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  • Updated 02/17/2013
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  • Newest File: TSWRP 4.1
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Funcom has provided many tools for Role Players in The Secret World, except for in-game profiles created by the users. Many other MMOs have mods that allow this and now so does TSW!

Acenth's TSWRP mod allows you to create rich, detailed, character sheets giving others a better idea of what your character looks like and if you want, a history of your character. You can insert images, lists, and more!

You can now see if someone has TSWRP without clicking the RP button! When you target them, the TSWRP logo will appear on their nametag above their head!


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  • #30

    TSWRP is not broken, actually it's an innate bug in TSW's addon framework that causes incompatibility. If you have Field Agent Locator, that's one addon that causes incompatibility.

  • #31

    This is the only plugin I've got installed that doesn't work. 13 others play nice.

    And for the record I'm not using Field Agent Locator.

    Last edited by Leben_Ojanen on 7/10/2013 9:56:48 PM
  • #28

    Just chiming in to verify StealthPacifists report.

    Same issues here.

  • #27

    To be clear: I love this mod and I would sacrifice any other mods for this if it meant that it could work. But ever since the last TSWRP update, I've been able to check people's profiles in-game or edit my own.

    It worked very briefly when I made a new, separate character, but for some reason it now refuses to do so. There's no place in the topbar for me to click and read/edit my own profile, and clicking the TSWRP logo in the profiles of others doesn't do jack.

    In addition, I notice that clicking anyone's profile for the first time after logging in warrants a 5 second game freeze. Which is disconcerting.

    I'll still be checking for people's profiles via[name] on my separate laptop, but it's a real shame that this doesn't work properly for me anymore. I've missed having bios in my MMOs since City of Heroes got closed down. I would've loved to have continued to add to my character's bio.

  • #26

    I still can't get this mod to show right.. the screen is too small, and doesn't show all the text.

  • #25

    Can't get anything about the outfit manager to show - I do not have the buttons listed in the screenshot adn can find no way to access the outfit manager.  Help?

  • #24

    I had to uninstall this mod, though I loved it. Whenever I approached another player, my client went black for a few minutes then crashed. Any idea why this might happen?

    I had no other mods. Though it got WORSE when I installed TopBar Information Overload.

  • #23

    The TSWRP menu has disappeared, I I now have no way of opening it. Problem began after installing a couple new mods (Field Agent Locater & Gear Manager Fix). I uninstalled those, and even uninstalled all of my others and reinstalled only TSWRP--but it still doesn't show up. Any thoughts?


  • #22

    The mod seems broken at the moment.  Any chance of a fix?

  • #21

    I am having the same problem as mentioned by the previous post.  I can get the mod to open but no fields appear correctly.



  • #20

    It is probably caused by having the Field Agent Locator mod installed.

    This is because of a flaw in the game's mod system that limits how many web browser windows can be used.


  • #19

    I've got the same problem as Ingenious145, and I'd appreciate some advice, too!

  • #17

    For some reason I have tried everything the mod just does not want to work for me I consistantly get this image.  Not exactly sure how to fix it any advice?

  • #16

    Nice update and allowing it to integrate, but I noticed that I can't access some of the fields now. History and description to be precise. Lacking the outfit manager is fine with me so far, to be honest, I'm not sure how it worked so far. I would like to know when/if the description and history portions will be fixed so they can be editted and/or viewed again?

  • #15

    Many thanks for the update and integration with the Top Bar Information Overload mod! Awesomeness!

    For people looking for an outfit manager now that TSWRP is just concentrating on it's 'core business', I use both the excellent "Elga" and "Valet".  These are also available from Curse (and elsewhere).


    Last edited by sithapotamus on 11/11/2012 5:26:26 PM

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