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  • Updated 07/24/2012
  • Created 07/11/2012
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  • Newest File: InstantBattlefields v1.0 - Curse Client Version
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About InstantBattlefields

InstantBattlefields is just a quick mod to instantly join battlefields when you get the queue window.

Made it mostly because of some bug that would prevent me to get in if I clicked the popup too late. Just remember to unqueue whenever you join a group/... because you won't have a chance to say "no" to PvP while queued :P

Packaged for Curse Client


  • #4

    Nice addon, but i've to remove it.

    How can we remove it ?i remove the addon on curse and in game, but the option is staying :/

  • #2

    How about updating the mod so we have a choice to auto join PVP when in a group or not. It is extremely annoying to get kicked out of a group in the middle of a dungeon. I think Funcom should fix this. Your mod can help deal with this issue to.

    A setting that un queues you from PVP as soon as you join a group would be awesome.  Also a setting that autoqueues you for PVP once you leave a group would be killer as well. That might be much harder to do tho.

    Just some thoughts.

    I like the Mod. I just get the urge to remove it when I get pulled out of a group that just formed up for a nightmare and I havent left group yet. Which is all Funcoms fault.. grrr...



  • #3

    Indeed, it was one of the first modifications I made early after game's release.

    i'll probably get the auto-join feature transferred to another addon sooner or later, with at least a toggle to turn it off.

  • #1

    Great mod - works as adveristed, no issues with patch 1.1 Laughing

     One question/request: Is it possible to create the same mod for zoning confirmations? (i.e. when entering Argartha, London, etc.) Would be awesome! 

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