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Aslain's XVM Mod

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  • World of Tanks
  • 15,355 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 9.2
  • 374,594 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/30/2014
  • Created 04/20/2012
  • 174 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Aslain's XVM Mod v3.7.14 (9.2)
Support development! **

About Aslain's XVM Mod

Are you tired of default tank contours, that tells you basicaly nothing about it, except for the tank contour itself? Try my custom contour icons, with them you will not only have a brand new colored and tiered vehicle names, but also XVM - which means nice floating dmg numbers, custom health bars and more....

The mod is in developement since WoT's closed beta back in 2010, and is one of the first icon mods ever created. The purpose of it was to replace ugly, and useless contour icons in favor of colored vehicle names. With my icons you can have much better battle awareness, than the others players who uses default set. You can identify enemy vehicle class with a blink of an eye, you will never be supriced like you can be with built-in icons.

The Curse is hosting the main version only, to get the other variants please visit this link ->

How to enable the stats:


How to install my mod:

  • Unzip & copy everything to [WoT's installation directory] (default folder is C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\)
  • Download and install required fonts from here. Otherwise you may see colorfull squares instead of vehicle names, stats and symbols.
  • Launch the game and go to Settings -> Game Tab -> uncheck: Show vehicle tier

Credits goes to:
- br2yd4l for the very initial icon version back in closed beta
- Crabtr33, Pottulaari and RyuOgi for actively supporting me with new ideas and such stuff
- The XVM team, Sirmax2 especially for his support and creating such amazing mod
- chesss from ru server for his ammorack explosion icons

v3.7.14 (30-07-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.3 (3059)
- only for WoT 9.2

v3.7.6 (11-07-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.2 (3032)

v3.7.5 (10-07-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.2 (3031)

v3.7.4 (07-07-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.2-test1 (3030)

v3.7.2 (04-07-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.2-test1 (3027)
- added new contour icons: T62A S., Karl, Te-Ke

v3.7.1 (02-07-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.2-test1 (3025)
- updated XVM color scale

v3.7.0 (01-07-2014):
- updated to XVM-5.3.2-test1 (3024)

v3.6.24 (25-06-2014):
- updated to XVM-5.3.2-test1 (3012)

v3.6.17 (15-06-2014):
- updated to XVM-5.3.2-test1 (3008)

v3.6.15 (13-06-2014):
- updated to XVM build 3004

v3.6.14 (12-06-2014):
- updated to XVM build 3000

v3.6.10 (11-06-2014):
- updated to XVM 2995
- compatible with WoT 9.1

v3.6.6 (02-06-2014):
- updated to XVM 5.3.0

v3.6.5 (30-05-2014):
- updated XVM nightly build 2954
- converted minimapcircles.xc to a new format

v3.6.3 (28-05-2014):
- updated XVM nightly build 2945
- slightly changed hitlogs position

v3.6.2 (27-05-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.3.0-test3 (nightly build 2943)
- fixed encoding on all xvm config files

v3.6.1 (26-05-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.3.0-test3 (nightly build 2936)
- possible fix to vehiclenames.xc error on some computers

v3.6.0 (25-05-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.3.0-test3 (nightly build 2931)

v3.5.20 (23-05-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.3.0-test3 (nightly build 2930)

v3.5.19 (22-05-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.3.0-test3 (nightly build 2923)

v3.5.17 (20-05-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.3.0-test3 (nightly build 2905)
- changed all custom vehicle names to xvm's default

v3.5.16 (19-05-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.3.0-test3 (nightly build 2899)
- default rating scale changed to the 6 steps one
- updated minimapCircles.xc

v3.5.15 (18-05-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.3.0-test3 (nightly build 2882)
- rating colors changed a bit (this time for real)

v3.5.14 (15-05-2014):
- reverted XVM to last stable 5.3.0-test3 (2868) "winchance NaN fix"
- rating colors changed a bit

v3.5.13 (14-05-2014):
- updated to XVM 5.3.0-test3 (2870)

v3.5.12 (13-05-2014):
- updated to XVM 5.3.0-test3 (2869)
- updated colors.xc
- xvm stat styles updated again
- added "average damage efficiency for tank - damage/(battles*maxHP)" stat

v3.5.11 (11-05-2014):
- updated to XVM build 2856

v3.5.10 (09-05-2014):
- updated to XVM build 2855

v3.5.9 (08-05-2014):
- updated to XVM build 2845

v3.5.8 (07-05-2014):
- updated to XVM build 2840

v3.5.7 (06-05-2014):
- corrected the two-digit rating scale color steps
- corrected statisticForm.xc macros

v3.5.6 (05-05-2014):
- updated to XVM build 2837
- converted all xvm config files to utf-8 without BOM

v3.5.4 (03-05-2014):
- updated to XVM build 2831

v3.5.3 (01-05-2014):
- updated to XVM build 2825
- changed stats style on playerspanel.xc, statisticForm.xc, battleloading.xc
- reworked Color Scheme & Players Panel installer section (added new options etc.)

