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  • Supports: 1.7.4
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  • Updated 01/04/2014
  • Created 12/31/2013
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About Diversity

Diversity is a unique take on the CTM genre.  As usual, you have to complete the monument by collecting the coloured wool.  However in Diversity, each wool is obtained by finishing a completely different Minecraft map genre.

I HIGHLY recommend the following:
- Resource Pack: Default
- Brightness: High
- Clouds: Off
- Render Distance: Far

Updated 01/04/14
Diversity v1.2.9 - Now compatible with Minecraft 1.7.4


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  • #51

    what is the server name?


  • #50

    i downloaed it but how do i play it

  • #49

    I loaded the game on single player, but now it want let me get the intro wool.... Can anyone help?

  • #48

    wheres the download?


  • #43

    the trivia area is incorrect on some questions, its The End not Sky, In the nether you cant place water aswell as not sleeping and it killed me. sponge is closest to dirt and it still killed me. learn your stuff before making questions please

  • #46

    Thanks for concern. But you're wrong.
    - The End biome is called "Sky" in any version older than 1.8 (press F3)
    - You can place water in cauldrons in the Nether
    - Sponge uses grass sound effect

    Learn your stuff before calling me out thanks.

  • #42

    You have one wrong answer in the trivia brach, about Jack o' Lantern.

  • #47


  • #40


  • #38

    I like the map over all, but the arena is HORRIBLE, I had magma cubes cimbing up ladders, blazes flying through, and I had to skip over the enderman part because I couldn't even kill them, then I went to the wither skelleton room, then there were endermen in there, it became so unplayable at the last few levels I had to gmc, and what do I fudging find, cheaters never prosper.... *facepalm* I couldnt get back, and arena was my 5th game so I litterally cant stop going in the void (I deleted the end portal) the least you could do is tell me coords for the hub now D:

  • #39

    Arena has some issues.  I'm not sure coordinates.  Just load a fresh copy and look at them.

    Last edited by qmagnet on 8/15/2014 2:37:08 PM
  • #44

    Maybe for you :P but otherwise awesome map :D

  • #41

    I actually enjoyed the arena, despite some of the above mentioned issues... it was a challenge, but achievable (and I am not brilliant at fighting).  I liked that the later levels (from 11 on)  were easier to get back past if you died in a subsequent level.  Sure Endermen teleported elsewhere, but they didn't attack.

  • #36

    Hey! love the map. Just uploaded the first episode of our let's play of it. I can highly recommend it to anyone who likes adventure maps.

  • #35

    Hey! So far, I love this map!!! I only have survival, labyrinth, puzzle, and boss battle to do.I am caught on a snag though!! I started the survival map and thought okay I will just go cut down the tree to make some ladders, see what I need to do, and then restart survival. 1. The tree didn't drop a sapling 2. The survival branch doesn't reset! Now I am stuck because I can't complete the branch. I do not want to use my bonus!


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