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Valet, an outfit manager

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  • Updated 07/04/2013
  • Created 08/18/2012
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  • Newest File: Valet 0.3.1

About Valet, an outfit manager

Version 0.3.1
Update according to TSW Api changes

Version 0.3
Warning when a cloth is not found
German translations improved.
Button to equip an outfit (if you don't like to double-click)

How to use it.
Left-click on the icon: open the window
Right-click mouse-dragging on the icon: move the icon

"+" button : save a new outfit
"-" button : delete the selected outfit
"O" button: overwrite the selected outfit with the current outfit
pen button: rename the outfit
"cloth" button: equip the selected outfit.
Double-click on an outfit item in the list: equip this outfit.
On the right border: buttons to sort the list (disabled when a filtering is active)
Textfield with a Magnifying glass: filtering

Other features:
Integration with Viper's Topbar Information Overload.

It way have some issues on equipping / unequipping a lot of clothes. If it does not load all clothes on the first try, please try again. I have to throttle the (un)equipping because the game won't accept to do it all in one go.
I will try to improve this but I need some feedbacks (latency?, how many clothes changed) of when it happens.

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

Update according to TSW Api changes.


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  • #5

    Love it. Could I ask for one feature? Another button to equip in addition to double-click. Sometimes double-click just doesn't seem to work well (not just in this mod, in general. I find that I can't click fast enough for TSW:)

  • #7

    I wonder If you can set the double click speed setting in TSW (or Windows) to have it working better with your double-clicking speed. Another button will be added in the next release (at my current update speed: you have to be really patient), if I don't forget about it in the meantime and don't see any working double-click speed setting in TSW.

  • #4

    Picture would be nice!

  • #2

    Why oh why do you guys never include the instructions on how to use your mod in the zip file?

    Is there some secret rule that says users must be forced to come to the website to find instructions and that under no circumstances sahll any author include those instructions in the readme.txt file? :(

    PS TY for addon.



  • #6

    Because I don't rely much on the Curse client, so I expect users to find the addon + usage on a website,  and imitation (yes, bad reason) of other dev doings.

  • #3

    I don't because i expect players to just use the curse installer or know that they are supposed to copy the folder in under the Customized/Flash folder!

  • #1

    So far, I love it!! If I run across any issues ill be sure to let you know. But so far it is working with no problems at all. Huge Thanks for this one!

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