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  • The Secret World
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  • Updated 06/09/2015
  • Created 11/19/2012
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About Hotbar

This addon adds a drag and drop Hotbar to the UI. Items on the Hotbar can be triggered via keyboard shortcuts. See the readme for further instructions.

Source code is available on GitHub.

If possible, please try to use the official forum for discussion in order to consolidate potentially useful information in one place.

* Change hotkey overrides from the movie saving keys (which are no longer
  available) to the game exiting keys. Use the menu (F10) to exit the game.

* Built against the 1.11 source.

* Updated to latest Funcom source.
* Changed override triggers to Save Movie instead of Print Position, as the
  latter have proven to be useful during world events.

* No actual changes - just recompiled against the latest FUNCOM sources. This
  apparently fixes issues with /reloadui and pin buttons.

* Fixed Hotbar not updating correctly after zoning.

* Initial release.


  • #7

    Can't find the game keybinds advised in the readme.  I think they changed the game keybinds.  Would have loved extra hotbar keys but this would require an update I guess. 

  • #6

    This addon makes my game crash now, it didnt a couple of weeks ago. Took time to find which addon made me crash, I just uninstalled all of them and re-installed them a few at a time, when I re-install this addon, I crash. I wish I didnt :( I like this addon

  • #5
    Can dragged items be launched/fired/activated through your addon on via mouseclick or only shortcut keys?
  • #3

    Although the manual download is 1.0.2, the Curse client has not updated to 1.0.2 yet (01:15 GMT 09 Jan 2013)

    The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else

    - Frederic Bastiat

  • #1

    LoL at the Alt F4 shortcut... can think that would cause some problems

  • #2

    Can't ALT+F4 The Secret World, no  worries.

  • #4

    you most certainly can ALT- F4 TSW...try it before you speak it.

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