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Aslain's XVM Mod

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  • World of Tanks
  • 18,964 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 9.5
  • 546,217 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/27/2015
  • Created 04/20/2012
  • 230 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Aslain's XVM Mod v4.1.25 (9.5)
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About Aslain's XVM Mod

Are you tired of default tank contours, that tells you basicaly nothing about it, except for the tank contour itself? Try my custom contour icons, with them you will not only have a brand new colored and tiered vehicle names, but also XVM - which means nice floating dmg numbers, custom health bars and more....

The mod is in developement since WoT's closed beta back in 2010, and is one of the first icon mods ever created. The purpose of it was to replace ugly, and useless contour icons in favor of colored vehicle names. With my icons you can have much better battle awareness, than the others players who uses default set. You can identify enemy vehicle class with a blink of an eye, you will never be supriced like you can be with built-in icons.

The Curse is hosting the main version only, to get the other variants please visit this link ->

How to enable the stats:


How to install my mod:

  • Unzip & copy everything to [WoT's installation directory] (default folder is C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\)
  • Download and install required fonts from here. Otherwise you may see colorfull squares instead of vehicle names, stats and symbols.
  • Launch the game and go to Settings -> Game Tab -> uncheck: Show vehicle tier

Credits goes to:
- br2yd4l for the very initial icon version back in closed beta
- Crabtr33, Pottulaari and RyuOgi for actively supporting me with new ideas and such stuff
- The XVM team, Sirmax2 especially for his support and creating such amazing mod
- chesss from ru server for his ammorack explosion icons

v4.1.25 (15-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3692

v4.1.24 (15-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3688

v4.1.23 (14-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3682
- everything updated to new XVM folder structure

v4.1.20 (10-01-2015):
- switched over the XVM stat icon position with client lang. flag

v4.1.17 (06-01-2015):
- added XVM user icon to battle loading and statistic tab windows

v4.1.16 (05-01-2015):
- updated XVM to

v4.1.15 (04-01-2015):
- updated XVM to 5.5.1
- enabled "show crew experience" on battle results window

v4.1.14 (03-01-2015):
- updated XVM nightly 3624

v4.1.13 (02-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3618

v4.1.11 (30-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3612

v4.1.10 (29-12-2014):
- removed server flags, now shows empty space when flag is not updated

v4.1.7 (26-12-2014):
- fixed playerspanel spotting icons
- fixed short playerspanel

v4.1.6 (26-12-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.5.0
- fixed texts.xc (wrong HT character)
- added spotting icons to large players panel
- tuned playerspanel config file

v4.1.5 (25-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3541

v4.1.4 (24-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3535


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  • #352

    Yet to confirm if this works, but I THINK I have solved the problem.  Out on my laptop atm but if this works I will confirm later.  To anyone that has the mod working but can't see player stats (even if you registered on xvm website)...

    Go to the xvm configuration page (link above).  At the bottom of the page in the "Common" tab, check the box "enable player statistics" in the "Player Statistics" section.  You can also make any other specific changes you want here.  When you are done, click save.  Save the file which should be called "xvm.xc".  Copy this new file into the game directory \res_mods\xvm\configs.  The old xvm.xc file is in this folder, replace with the new one.

    Last edited by skateboardgolf on 7/2/2014 1:39:53 AM
  • #350

    Hello Aslain,

    i was watching a youtube video and the guy had a green, yellow and red arc over the tank representation at the left bottom corner. How do i get only that,,, I have the installer.

    Thanks in advance

  • #349

    Kriegstreiber"s Turret Traverse Sounds do NOT install when selected.  His engine, gun and hit sounds do install when selected.

  • #348

    Hello Aslain, thank u for your mod, its really helpful. I was asking myself if it'd possible to change the font/typeface of your mod, Im talking about the one we see when we are in a battle, the font of the descriptions of both team's tank. Its kinda wide and rounded for me^^ Thanks in advance

  • #347

    The top 90mm gun of the M6 (the M3 gun) is missing the sound from the Grandpa mod.

  • #343

    What mod makes and message saying this:

    "X User: You are Blockin My shot"

  • #342
    Shut down and close out

    Hey guys

    downloaded and executed file to install. After initial screen load the game crashes when going to server to load. How can I fix this.

     I will say that I am a laymen to the aspect of code and some file manipulation but I think this loaded fine as the finish notice was good  but it does crash when trying to open to server.

     Thnaks for any help.


  • #341

    Heya. Having just one issue with the latest release. The game freezes on battle load screen. Or actually the game doesn't, only the screen. When I try to restart the game, again it goes to the battleload and then ctd. Started happening after installing this mod (pack). Shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods, since I only got gnomefather's sound mods installed in addition to this. Cheers.

    Edit: And after the battle ended in the background I got thrown to the hangar with j1mb0's crosshair on the screen.

    Edit2: Just to confirm, it happens even without installing j1mb0's. Just can't access any battles with this mod installed. Tried with no additional mods selected in the installer.

    Edit3: The last version fixed it. All is good now. Cheers and thanks for all the work.

    Last edited by Bonsai76 on 6/15/2014 3:12:24 PM
  • #340

    what file mods zoom? Mine doesnt work.


  • #339

    Really frustrating that I was getting so close to unicum and suddenly it has randomly bumped up another 200 points

  • #336

    Hi there, I got some game issue, with your xvm. Im plaing, and without any reason graphic image freezes but game still running behind. Time to time i can shoot or i can move with my tank, but picture is still stucked, sound works. Movement can be seen on minimap. Only possibility how to get over it is restart game. Some time system doesnt respond at anything. Pressed key or mouse button. When I look at replay, there is seen all normaly. Same problems I got also at another computer in different HW and SW configuration.

    I had it with some versions before. But unfortunately dont member which version works without problems. 

    Do you know what can cause this problem or you have allready some solution?

  • #335

    love the mod but cant get the xvm stats to work, im activated on the web site but nothing at all in do i get it to work?


    everything else works just no stats at all, please someone tell me how to get them to work, again i am ACTIVATED on the web site

    Last edited by medic_newfy on 4/23/2014 4:24:36 PM
  • #351
    Quote from medic_newfy »

    love the mod but cant get the xvm stats to work, im activated on the web site but nothing at all in do i get it to work?


    everything else works just no stats at all, please someone tell me how to get them to work, again i am ACTIVATED on the web site

    The same for me, no stats for players in game or on load screen.  Have activated xvm on WG and xvm website.  Did you find a fix?

  • #334

    Only get russian voices on all tanks everything else ok, have got National voices selected on settings in game

  • #333

    Thanks for this mod!  Ive noticed some performance issues though it mostly seems to be related to the numbers that float up whenever someone takes damage or just whenever someone takes damage...  Ive reverted back to v3.4.11 and that seems to have fixed it.

    Also is there any chance of readding Kellermans Blue crosshair by Soulza?  I really liked that one but it was left out after the 9.0 update.

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