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Field Agent Locator (aka Dungeon Finder)

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  • The Secret World
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  • Updated 01/13/2013
  • Created 08/05/2012
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About Field Agent Locator (aka Dungeon Finder)

The Field Agent Locator (aka Dungeon Finder) allows players from all dimensions to join a queue so other players know they are looking for a group. Players looking for a group are able to specify their role (Healer, Tank, DPS), the dungeon they want to do and the difficulty mode (Normal, Elite, Nightmare) and join the list. Players that are looking to fill spots in their group are able to browse the list and invite you directly through the locator interface!

This addon makes it much easier to find groups instead of being locked down in Agartha spamming the chat channel. Now you can go do your solo missions or socialize with friends where ever you want while looking for a group!

The latest release notes can be found here.


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  • #44

    I installed it via curse client.  It makes a small icon, that can then be moved through options.  However, equipment examination's been broken since the rocket launcher was added, and there's hardly ever anyone in it anymore.  However, as the built in is almost completely useless... :/

  • #39

    The stats page in preferences is showing "undefi" for all my stats, as of the new patch =/

  • #38

    Cannot edit dungeon experience.  You can highlight the box, but pressing numbers has no effect.

  • #37

    everyone MUST get this

  • #35

    Guess I lied about not having another release for a couple days. Innocent

    Version has been released. This disables the auto update to your stats when you change your gear. This was implemented for all the tanks and healers sending me /tells and IM's requesting for a snapshot so they can do missions/farming while waiting in the queue w/o loosing their stats.

    This is a temp work around until version 2.0.4 is released which will support mulitiple build snapshots for various roles. Your stats are still automatically updated when you log in or if you do /reloadui so you will need to set your snapshot once each time you log in from the STATS Preference window.


  • #34

    Version 2.0.3 has just been uploaded. This corrects a defect introduced in 2.0.2 that causes the FIFO message "You have been removed from the Field Agent Locator" to be displayed when you are in the queue and refresh the list. Thanks goes to Safanah for reporting it!

    Sorry this should be the last update for a couple days. I am trying to get the multiple builds display in the inspection window completed by this weekend.

  • #30

    Version has been uploaded to SecretUI and to the curse client. I tweaked the inspection window a little it so it displays 16 player stats instead of just the original 8. Thanks

    Last edited by pipn on 8/26/2012 2:56:44 AM
  • #29

    Version 2.0.2 is has been upload to SecretUI and to the curse client. Its available immediately from but as usual will probally be 12hrs+ before it is approved and available on curse.

    The Field Agent Locator now supports viewing the gear a player currently has equiped directly through the FAL interface! They can be from any dimension and in any zone and you can inspect their gear and stats. Stats are now dynamically pulled from the player and no longer need to be manually entered.

    The tabs in the preference window have had a face lift and also a couple filtering bugs have been fixed!

    Thanks Software

  • #26

    Ok, maybe I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but how in the heck do you leave the queue?

  • #27

    Having the same issue... I can't leave the friggin' queue, so I get whispers "do you wanna join..." all the time :P

    Very frustrating :P

    Winter is comming...

  • #31

    Ok guys this has been resolved. With some help from "The-Maelstrom" which I am assuming is one of you two we did some testing in game and I tracked down the illusive bug that was causing this.

    This was caused due to some faulty logic that I implemented when I first started developing FAL. I made an assumption that character names were limited to 12 characters like Anarchy Online and code things this way. Later I found out it was 14 characters and I updated all the legacy code for this (so I thought). Well the leave queue logic still had the limit of 12 characters in a name so when "The-Maelstrom" said hey I want to leave the queue the backend got his name as "The-Maelstro" and said no one is in the queue with that name go away!

    I am assuming that both Jsenocak and Tinkertank both have ingame names over 12 characters and this should now be resolved for you. Thanks for your patience. This was pretty impossible to track down w/o knowing additional information like the length of your names.

  • #28

    What version are you using and what is your characters name? I need some more details to dig around and see what is happening. You should also be immediately removed from the queue once you join a group.

    All you should have to do is click the "Leave Queue" button at the bottom right corner of the window. This is not working for you?

    Last edited by pipn on 8/25/2012 6:06:51 PM
  • #21

    hello! you curse client install script still not work, the files are just copied to a folder, but the game xml are not changed, at the end we need to do a manual install.

  • #22

    The xml files do not need to change and you should not be editing them. The files are copied to your folder and all you need to do is restart the game.

  • #33
    Quote from ranzou06 »

    this is the problem, all the files including the xml are copied into a folder when they must to be on the root of the customized folder, and if you only copy and paste the files on the root you will replace the xml configs from other mods leaving only you mod installed, try to unistal the mod from you game and install it again from the curse client.

    The files do not go into the root of the customized folder. Only addons that override default GUI go in the root of the customized folder. All files for this addon belong under the following path:

    The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\Dungeon Finder

    This is exactly where the curse client puts them.

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