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[9.0] ReCo's Vertical Techtree

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  • World of Tanks
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  • Supports: Update 9.0
  • 38,380 Total Downloads
  • Updated 04/16/2014
  • Created 10/24/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: ReCo's Vertical Techtree v9.0
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About [9.0] ReCo's Vertical Techtree


- Easy installation: use the setup or the manual installation files
- Good old vertical tech tree instead of the new horizontal tech tree
- Uncluttered layout - tanks are nicely ordered by their tier, class and type
- Loads and loads of customization options
- Pretty lines: simple and nice-looking vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines between tanks
- A better unified look for all tanks/icons/buttons and improved graphics (this is optional)
- Compatibility with most common screen resolutions from 1024 to 4752
- Compatibility with all other mods (well, except other tech tree mods ;)



- As mentioned before, this mod should be fully compatible with every other mod. The following files are used by this mod:
- SWF: NodesLib, techtree. XML: tree-shared, uk-tree, usa-tree, ussr-tree, china-tree, france-tree, germany-tree, japan-tree



- Make sure to have administrator rights and read/write privileges
- If you get an error 5 security message, take control of your "...\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\Temp\" folder
- Select the right folder for installation (which is the root of your main World of Tanks game folder,
e.g. "World_of_Tanks", NOT your "res_mods" folder, NOT your "<version>" folder)
- If the installer fails, install the mod manually or via Curse Client (see above)
- If the tech tree crashes on load up or behaves oddly, it is highly likely related to other mods!
- Try a clean installation (rename your old "res_mods" folder, then create a new one)
- Make sure that any crashes are not related to the NVIDIA GeForce video driver bug and keep your drivers updated



- Official European forum thread:
- CurseForge project page:
- Curse download page:
- Readme file:

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.0
- Nation bar on the left is now smaller, every tech tree will fit a 1680 (or bigger) screen resolution
- Fixed tech trees not displaying
- Fixed German tech tree position
- Fixed some graphics
- NOTE: the mod version number will equal the WoT version number from now on

- Mod is now correctly installed in "0.9.0 Common Test" and not "0.8.11" version folder

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.0 Common Test
- Added new German Tanks: PzKpfw IV A, Pzkpfw IV D, PzKpfw IV H, StuG III B, StuG III G
- Added an additional column to German tech tree because the space is needed for the new tanks
- Updated techtree.swf source to 9.0 CT1
- Some changes under the hood (tree-shared.xml now supports more nodes and lines, required for German tech tree)

- Fixed overlapping of premium tanks in USSR tree when "premium tanks between" option was selected
- Now really moved PzKpfw II from 5th to 4th column in every tree layout, not just in the "premium tanks bottom" one

- Added the missing Chinese Type 64 tank

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.11
- Moved PzKpfw II from 5th to 4th column so it aligns with PzKpfw II G
- Centered PzJg I and Marder II between the two German TD lines
- Centered T18 and T82 between the two US TD lines
- Centered AT-1, SU-76, SU-85B, SU-85 and SU-100 between the two USSR TD lines
- Some internal changes to centered lines

- Added the discount icon (orange %) that was introduced in WoT 8.10
- Added some code to center lines between two corresponding lines (see Japanese tech tree)
- Updated souce files to WoT 8.10 version
- Replaced the small green checkmark on tanks with an orange glowing box to prevent overlapping with the XVM mastery badge icon
- Increased contrast by 20% (locked tanks -10%, unlocked +20%)
- Moved tank names back on top, XP on bottom ("New Graphics"-option only)
- Disabling XP will now hide the green button on researchable tanks and the XP label on locked tanks
- Disabling Credits will now hide the yellow button on buyable tanks and the yellow hover button on aready bought tanks
- Fixed some transparency and visibility issues of researchable tanks ("New Graphics"-option only)
- The installer will now auto-detect your user language
- Removed some unnecessary image overlays ("New Graphics"-option only)
- Removed the scrollbar to prevent overlapping on 1024 screens (drag the screen or use the mouse wheel to scroll)
- Removed Curse Client installation (didn't work, too bugged for now)

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.10
- Added Japanese tech tree
- Added new Japanese premium tank
- Added new Russian medium tanks
- Added support for the Curse Client API for thse who want to install this mod through Curse Client
- Updated some installer variables
- Fixed tech tree not being 100% centered (increased horizontal start offset)
- Optimized tree-shared.xml (tree starts at X:20,Y:20 to prevent overlapping, new 2 and 11 grid, removed unnecessary up-lines)

- Fixed Leichttraktor overlapping with premium tanks when using "Premium Tanks Top"-option
- Fixed T26E4 Super Pershing missing in US tech tree

- Fixed T-34-3 missing in Chinese tech tree
- Fixed wrong XP icon position for "New Graphics"-option

