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Clock in Hangar

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  • World of Tanks
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  • Supports: Update 8.11
  • 73,316 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/08/2014
  • Created 03/08/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: clock_datetime_811

About Clock in Hangar

Now updated for 0.9.0

  • Places a clock, with time, date, and day in the Garage
  • Now includes Style 2, inside the download, after install, unzip the (logos.swf) into the res_mods/0.x.x/gui/flash directory to replace the logos.swf file

Install via the Curse client (easiest) or to manually install, unzip the logos.swf file into the res_mods/0.x.x/gui/flash directory where x.x is the current game version.

  • Version 1 for Curse client
  • Version 2, Moved clock to center under Battle, corrected bug with space on right side
  • 086v1 updated for 0.8.6, 0.8.7
  • 088 Interim fix for 0.8.8, 24 hour clock, no date or day.
  • 088 Datetime with time, day, and date
  • 810 updated for 8.10
  • 811 added style 2, compatible with 8.10 and 8.11


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  • #45

    How to change clock's position?


  • #44

    seams to work just fine as is for 0.9.1 with several other mods even.. but if at all possible the spacing could be adjusted down just a 1/8 inch or so... still a great mod addition to keep track of time

    hangar clock spacingand Im still thinking a color option would be awesome.. even if it was seperate files choose the color you want and just drop in the gui folder and presto change-O electric blue clock display...or red, purple, green or whatever not sure how difficult it would be to code that but it seams rather simple idea..

    Last edited by Outhouse_Outie on 7/3/2014 6:36:25 AM
  • #42

    Installation failed??? What's up with that.

  • #43

    What's failed mean... look for the logos.swf file in res_mods/0.8.11/gui/flash directory.. or unzip it from the archive to that location. Not sure if Curse client is having issues or what

  • #41


  • #39

    A friend of mine and i checked to see if the clock was in sync and discovered a large discrepency between the two. he is on the east coast and i am on the west. thought maybe being on east and west server was the cause we both got on west server - and there was still a significant difference. How is this possible? really defeats the purpose for me and a lot of other people.

  • #40

    Not sure what discrepancy was.  Mine keeps correct time. Should show local time, being on diffeent time zones will certainly make a difference in shown time.

    Time comes from your PC.. check those settings.


    Last edited by arasgrandpa on 2/12/2014 12:21:26 AM
  • #36

    can u fix this so it would olso work on 8.9

  • #37

    just copy in 8.9 map

  • #34

    Just installed this mod using Curse client & it works just fine.  Sounds like people who are having issues because this mod conflicts with something else that was modded...?

  • #33
    Not working anymore

    I appreciate all you have done. This add-on was my most useful add-on. Unfortunately it stops working following the 8.8 (i think everyone knows that). I was just posting to say thanks to arasgrandpa for all the wonderful mods so far. I know he is currently trying to repair this mod, and please stop bothering him with senseless reply. He is not your staff, nor getting paid by you. 

  • #35

    Working must be installed in res_mods/0.8.8/gui/flash folder

  • #38

    I do not have the res_mods/0.8.8/gui/flash folder, had to do a clean install, now i only have the 8.9.  Is there going to be a fix?  TY, awesome mod :D

  • #32

    any chance of getting a 12 hour version of this?

  • #31

    Just installed this and it works fine have to place it in the flash folder in 8.8

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