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Camera Zoom Mod

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  • World of Tanks
  • 6,458 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 8.2
  • 275,697 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/13/2012
  • Created 04/10/2012
  • 158 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Camera Zoom Mod 8.2

About Camera Zoom Mod

This modification increases your zoom out by a significant amount and also adjusts the levels of your zoom in sniper mode to more useful settings.

Installation: Dump the entire contents of the archive into your most recent res_mods\0.8.X folder 'gui' and 'scripts' folders are vital for the mod to run. The CurseMod folder contains files used by the Curse Client.

Packaged for the Curse Client!


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  • #30

    I see that. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll report that to our Client dev

  • #24

    Please excuse the NEWBIE comment but the instructions up above do not address what to do with the SCRIPTS Folder.  Can someone explain?


  • #27

    Description updated.

  • #22

    It decreases FPS in 0.8.0 in a match and also inside garage from 60 to 30. I am surprised to have this prob only? Unplayable. Just put the "avatar_input_handler" into the gui folder.

  • #19

    What is scripts folder in this file ? it comes to me a little suspicious ?

  • #20

    That's the mod itself. You cannot mod zoom or permanent server ret without editing their scripts.

  • #26

    The one included in the game forces you to choose between one or the other. The Permanent Server Reticle mod brings back the old style that allows you to have both.

    The scripts folder contains the file that increases artillery zoom out. 

  • #25

    Nagatron, I'm not sure I understand your answer. I'm using this mod without the scripts catalog, so just the avatar_input_handler.xml file, and I can adjust the zoom just fine. And server side reticle should not need a mod, it's included in the game now.


  • #17

    Does this work for 0.8.0 yet? Thanks in advance for any information

  • #18


  • #15

    A must have. One of my favorite mods!

  • #14

    Hello guys!

    Thanks for this great mod, but I have a question: How can I change the size of steps when zooming out in arcade mode, using a mouse wheel? I have tried many values there, but had no success.

    Thanks in advance!

  • #23

    I use pg up/down in like 'fine tuning' to the xtreme!!!...the mouse wheel is just too much at once in and out zoom...see if it works for you...this may end up being a requirement for clan members...just sayin' 

  • #13

    I do not know what is wrong with this mod as the ARTY does not zoom out for me.

    The tank modes does.

    I have used a mod in the past that lest me zoom out to nearly outerspace for artillary. in fact it lets you zoom out so far that it takes too long to zoom back in to a usable map size.

    I am also using Jimbo's mod so maybe that is effecting it.


    Is this ZOOM mod working for others using ARTY ?

  • #12

    people would pay for this mod if it was a little better....  soom out more in arty mode, and zoom not so close.... and in regular sniper mode if u had more settings, its almost too much or not enough in some scenereos...

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