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Li_Lon's Red dwarf (UK TV Show) Voice Over Mod

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  • World of Tanks
  • 25 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 8.11
  • 360 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/21/2014
  • Created 07/17/2013
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Li_Lon's Red Dwarf Voice Mod V1.0d

About Li_Lon's Red dwarf (UK TV Show) Voice Over Mod

Replaces all the in game crew voices with that of the red dwarf cast , the mod includes a complete set of replacement phrases for all events numbering over 150 audio clips

the crew warnings are done in a way that each crew type is a character in red dwarf to make it easier to know on hearing which crew member was knocked out

  • Gunner - Lister
  • Driver - Cat
  • Loader - Kryten
  • Commander - Rimmer
  • Radio operator - Kochanski

ive attempted to include relevant style lines to whats happening although some were difficult to find like ammo rack damage and also radio operator dying , i also tried to cut off as much of the gag reeling from the voice clips as i could but some laughter is unavoidable

there are independent quotes for all events each has at least 2 variables (mostly crew deaths only have 2 so they are easy to get used to , modules generally have 3 for damaged destroyed and repaired apart from track damage which has a lot of variables) , most shots have 5-6 variables as you will hear them the most often so they don't get stale too quickly

current version was made on 8.6 , but supports 8.8 (see notes)

thanks go to my bro for motivating me to making this and to nobleplatoon from the us servers as his tutorial on how to make a voice mod and all the associated things needed was indispensable

feel free to post your likes / dislikes about the mod im open to criticism and might re vamp it if i feel its needed

the mod does include some mild profanities but nothing too serious (for those who want to avoid inadvertently exposing children to any)

how to install:

  • download the rar folder from the link and navigate to your World_of_Tanks/res/audio/ folder
  • either delete/rename/overwrite the ingame_voice.fev and ingame_voice.fsb (personally i prefere to rename so i still have the originals)
  • extract the 2 files from the rar folder into the directory and play

(version V1.0C and onwards have an additional folder which needs to be played in the World_of_Tanks/red_mods/ directory to enable spotting sounds and enemy set on fire)


unfortunately you cant extract it to the res_mods folder without having to copy the entire audio folder into the mods folder as well or you wont get any sound effects because of this its a good idea to keep the rar file in the audio folder as whenever the game has an update it will overwrite the custom mod files with the default ones that way you can just extract them after an update to re mod the game (the rar file wont be removed by the games clean updater system)

checked this and it still works on version 0.8.8 , although you cant alternate between standard and nation specific voices so the sound mod only works on the default voices settings and if you want the national voices you need to remove the mod and restore the original files

Demo Video

updates V1.0D
  • ran a volume normalisation pass over all audio
  • increased volume of all files by about 20%
  • removed the spotting notification voice over files and xml sheet (if you still have notifcations.xml in your res_mods/8.11/gui/ folder from the previous versions be sure to remove it as it points to empty voice banks now
  • shuffled around some audio files in the pen but no damage catagories
  • removed a few of the less inspired audio
  • added some new audio files
  • included an additional xml file which enables "enemy sighted" voices to be played
  • added enemy sighted voice overs
  • fixed the issue with setting people on fire not triggering the voice over (for both HE and AP)
  • re-enabled voice over for generic penetration shots
  • added an install.txt to the archive
  • moved some of the shot damage voice files around to accomidate the re introduction of generic shot damage voices
  • moved damage by penetration sounds to damage and module damage events to enable setting target on fire event to play
  • cleaned up some of the audio files that were misbehaving
  • initial release made on ver 8.6 of WoT
credits & thanks

red dwarf: for there awesome show wargaming: for there awesome game nobleplatoon: for his awesome tutorials anarchy99: for convincing me to make this mod and letting me shoot him for hours in training to test it myself: for everything else lol


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    i checked into being able to do that and it is possible but somewhat restrictive as i would need to name the audio files identical to the ones they would be replacing in the fsb audio bank as well as use the same number of alternatives , i decided against making it compatible with individual nations voices as it would A: reduce the variety of audio by over half B: due to how the national voicing is done there would be regional compatibility meaning i would need to duplicate a release for each locale otherwise it would only affect the british tanks and not all tanks if selected as default voices which i guess could eb argued if you want all nations pick file 1 and just for uk tanks pick file 2 but *shrug* and finnaly C: its a lot of work to put in for something that would get old pretty fast as when your reduced to the same 3 voice overs for hits no matter hwo funny they are u get tired of hearing them too fast

    ill be adding in a 8.11 version in a bit with better normalisation to the audio as well as some sounds been shifted around as ive also removed the spotting notification as if im honest cat screaming "who is that , what is that" in my ear everytime the team spotted something got more annoying than anything else , if people prefere that being there then they can stick with the earlier release

    version 1.0D

    Last edited by lilonwoteu on 2/21/2014 4:48:26 PM
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    absolutely brilliant !!

    I wish you could add replace the national voice pack for the Brittish with this.

    At least that way the American and Brittish crews didn't sound the same

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    this is hilarious


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