome must have. But currently I cannot figure out how to queue ONLY for 1 dungeon, instead of for all! (E.g. I que for Polaris on normal = qued for all dungeons on normal!)  I get invites to Polaris when qued for Hell Raised etc. So until this is updated or fixed I will uninstall.

    Though it is great for finding people for your group - excels at this!

  • #72

    a mod everyone should have.  don't assume it'll be broken for you before trying, just get it :P

  • #71

    in game help menu doesn't work while the addon is active.

  • #70

    Apparently my accountant allowed the credit card on file expire without updating the payment info for the site.
    The site is back up and all the builds, decks, etc should still be available. Sorry for the inconvience and thanks for reporting the issue.
    - Software

  • #68

    This addon is broken right now.

    Whenever I try to log into the field agent locator, it immediately logs me back out, after seemingly queueing me for every dungeon.

    Last edited by jydradi on 4/7/2013 8:40:57 AM
  • #69

    I have the same problem. Anyone knows what's causing this issue?

  • #67

    Help will not open with this addon installed. Did not notice this until today. Do not know if it was an issue before or not.

    Last edited by sqrly on 2/20/2013 1:32:58 PM
  • #66

    the add on seem fine but i lost the add on


    which i use to inspect ppl for their curent gear power.think u can change the calculation of HR/AR?

  • #65

    Did today's update break this? :(

  • #64

    This is a great tool. I've used it for months. I can't use it anymore. Having all my stats, all my gear, and all my abilities available for anyone to see is the kiss of death for a pvper. I can find no way to opt out of this feature so I can no longer use FAL.

  • #63

    Version has been uploaded and will be available as soon as a curse admin approves the mod.

    It contains the latest version of BSM for the inspection feature.

    - Software

  • #55

    Here is the answer to the Inspection Window not closing issue.

    Last edited by pipn on 1/13/2013 5:14:27 PM
  • #56
    Quote from pipn »

    Here is the answer to the Inspection Window not closing issue.

    First of great mod. The inspection window bug kinda sucks. I clicked on the link but there is nothing there. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me fix this problem. Thanks.

    Last edited by pipn on 1/13/2013 5:19:06 PM
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