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Camera Zoom Mod

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  • World of Tanks
  • 5,545 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 8.2
  • 273,207 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/13/2012
  • Created 04/10/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Camera Zoom Mod 8.2

About Camera Zoom Mod

This modification increases your zoom out by a significant amount and also adjusts the levels of your zoom in sniper mode to more useful settings.

Installation: Dump the entire contents of the archive into your most recent res_mods\0.8.X folder 'gui' and 'scripts' folders are vital for the mod to run. The CurseMod folder contains files used by the Curse Client.

Packaged for the Curse Client!


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  • #91

    8.2 mod does not for the 8.3 update when will there be a new mod out please nagatron make a new mod for 8.3 update asap for everyone ty

  • #90

    I got it working, but now I can't see my tracer.

  • #89

    Is there an installion guide for this?  I installed this mod like any other yet I can't tell a difference in game unless there are some options in game I'm not changing.

  • #88

    This does work for 0.8.3 but has a glitch it will not show your own tanks shell tracers, I have tested this out with all mods they all make tracers appear but soon as you enable the zoom mod they will not be shown.

  • #87

    works for me with 8.3

  • #86

    Can someone post instructions on how to install this mod correctly now. It used to work for me before the upgrade and I remember it being very easy to install. Now I try some of the things listed here in the posts with no success.

    Please post a descriptive install that works. Thanks.

  • #85

    I like the settings for both post mortem and arcade:

    <scrollSensitivity> 4 </scrollSensitivity>
    <angleRange>10 110</angleRange

  • #84

    The zoom works fine the zoom out works to after a bit of editing thanks i can see clearly at a further distance

  • #83

    When will it be compatible with 8.3? Tried existing version and it prevents your tank from moving or firing.

  • #82

    is there also zoom in ? to have better zoom not just zoom out? thanks

  • #81

    for me it does not work..  zoom dont change.. what to do ?

  • #79

    Working perfectly now many thx



  • #78

    thx so much for the mod and all your work keeping it updated. reinstalled it for 8.2, havent used it sinc 7.8? i think when i last had an arty.  great help.

    one question if i may, is there a work-around for the severe drop in fps in "God" mode?  thx agian

    System :  P4 dual core 2500mhz, radeon 4830 video, 4 gig ddr 1200 ram, win 7 pro, all drivers updated

  • #76

    What does the "angle range" do?

    The scroll sensitivty is common sense, but any idea about "numscrolls"?

    How about "sensitivity" or "keysensitivity"?

    For the guy with the sniper mode question, I think you are going the wrong way.  If you go with a number higher than 6.80 you are probably not in sniper mode anymore.  If you want a better zoom in I would guess you need to use smaller numbers.

  • #77

    FishingCat, the angle range controls how far you can pan the camera up and down. I set this at '1 180'. Measured in degrees, 1 gives you a near vertical top-down view, 180 allows you to see under the tank (I just like that, not necessary though). If you set the first number to 0, the camera will freak out when you try to get a top down view for some reason.

    sensitivity influences how much mouse movement is needed to move the crosshair a certain distance. This can be usefull for aiming at weakspots in sniper mode. I wouldn't recommend going overboard with this. Just keep it withing the same decimal. I set this to 0.002 in sniper mode.
    keysensitivity is probably the same, but when aiming with the arrow keys.*

    numScrolls doesn't seem to do anything for me.

    The zoom is a magnification number, so making it higher will increase the level of zoom. Setting the first number to 1, for example, will give you the same magnification as 3rd peron view does, but includes the 'sniper view'.

    Sniper view 10x zoom (10.00):
    Sniper view 20x zoom (20.00):

    *not tested


    Last edited by LaurensR on 12/17/2012 3:18:34 PM
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