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.9
- Added the installer back in
- Added all the button add-ons back in...
- ...but had to change those of the "New Graphics"-option since the game engine came up with new limitations
- Removed various tech tree layouts based on player opinion (forum poll)...
- ...but DarthWanderer keeps them updated for those who still want them :)
- Updated flash source to 8.9 test server files
- Rebuild "New Graphics"-option: tank name is now always on top, XP/free XP on bottom. Applies for tech tree and tank research
- Made "Old Graphics"-option fully stock so if you choose that option, all changes you see are done via XMLs
- Fixed image overlay for deactivated buttons
- Fixed buy button on tank icons not working. No more right-click -> buy and mount necessary

- Added all the layout add-ons back in

- Added all the resolution add-ons back in

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.8
- Added new Russian medium tanks
- Added new German tanks
- Added M4A2E4 Sherman special tank (mainly for RU server, doesn't show up on every server since it is not available there)
- Rewrote the entire Flash part of the mod, based on the new ActionScript 3 source files...
- ...thus I was able to fix the "buy-and-mount" bug on the fly...
- ...and thus should give an performance gain on slow systems (tech tree loads faster)
- Removed the nodes going from tier I to tier II tanks since the game engine is no longer supporting this :(
- The "dot" on the nodes is now in the background, not the foreground. Also related to the engine...
- ...but finally fixed the node/button overlapping; old graphics are now fully stock (yeah, you don't have to understand it)
- Removed all layout, resolution and graphic add-ons and the installer cause they're not ready yet

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.7
- Added new British SPGs
- Added British premium SPG Sexton I
- Added German premium TD E-25
- Added Russian MT-25
- Removed Russian T-50-2
- Moved KV-2 in the same column as S-51 to keep the tech tree clean and compact
- Reworked the "old graphics" option, is now really using the old graphics with glow effects, etc.
- Added German Readme file (Liesmich)

- Reworked the "new graphics" option, now have 20% more difference in contrast
- Reworked hide XP option: now it doesn't only hide the green XP buttons but the locked XP labels as well

- Fixed Chinese tech tree

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.6
- Made buyable tanks look like bought tanks, you can still see the difference due to the credit button
- Added new SPGs for every country
- Added Excelsior
- Removed leFH18B2
- Removed Super Persing

- Fixed missing file for premium tanks on top in the french tech tree

- Fixed missing line between T-70 and SU-76

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.5
- Now comes with an installer! (= much easier to install this mod)
- Added new German tanks
- Added new Russian tanks
- Added more resolutions (1056, 2880)
- Readded premium tanks on right side
- Fixed misplaced FCM 50t in "France - Premiums In-Between" add-on

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.4
- Small graphical fix

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.4 Common Test
- Added British TDs
- Added PzI, PzIC, PzIIG
- Added SU-100Y
- Added support for 3200 screen resolutions and several low-res ones
- Added add-ons to change the style of buttons
- Added support for the Curse client including a fully functional setup
- Removed premium tanks on the right side... (this was actually a fault on my side)
- ...but added premium tanks on the bottom instead
- Premium tanks in-between the tech tree are now really in-between, not on the right/left side
- Overhauled all XMLs to make centering and tech tree creation easier for me
- Fixed all known graphical bugs
- Fixed some other bugs

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.3
- Added Chinese tanks & tech tree
- Reverted the current nation flags layout (on top) back to the old one (left side) due to restrictions and bugs
- Removed colored tank type icons (they are now uncolored again)

- Added Support for 2560 screen resolutions
- Fixed tanks not showing up
- Fixed wrong fonts
- Fixed lines from M4A3E2 into M6 instead of T29
- Fixed tech tree not centered using the 2560 resolution add-on

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.2
- Added new French and British premium tanks
- Added and reworked multiple resolution add-ons (width: 1024, 1280, 1360, 1600, 1920)
- Added nation button add-ons (require a custom resolution add-on if left version is used)
- Added a colored touch to tank type icons like in 7.5 (heavy: red, medium: yellow, light: green, TD: blue, SPG: purple)
- Changed the layout of the American tech tree to fit with the new tanks
- Changed default premium tank layout from top to right
- Changed position of the nation buttons from left to top
- Changed colors for nation button effects
- Changed (or optimized) some graphics
- Fixed a bug that highlighted a researchable tank permanently
- Rewrote the entire XMLs (again!)...
- ...thus allowed me to fix all known graphical bugs
- NOTE: This version was known as 1.5 for a short time but I switched to 2.0

- Dev-version of v2.0 and for private testing only

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.1
- Added British tanks
- Added new German and USSR premium tanks
- Replaced variations by add-ons
- Rewrote all XML files
- Modified SWF files

- Random Update, can't remember what I did there :P

- Added A2 variation (small screens, premiums right)
- Added A3 variation (small screens, no premiums)
- Added B1 variation (widescreen, premiums top, extended)
- Added C1 variation (extended)
- Some small fixes and reworked graphics I can't remember anymore

- Initial release
- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.0


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