v3.5.2 (29-04-2014):
- updated colors.xc

v3.4.25 (26-04-2014):
- updated to XVM build 2814

v3.4.24 (25-04-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.0-test1 (build 2807)

v3.4.23 (25-04-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.0-test1 (build 2806)
- involes critical fix to missing markers for some foreign languages

v3.4.22 (25-04-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.0-dev (build 2802)
- updated minimapLabels.xc (new macro format)

v3.4.21 (24-04-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.0-dev (build 2788)
- fixed userinfo.xc (sorting)
- changed playerspanel.xc (medium panel nicks look & size)

v3.4.20 (23-04-2014):
- updated XVM-5.3.0-dev (build 2779) (performance fix)
- if you experience problems with missing markers, please switch client to english language untill they fix this issue

v3.4.18 (22-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3416

v3.4.17 (22-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3415 (another fix to markers)

v3.4.16 (22-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3414
(fix to markers)

v3.4.15 (22-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3413

v3.4.12 (20-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3410
- xvm config converted to work with v5.1.0 format

v3.4.11 (19-04-2014):
- reverted XVM to nighly build r3367 (that should fix crashing)
- added missing Pz III contour icon

v3.4.10 (18-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3380

v3.4.9 (18-04-2014):
- updated to XVM-5.2.1-test2

v3.4.8 (17-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3367

v3.4.7 (17-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3363

v3.4.6_v2 (16-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3356

v3.4.6_v1 (16-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3355

v3.4.6 (16-04-2014):
- updated XVM to nighly build r3353
- possible issues: no minimap lines and circles


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  • #24

    hello again


    i dont want statistics I just want the display provided with your add on.


    and its not working. I Tried using the install from curse client.


    if this is not working like it should be what else do i need to do!


    since after the curse install i lookup into the folder and it seems everything is there!


  • #25

    For support please visit my topic on WoT forums.

  • #23

    not working with the last patch when entering battle stay stuck at the map display screen!!!!

  • #22

    I'm having a hard time getting this to work. I installed the mod, and followed all thew XVM instructions you gave, and it works fine, but when the map finishes loading... the tank list screen doesn't go to the game. Once the match is over, I freeze up in the garage and I have to launch the task manager to close WoT. 

    I have already tried reinstalling the mod and installing Dokan after installing the mod. 

    What am I doing wrong?

    Do I need to have the updated XVM? 3.1.1?

  • #18

    I installed the mod, and followed all thew XVM instructions you gave, and it works fine, but when the map finishes loading... the tank list screen doesn't go to the game.

    I'll try that again, before each game, you see a list of tanks while everyone's game is loading, but when mine finishes loading it doesn't go to where I see my tank and everyone elses tank.

    It's hard to explain, hope this bug gets fixed soon.


    EDIT: Or I might have done something wrong.

    Last edited by OutcastSpartan7 on 10/7/2012 4:50:58 AM
  • #21

    I had this problem too. I just reinstalled Dokan Library and it worked fine.


  • #19

    This issue never happened to me, nor to anyone else on support forums. Try to install it again, maybe clean up your res_mods\0.8.0 directory.

    There might be some problem with the other mods you maybe installed, this is why install my mod as the last one, or the only one, just to be sure.

    Last edited by Aslain on 10/10/2012 3:46:57 AM
  • #17

    I use your XVM contour and have for a while.  In pic 7 of 8 it shows the tanks with the critical damage areas highlighted.  What mod/addon does that?  Shows critical hit areas of other tanks! Thanks!

  • #20
    Quote from norenlaw »

    I use your XVM contour and have for a while.  In pic 7 of 8 it shows the tanks with the critical damage areas highlighted.  What mod/addon does that?  Shows critical hit areas of other tanks! Thanks!

    I'm not using it anymore, but try to look for a hitzone skins mod.

  • #16

    could you make a mod just with the rising damage point indicator only thanks

  • #13

    Ok, it was my understanding that this had all of the above mentiond items. Didn't know there were other optional downloads to make the MOD work as the screen shots depict. Also it does say in the details that it comes with XVM. Is it possible for you to either put the XVM with your MOD or give links to them please. Thank you again for your time and work.

  • #11


    First, very very nice mod. Very Thanks.

    Second, how to have all stats in screenshot 1 ?


    Thanks again.

  • #12

    To have a stats as you can see on the screenies you need to download XVM Full, and follow their readme file. Basicaly it require you to install a Dokanlib exe, and wot-proxy exe files, then each time you want to play, you have to run wot-proxy exe, which will launch the main application (WoT).

  • #10

    Dude enjoying the mod. Thank you. Can't seem to get the pre game stats though. I believe that is the XVM. Your second screen shot. Any suggestions?

  • #8

    What do I need to do to get the view as in screen shot 5.  I've screwed around with everything and all I get is the damage/or percent and the tank icon.  I really want to see the type of tank.

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