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"Importance" XVM Config. 3.0.3 (8.0+)

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  • Supports: Update 8.1
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  • Updated 11/05/2012
  • Created 10/07/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: ImportanceConfig Mirrored 1.04

About "Importance" XVM Config. 3.0.3 (8.0+)
I: Tells you when an enemy or teammate's tank does not have it's best cannon mounted, on the field of battle.
II: Lacks "color-clutter". No more heaps of depressing red font, as you try to battle.
III: Gives you "small-but-strong" bits of information about enemies and teammates, which never becomes intrusive on your vision.
IV: Does not show Win-Chance Prediction.
V: "Efficiency" ratings are only displayed underneath tank health-bars in the "Alt" view, to minimize clutter.
* Has only been tested with the "Full" version of XVM. If you have Lite, and wish to test it for me, I'd greatly appreciate it!
* Download only contains the config. file within the necessary folders.
* Config Version: XVM 3.0.3 (8.0) or newer. XVM updates/downloads are available at Curse.
* How to Install XVM.
* To install this mod, simply read the Install_Instructions, included within your download.

In-Game List:
Shows Global Win-Rate (in %) (seen 'outside' of the usernames) and colorizes tank-names, or usernames (depending on how you have your stats showing) based on Global Win-Rate, not Efficiency.

Loading & Statistics Page:
Shows only Global Win-Rate and Total Games Played, for both teams.

(Potential Threat) OverTarget Markings:
Shows detailed health-bar, as well as appropriately-colorized Global Win Rate, and Total Games Played underneath the health bar. The Win-Rate and Total Games Played are colored, based on the value of the statistics. Exactly the same setup for teammates, and hostiles.
This tank could be wielding the best cannon available for that tank. (You'll see what I mean on the pic after this one).

(Tank that IS NOT using it's best gun) OverTarget Markings:
Same setup for both teams.
This tank IS NOT using it's best gun.
(Notice the transparent word "[Stock]" above the tank's markings)
As for the "best" gun/turret being determined; Here's an example:
T-44 Russian Medium Tank:
The 100mm (Tier VII) LB-1 Cannon is considered it's best, even above the 122mm (Tier VIII) D-25-44 Cannon. The gun's value/capability is not calculated by it's sheer alpha damage, or it's research/purchase cost. It's based on a per-cannon global performance rating.

  • v1.04- Updated for 0.8.1
  • v1.03- Corrected a major bug. Added ability to switch player-list view-mode.
  • v1.02- Fixed colorization issues, and minor bugs.
  • v1.01- Initial release to Curse!


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    so how do you install it?


  • #7
    Quote from The_Bowss »

    so how do you install it?


    ohw i found it

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    Philomathic, I'm interested in where you get the stats for 'per cannon global performance rating.'

    Any chance of a link?

    Last edited by Gun4Hire on 12/14/2012 4:29:57 AM
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    I'm not that good on this config stuff myself, but I've tweaked this config to my likings (showing clanicons and what not).
    I really love this concept, but is there anyway we can get a version that DO show the efficiency?
    I really miss that part.

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    You can still see the Efficiency ratings of players in the Alt view. Just hold Alt, and the efficiency ratings will be underneath their health-bars.

    Last edited by Philomathic on 10/19/2012 7:32:49 AM
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    Yeah I know, but I can't see my own and would like to have it when I "TAB", like in the default cfg.

    If it's a easy fix, I can edit it myself. But like I said, I'm not that good at this config stuff, and havn't managed to figure out what line I have to edit/add/remove to get it to work :)

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    If you need a Mirrored version of this config (If you need your tank icons to be facing each other, and not away from each other), please see the "Other Downloads" tab, located just above the description.

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