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Resource HUD

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About Resource HUD

Resource HUD detaches the resource indicators from the player and target frames and combines them into one element that you can move around and what not. This allows you to get a more central placement for your resoruce indicators to better keep track of them while not having to look away from the gameworld by looking all the way down at the bottom of the screen.

The add-on extends the usability a bit by making it more "intelligent", if you will, and hides itself once it reaches the initial values for each resource, unless of course you're in combat or have a target selected. This however can be disabled by enabling the "Always show" option. It is also completely transparrent to the mouse cursor, so you can interact with the game world behind it and don't get mouse "dead spots" where you have the Resource HUD placed.

There's some options available when moving the resources element:

  • If you hold down Shift while dragging it, it will lock to either the X or Y axis.
  • If you Ctrl + left-click it, it will center itself on the X axis and retain it’s Y axis position.
  • If you right-click it, it will reset its position back to default.


  • Movable, scalable, rotatable, set spacing and adjust all fade-in/out and delay times.
  • Both player and target resources are combined into one element.
  • It’s completely transparent to the mouse cursor so no “dead spots" are created where the resource objects are shown, meaning you can click the game world behind them.
  • Each resource object is still placed according to which side it’s equipped in.
  • The graphics have gotten outlines to make them clearer on all kinds of backgrounds.
  • Removed the X/5 and replaced it with just the actual resource amount for the bar graphics – you know 5 is the max, no reason to write that.
  • It will hide itself once it reaches the initial values for each equipped weapon’s resource (unless you have a target selected or in combat then it will stay visible).
  • Hides the original resource objects from the player and target frames and moves the states up under the health bar.
  • Range indication option (read below).

Range indication
This gives each resource indicator a range check and will act accordingly to what you set in the options, which includes scaling and/or opacity when out of range. It won't check for individual ranges and will go into "in range mode" (which is the normal mode you're used to) as soon as a one ability is in range. If an ability doesn't require a target it will always show as in range.

Now when you get into range of something it can do a sort of "pop" effect where it scales up the resource indicator and then back down to normal. You can set the time for this as well. Just a little thing to make it easier to show that you're in range now.

The "Reduce scale by X when out of range" will make the resource indicator X percent smaller. Likewise the "Increase scale by X when entering range" will make the resource indicator grow to this size for the "pop" effect when you're within range.

The transition times are for how long it takes for it to reach the out of range opacity and scale state and how long the "pop" takes.

Version 1.1.6

  • Target resources should properly clear now.
  • Made some changes to hopefully fix the issue some people are having with the resources not showing up again in some cases.

Version 1.1.5

  • Fixed resources not showing up in some cases of death.

Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed minor issues with target resources that might stay in some cases.
  • Fixed the HUD being able to appear while in anima form (thanks Didek for exposing the signal I needed!).

Version 1.1.3

  • Maybe possibly fixed the issue with resources not showing up after death (hopefully).

Version 1.1.2

  • Fixed (at least hopefully) the issue where the resources wouldn't show up again after death.

Version 1.1.1

  • The spacing between the two elements can now go into negative values, especially useful with rotated resource indicators.
  • The resources will now be cleared and disabled while dead and in anima form.

Version 1.1.0

  • Fixed issue with rotation not being applied correctly in some situations.
  • Fixed the element not centering correctly after scaling and reloading the UI.
  • Added range indication to the resource indicators. Read the description for more information on that feature.

Version 1.0.1

  • Added icon for accessing the options. Hover over it to view a tooltip of all the options available.

Version 1.0.0

  • Released with all options available, this allows you to:
  • Move the element (when the options window is open).
  • Scale the element.
  • Set the spacing between each element.
  • Rotate the left and right resource indicator separately.
  • Adjust all fade-in/out and delay times.

Pre-release 05

  • Fixed issue with changing weapons that could sometimes leave the Resource HUD visible when it shouldn't be.

Pre-release 04

  • Fixed resources showing up when switching weapons and not going away (should only happen for blade/hammer/fist as they “charge up”).

Pre-release 03

  • Fixed the resource HUD showing on non-hostile targets.
  • Fixed an error in how initial values were handled which could cause the resource HUD to stay visible.

Pre-release 02

  • Will now show when resources are changed from their initial values when out of combat.
  • Removed the debug text field.

Pre-release 01

  • Initial release.


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  • #18

    Almost 9 months since the last post and the addon STILL disappears after deaths.

  • #14

    It disapears off the screen after every fight.. Typing /reloadui is a major inconvenience. I guess I will disable this addon.

  • #15

    Hud still vanishing in combat. Happens every time I target something or get thrown into combat. Kinda sucks because this would be awesome to use.


    Happens no matter what spec or weapns I have on.

  • #16

    Have attempted a replacement here:

    It's still a work in progress, but it should cover most use cases.

  • #13
    Fantastic, could use update

    Everyone should know that after you die it disappears. You can get it back by typing /reloadui after each death. A minor inconvenience compared to having to look at the bottom of the game 90% of the time while I play which was making me miss the entire game.

    An update to make it so we dont have to type /reloadui after dying would be nice but like I said, as it is, it is still a godsend.

    Last edited by killmessiah on 2/14/2014 3:22:59 AM
  • #12

    Love this Mod!

    One small issue:  When selecting "Always Show" checkbox, keyboard entry seems to stop working WASD movement, no way to enter Chat text.  Unclick "Always Show" text box and all is well.  Wierd one, but still worth using!

    BTW...I get around by setting fade time long.

  • #11

    doesn't work properly. like c3d3r, keeps disappearing for no reason. 

  • #10

    Been having issues with this one as well.. It keeps disappearing between each fight but when I open the options menu it comes back.

  • #9

    Every time I die my resource bars disappear. This is a new issue with latest version. Opening options for Resource HUD makes them appear again. In earlier versions I would have this issue when I log in, but not every death...

  • #8

    Sill having troubles with resources disappearing? Anyways, is there a way to load the previous versions rather then the latest they were working well enough for me. I used Curse so it overwrites previous. I use to manually install so always had a back up of the old ones. But i truested the latest and now I'm plagued. Thanks


    found the previous versions(i' so dumb its in other Downloads) Using 1.1 And sticking with it!! The latest is very bad for disappearing,  I Tried multiple times hoping against hope but DO NOT USE THIS because your resources will go away and u will have to go thru hoopes to get this working unless u reset and remove it....not fit for human consumption.  When someone reports a working  issue I'll retry,   Sorry but it burned me badly during the MY RAid>

    Last edited by jnoel on 2/13/2013 9:29:45 AM
  • #7
    Sill having troubles with resources disappearing? Anyways, is there a way to load the previous versions rather then the latest they were working well enough for me. I used Curse so it overwrites previous. I use to manually install so always had a back up of the old ones. But i truested the latest and now I'm plagued. Thanks
  • #4

    This seems buggy been using the previous version and it works fine,  Since Ii updated this morning I lose the resource meters   and have to reloadui and (think i needed to zone also) to have them magically appear again will put the old original version back Thanks,    sorry i couldn't be more specific (any way to reposition them other then center screen?)

  • #6

    You can change the position by opening the options and moving them around.

    Now regarding your issue I guess I will have to investigate and check if something with the new death check can somehow mess up things.

  • #3

    So i installed this via curse client, but when i log into the game, it doesn't seem to have taken effect. I've still got the normal resource bars, and I can't find the menu for the addon anywhere. Bummer, I was really looking forward to this.

  • #5

    If you can please download it manually and check the readme.txt file and see if everything is in the correct places as described in that file.

    If not I guess I might have messed something up with the Curse package. Please report your findings, if any. :)

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