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DAR Artillery Sight

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  • World of Tanks
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  • Supports: Update 9.6
  • 400,302 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/13/2015
  • Created 04/18/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: DAR Artillery Sight 09620150212

About DAR Artillery Sight

MeltyMap's Protractor Mod features:
- Minimap enhancement
- Minimap zoom
- 445m spotting circle on MiniMap, with configurable size
- Maximum distance of drawing view box
- Gun Arc Critical Angle rulers
- Gun Constrains lines for MiniMap
- Precise vector strategic cursor for MiniMap
- Gun Direction lines for MiniMap
- Orange alert when battle timer reaches given time amount
- Effective armor calculation for all vehicles
- In-Game real-time clock
- Battle Timer position configurable

To install:
Copy res_modsfolder from archive, paste it to Ur's gamefolder.
Overwrite existing files.

To configure,
Use text editor with UTF8 coding eg. Notepad, Notepad+, AkelPad
Edit following files:

- DAR:
MeltyMapModSetting.xml file in Ur's game\res_mods\0.8.11\gui\scaleform folder

- ProtractorMod:
MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml file in Ur's game\res_mods\0.8.11\gui\scaleform folder

Project Author/Manager:


Permission to reproduce, modify; please indicate rightfully mod author.

In order to display Effective armor calculation Vehicles have to be programmed in VehicleData section of MeltyMap's Protractor Mod
configuration file, "name" must have same vehicle name as the tank icon name.
Refer to included Vehicle_Names.txt file or comments in bellow of config file.

Attention 2.
Works correct only with Python scripts included with this mod.
Do not overwrite those files with another onesĀ from other mods.

Update for 0.9.6


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  • #20

    Aside from the reload timer all of these settings can be found in the DARsettings.xml file.

  • #32
    Quote from nagatron »

    Aside from the reload timer all of these settings can be found in the DARsettings.xml file.

    I really dont understand this, what numbers and so on, can you please help?

  • #16

    The screens look awesome.Is the mod campatible with 0.7.3?

  • #15

    I remember reading somewhere that 7.3 broke the DAR indicator. 

    Has this been fixed and if so how do I get it to work.

    Lastly, this is working in 7.4 test, but still minus the DAR indicator.


    Last edited by wildbill813 on 6/1/2012 9:03:56 AM
  • #11

    This looked obstructive and a bit ugly to me so I wont be using it. It seems popular though so maybe I'm missing out....(?)....


  • #9

    This is a great mod with lots of potential!

    My favorite tanks are SPGs and high tier Medium tanks. This mod can be modified with a text editor for calculating the SPG your using with the gun and the reticules (dual circles) will resize based on specified tank speeds with distance. That said I had to modify this mod for two reasons. First, was to much activity which was distracting; Second, more importantly sniper view and arcade view was problematic with compass. Therefore, I made my own modifications and combined it with the latest J1B0's crosshair mod and removed the compass/turret rotation.

    My modified targeting mod uses most of the DAR Artillery Sight for SPGS and the J1mB0's Crosshair mod for sniper and arcade which I also modified for a better dispersions reticule (finer detail and color for better tracking on the move and precision in sniper mode). Both these mods are great but the DAR Artillery Sight had to much activity for arcade and sniper. The J1mB0's mod lacked important info and also dispersion circle didn't have enough points for SPGs. Therefore, customizations gave me the essential elements of the DAR mod in SPG view such as reload time in seconds, degree of angle, travel time, distance and resized reticle based on distance, gun type and pre-set vehicle speed to allow me to more quickly judge lead time with out the compass and turret rotation. Now that I modified this mod (cleaner with less activity in SPG view) to work with J1mB0's crosshair mod for arcade and sniper I have the best of both worlds. Great mod with lots of potential (for users that can tweak mods).

  • #8

    This is a great mod.  Looking forward to the settings info so I can change the color from a faded blue and remove the arcaded view compass.

  • #7

    I like the mod but I do have a request.  I like the targetting bubble and the reload timer but the traverse bar and sighting circles are a bit distracting.  I can eliminate the traverse by not using the battletimer.swf but there doesn't seem to be a way to eliminate other options.

    May I make a suggestion for future updates to make each element separate?  Make the blue circles separate from the rest of the panel?  Same with the other elements?  That way players can pick and choose which elements fit their style of play.

    Last edited by pixiepuff on 5/15/2012 10:35:32 PM
  • #6

    Awesome mod.          Good Job

  • #5

    I didn't design the reticle miste so don't worry about that Laughing. I will be updating this one soon with a translation of and guide to the settings file. Pretty cool stuff in there I didn't know about at first.

    Chilindron: We can't remove the traverse indicator from regular tanks without removing it from artillery as well. In the event that you're willing to make that sacrifice then the file to remove is BattleTimer.swf

    Last edited by nagatron on 5/15/2012 12:21:29 PM
  • #12

    I am very happy with the traverse indicator and believe it is an AWESOME tool!Laughing.  Without this tool, you have no idea when your gun is going to exceed the traverse limit and thus require a movement of the tank to get the gun on target.  I can't tell you how many shots I have lost because I moved the gun too far causing a delay in the shot.  Now I can easily judge whether or not the target is approaching my gun traverse limit which gives me the confidence to wait for the target to move into the gun range.  This works equally well with a TD or SPG.  Fantastic tool!  Don't change it, just provide a means for those who don't want this advantage to remove it!


  • #4

    how can remove the compass to no arty tanks?

  • #3

    Hi and a lot of congratulation for this great mod. Specially angle that really help to choose where to hit target.

    But, really, why this horrible compass with non arty vehicule ?

    Is the a way to only remove the compass for regular tanks ?

    Thx !

    Last edited by T800m101 on 5/14/2012 9:09:14 AM

    Posted Image

  • #13

    I am not sure you understand what you are seeing (and thus not using!)  It is not a "compass" (although I thought it was too at first).  It is a gun angle indicator off the center line of the tank!  A very desirable target gun line offset from the center line of the tank is 30 degrees.  This works extremely well when setting up an ambush.  You can angle your center line 30 degrees from the anticipated gun line thus giving yourself maximum effective armor protection.  If you understand this, then next time you see the gun line indicator on a tank (not SPG or TD), you will see the effectiveness of this sight.  Of course, when you are running, firing and dodging, the sight is not a lot of use but at that point you are a lot more focused on what your opponent is doing and where your gun sight is on him.

  • #2

    arghhhh no offence bro , but this sight , it's ugly man :/

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