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Druid's Icon Mod Revised

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  • World of Tanks
  • 494 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 8.11
  • 64,542 Total Downloads
  • Updated 04/06/2014
  • Created 05/09/2012
  • 53 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Druid's Icon Mod Revised v1.19

About Druid's Icon Mod Revised

Replaces the current tank icons with Druid's which list the tank name and provide a more stylistic background. The default install mode is compatible with the in-game marker settings, so you can use that you tailor what other information is displayed above tanks.

Installation: Copy the contents of the archive to your <WoT>\res_mods\0.8.11\ folder

NOTE: Can be used with XVM, all you need out of the archive is the \gui\maps folder, as this contains the icons. You need to make sure the path is correctly specified in your XVM config file. Also, you will need to make sure that "mirroredVehicleIcons" in the XVM config file is set to false.

Be sure to turn off the roman numeral vehicle tiers in order to prevent clutter. Settings > Game > Show vehicle tier.

Maintained by: PolluxKer

Original mod and icon design by: druidsd

  • Updated GUI files for the 8.11 patch.
  • NOTE: Mirroring still not fixed for in-garage crew tooltips or training rooms.


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  • #111

    users highly request you to puplish the psd's to guys are willing continue this mod!

    dont trash this successfull mod due to laziness...

  • #110

    Why you stopped updating buddy, at least give me the source psd's, i really like your icons man :(

  • #109

    Beggin for an Update i thought:

    Its not that hard:

    copy all the stuff  (except  VehiclesMarkerManager.swf)  to your 0.9.1 folder, and you will

    only miss a few Icons (new Tanks), imo ok.


    But I hope sb will continue the Mod...........

  • #108

    Will there be an update for 0.9? Would be nice

  • #106

    Sorry for the extended delay, life got in the way.

    A release for 8.11 has been posted and is just waiting Curse approval.

  • #107

    Just in time to change them for the 9.0 patch lol

  • #105

    Maybe an update from PolluxKer then....hope so

  • #103

    For all who have probs with bars and symbols:


     Delete the file

       VehicleMarkersManager.swf    in your  res_mods\0.8.11\gui\scaleform - Directory / Folder

    and you'll be happy.....



    Last edited by FabianFlo on 3/22/2014 4:05:14 PM
  • #104

    Thanks for that, worked perfectly.


    Pity that it will be out of date in 3 weeks

  • #102
    Quote from sl_andy »

    Hi PolluxKer

    When is 0.8.11 due out; the old one makes the health bars scroll constantly and have a speak symbol i can't get rid of.


    Luv this mod but hav same prob, bug fix for the win plz ^^

    Also can I make a sugestion? Would b cool if the colours wer revised to match the tank class colours that Wargaming use :)

    Fly Like a Mouse,

    run like a cushion,

    be the small bookcase.


    Dare to Believe!

  • #101

    Hey PolluxKer! first i use Druids 2 years i think and i will never miss,like him much good work!!! but i have the same Problem what sl_andy have :(  i have find the problem its the Vehicles Markers Manager. If i Delete this file is the Health Bar normal and this Voice Symbol is to go away but i see not the Names only friend stand up to all Tanks. Can you Help it will be nice if you can do that I miss that much !!!!!!!


  • #100

    Hi PolluxKer

    When is 0.8.11 due out; the old one makes the health bars scroll constantly and have a speak symbol i can't get rid of.


  • #98

    my icons on the enemy team are reversed and sitting on top of my teams tank icons. anyone know a fix for this?

  • #99

    Are you using any other mods?

    If not, it sounds like your VehiclesMarkerManager.swf file is missing or messed up, try copying a new one from the archive.

  • #96

    Any news on the update ?


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