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disable chat in battle

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  • World of Tanks
  • 36 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 8.2
  • 5,420 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/07/2012
  • Created 06/15/2012
  • 3 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: disable_chat_in_battle_0.8.2

About disable chat in battle

This mod disables chat in battle
The mod is incompatible with mods change color service messages (such as this one), so how the same file.

Installation: copy the "gui" folder into the most recent res_mods\0.7.xx folder

Original XML was decompressed by World Of Tanks Mod Tools v0.5
and changed lines

    <lifeTime>0.01	</lifeTime>
    <alphaSpeed>0.01	</alphaSpeed>

Author: Ryoga.
official thread

Updated for 0.8.2


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  • #23

    Guys head for and search for chat off mod 8.8/.8.9. it will lead you to sharemods site where you can download it. when it's done go into the first battlemessanger file and between the 2 words level

    put what mesages you want to block

        1 - Show all,
        10 - hide deads (except clan & squad ),
        100 - hide all (except clan & squad ),
        1000 - Hide all

     PS pm me if you have trouble.


    Last edited by turrel1981 on 12/15/2013 7:51:56 AM
  • #22

    YES we surely could use this MOD updated. I am so tired of seeing the word "NOOB" when someone doesn't do as someone else thinks you should do.  Someone says Defend the Base....BUT you can't defend the base because then someone else says you're camping..... Please just update this mod so I can go back to enjoying WoT's.....

  • #21

    Can someone update this mod 8.8 please. 

  • #19

    This is a great mod for players who just want to play the game. We have all seen it before, Your wining and everyone is a hero. Team losing and the "noob" rains down on everyone. You think with so many pro players in your team ( The bitching one's ) Your team should be wining.

    For the players who say this is a team game and you should keep chat open, It is not a team game. Yes play as a clan with team speak it is. For random battles it is everyone for them self's. I have had players block me, push me out of postion, park up my backside so I can't move, shoot me at the very start and the list goes on.

    Team game would have a leader, a set plan of attack. Way points to move to and players looking after each other. Random battles don't have this so this cut's out the crap you have on screen including players spamming chat.

    The ONLY down side is you can not warn players of possible threats but like I said it's not a team game in randoms so the pro's far out weigh the only con.

  • #18

    @cyberpunk and diator the only thing your team mates communicate with you is that they are way so better than you because their win rate is 2 percent higher than yours. because xvm has turned them into stuck up assholes.  tell me this if im so bad how come i once destroyed 7 tanks? in one match. believe me it stops more problems than it causes. rarely do players use to exchange usefull info. hell i bet both of you are the the same people who whine at their team mates based on numbers, then add them to friends list to scream at them in the garage chat. so good work on the guy who made this mod good riddance to kiddy assholes.



    Last edited by turrel1981 on 6/2/2013 6:33:26 PM
  • #17

    Finally I wont have to watch people complain about everthing!

  • #16

    Great mod, thank you! No more Siema PL for me :)

    Last edited by urpokarhu on 2/27/2013 6:23:56 AM
  • #15

    Danke für dieses Mod, es blendet den Schwachsinn des Ingamechats aus aber erlaubt immernoch die Meldungen über bedrohte Quadrate, SOS-Rufe usw über die Minimap. Ich spiele wesentlich entspannter, auch unter 8.3....


    Thanks for this Mod, it kills the stupid Ingamechat but allows Warnings and SOS and so on by the Minimap, it works in 8.3, thank you......................

    Last edited by KamikazeBastler on 2/14/2013 5:49:49 PM
  • #14

    I like this mod, but what it also does is disable Color mesages by Roktall, that colors the messges of battle results, can this be fixed?


  • #13


  • #12

    I copied the gui over the other gui. It does not work for me, anything I can do else?

  • #11

    Just curious, does this mod only block chat or does it also block the "target so & so" requests your team mates may request?


  • #10

    There are other uses for this mod besides in public matches. Many of us install it while we stream or record videos so we can avoid what goes through there.

  • #9

    I just wanted to thank you for making this mod. Smile

    I am so sick of the prepubescent spam trolls in this game.  Real team tactics happen in programs like Teamspeak not in some lame text / spam chat.  So thanks again, I for one love this mod

  • #8

    Sealed This is not cool to do to your team that is true,i agree. However with the XVM mod's out now all you hear is how bad you suck and noone is being helpful anyway toward low stat players so i prefer to just say screw them and there big ego's.Want my help respect will get it,like to talk smack about my winrate you wont get my opinion and when i do have the upper hand to win for the team when you talk smack i WILL drop out and let you lose! I mean why not cant hurt my winrate anymore then the rest of these goofy kids and moronic MM battles have and you asked for it Wink

    When people realize that you cant win them all and stop critisizing players for things that cant keep control of all the time maybe youll understand this MOD. So much hate in this world now as it is,why is it people feel the need to blame and hurt and want to show there ignorant side.

    So many factors go into winrates,its not a one man win guys,cant ALWAYS force a win or ALWAYS make a team help! Gold Ammo and gold consumes cant be used by everyone,and not all of us play TC and CW battles to make better stats either. Again we cant ALL afford gold ammo etc and yes i know they dont cause a win but they cause you to remain alive longer and gain you better stats,that is the truth of it or it wouldnt be in the game for cash! I have never shot a gold round and ive been here since OBT and i never will,i spend my money on much more useful things in game that arent pay to win or give me a winning edge. My only edge is i make extra coin and xp from premium account and tanks,and no,premium tanks dont give any winning advantages.

    Well i vented sry but i feel better.

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