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Aslain's XVM Mod

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  • World of Tanks
  • 9,134 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 9.12
  • 718,324 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/19/2015
  • Created 04/20/2012
  • 276 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Aslain's XVM Mod v9.12.2
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About Aslain's XVM Mod

Are you tired of default tank contours, that tells you basicaly nothing about it, except for the tank contour itself? Try my custom contour icons, with them you will not only have a brand new colored and tiered vehicle names, but also XVM - which means nice floating dmg numbers, custom health bars and more....

The mod is in developement since WoT's closed beta back in 2010, and is one of the first icon mods ever created. The purpose of it was to replace ugly, and useless contour icons in favor of colored vehicle names. With my icons you can have much better battle awareness, than the others players who uses default set. You can identify enemy vehicle class with a blink of an eye, you will never be supriced like you can be with built-in icons.

The Curse is hosting the main version only, to get the other variants please visit this link ->

How to enable the stats:


How to install my mod:

  • Unzip & copy everything to [WoT's installation directory] (default folder is C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\)
  • Download and install required fonts from here. Otherwise you may see colorfull squares instead of vehicle names, stats and symbols.
  • Launch the game and go to Settings -> Game Tab -> uncheck: Show vehicle tier

Credits goes to:
- br2yd4l for the very initial icon version back in closed beta
- Crabtr33, Pottulaari and RyuOgi for actively supporting me with new ideas and such stuff
- The XVM team, Sirmax2 especially for his support and creating such amazing mod
- chesss from ru server for his ammorack explosion icons

- added missing tank icons
- changed drawing square to 564m circle

- updated XVM to v6.1.6
- compatibility with WoT 9.12


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  • #52

    All download links for the Font FAIL!

    I love using this mod, but every link post for the fonts fail. Could we get the fonts included as part of the mod package. This would only make sense, its required to get the mod working properly.

    Every link I have tried posted by Author and commenters leads to "file deleted from server", etc.

  • #51

    same here not working for me. hope they fix it soon


  • #50

    This does not seem to work in 8.5. I know you just updated 13 hours ago, but it's still not working for me.

  • #49

    "Download and install required fonts from here

    Unfortunately, this link for the required fonts doesn't work.
    Redirects to:
    Which is: Invalid or Deleted File.


  • #44

    "Download and install required fonts from here. Otherwise you may see colorfull squares instead of vehicle names, stats and symbols." I don't know where i need to install it.

    And i don't know how to do point 5... Can anybody help me with that? (I know... my english is really bad, i'm still learning).

  • #48

    Download it, unpack and left click twice on each file, then press Installation button.

  • #43

    Hi ... great work you did!

    all i want to have are the complete minimap features and not more ... what do i have to do for this ?

  • #47

    If you want only minimap, hitlog and capture bar mod I recommend this package:


  • #39


    Today is was playing with your damage panel when the panel changed to Total:9 after i shot an enemy 

    What is this ? 

    Thank you,

  • #42

    Looks like something went wrong, my mod works fine, and I'm using custom damage panels with no problem at all. Try to reinstall, or remove all mods and install again slowly 1 by 1.

  • #38

    Works just fine in 8.4

  • #37

    The damage panel screws the pack up. Battle wont start with the two files there.

    Last edited by Lore6666 on 3/6/2013 12:36:09 PM
  • #35

    The mod is messed up for me. While ingame the names of the players has been replaced by the tanks name. It started around Sunday evening 2/24/13 est. Please tell me how to switch back so I can see player names on the team line up on the left and right on my inbattle screen. Thanks.

  • #46

    Not necessarily an issue with the mod. When in the battle, try pressing and holding ctrl and go up to the squares above your team's names/tanks/etc. Clicking these will change what is displayed. 

  • #34

    where do you put  fonts?  and why not use font i already have ?



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