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Camera Zoom Mod

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  • World of Tanks
  • 6,342 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 8.2
  • 275,039 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/13/2012
  • Created 04/10/2012
  • 158 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Camera Zoom Mod 8.2

About Camera Zoom Mod

This modification increases your zoom out by a significant amount and also adjusts the levels of your zoom in sniper mode to more useful settings.

Installation: Dump the entire contents of the archive into your most recent res_mods\0.8.X folder 'gui' and 'scripts' folders are vital for the mod to run. The CurseMod folder contains files used by the Curse Client.

Packaged for the Curse Client!


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  • #156

    Hope they update this one. I miss it already.

  • #157
    Quote from Brian_L »

    Hope they update this one. I miss it already.


  • #154

    This mod always causes crashes upon load in after every update. Usually takes like 2 weeks before it is up and running again. Keep checking until you see someone comment that it is up and running. Anyone that has another Zoom Mod that is working a link. This mod is the best when working. I think XVM used to have a zoom option...didnt seem to this patch though.

  • #153
    Re: Camera Zoom Mod 8.9

    Patch 8.9

    This addon is causing the game to crash when started, you cannot login and you never see the login screen, I have uninstalled all other mods and this is the only one that causes this issue, it ceases to be an issue when it is uninstalled.

  • #152

    yes i can not log on to WOT after i installed it. what shall i do?

  • #155

    Ok it says that this only supports update 8.2... And that it hasnt been updated since December 2012. Dont expect anything

  • #149

    This addon is presently a fail, as you can not logon after installed.

  • #146

    Causes the v0.8.7 WoT Client to fail at startup when installed.

    Last edited by FragInc on 8/8/2013 11:22:27 AM

    If you have a BIG  head then you have no CLOSE  friends!!

  • #147
    Quote from FragInc »

    Causes the v0.8.7 WoT Client to fail at startup when installed.

    I'm having the same issue. Not only with this mod but all of them. I have tried to install withoug curse and it stil does the same thing.

  • #150

    Get real the Curse Client is just fine.

  • #148

    I never use the Curse Installer and do not ever recommend it neither.

    If you have a BIG  head then you have no CLOSE  friends!!

  • #144

    @Kannon Fodder. Incorrect .

     The banned Mods are:

    • Laser Sight Mods that project a continuous red-line from your muzzle to a target.
    • Defoliant Mods which eliminate the leaves and foliage on trees and bushes making what is behind them visible.
    • 3D HitBox Skins which make tanks transparent and show internal modules. NOTE: This does not include painted surface hitzone skins which are NOT banned.
    • Tracer Round Mods that permit viewing and tracking of a tracer-round back to its originating gun despite the fact the tank itself may yet be invisible.
    • Free Camera Mods that untether the camera from your vehicle allowing you to fly the map and surveil the enemy. NOTE: This does not include tethered camera zoom-out to bird's eye view, or to zoom in sniper views, which are NOT banned.
  • #151

    This is incorrect.  there is no official banned mods for the NA server at all.  There are mods that the wiki folks feel should be banned, or may be banned on other servers, but that list is what they think, and is not official.

  • #142

    Camera zoom mods are considered to be a hack to Wargamming and can cause you to be banned from World of Tanks. I recommend uninstalling if you already have this mod.

  • #145

    Back up your claims with evidence pls.

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