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WOT Statistics

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  • World of Tanks
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  • Supports: Update 8.8
  • 40,184 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/17/2013
  • Created 05/18/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: WOT Statistics
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About WOT Statistics

WOT Statistics will allow you to monitor your progress in World Of Tanks. It will show you detailed information regarding your statistics. You can easily see which area's you need to focus on to make improvements in your game. WOT Statistics will update after every battle showing you the results. It also has a built in efficiency calculator which updates after every game.

The application supports FTP uploads, which means that clans leaders/commanders can track their players stats after every battle.

  • fixed bugs that occured in version
  • Full change log can be found on my web site


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  • #88

    Not working properly in 8.8. Was fine in 8.7. 

  • #86 does not work with WoT 8.8. The problem is the "recent battles" tracker. It no longer updates any battles. This has been reported as a comment on under this tool, but i thought i would post it here. I have re-installed WoTStats to try to correct the issue, reset up the player profile, but still no recent battle tracking.

  • #85

    most recent version is not updating dossier. New battles are not being listed.

  • #87

    After reading the US forums, someone suggested cleaning the windows registry. I use a free program you can get from CNET called CCleaner... clean your registry and the program will function correctly again.

  • #84

    It says there was a change to the Wnx Calculations. I am noticing I am getting penalized for wins. Can you explain why there is a penality for winning when in the original formula it states....

    • Winrate is used as a proxy to measure intangible stats which are not available on the player profile like spotted damage, cap used to lure the enemy out, stopping scouts from killing your arty, tracking enemies at crucial moments, keeping your teammates alive, map awareness and other crucial decisions not recorded in the stats. This term of the forumla counts for 0-10% of final WN rating.
  • #82

    'Recent Battles' tab is broken. It crashed on me while using an older version, then would not restart for me. So I installed .NET 4.5 and still nothing. THen saw there was an updated WoTSTats program so I updated to that. WoTStats finally launched, but I keep getting an error trying to view recent battles. The program remains open and running, but recent battles won't show.

  • #83

    and for some reason it now works after the program was closed for a while and relaunched.

  • #81

    It doesnt work properly, Getting all kinds of error messages.

  • #80

    The software has a bug

    For the "Lion of Sinai" achievement in "Achievement progress" it also counts IS-2, whilst the game doesn't.


    Happened to me...according to WOT statistics I should have taken the medal but didn't receive it. This must be the reason

  • #79

    The latest version can be found here:

  • #78

    Currently I can see the average experience for each vehicle, but that's calculated based on the time I start using the tank. Is there any chance that you will add in the average experience for each vehicle based on the period selected?

  • #77

    Work on 8.4 ! Thanks!!

  • #76

    When will achievement tracker be updated for aother achievemnts eg Patton Valley??

  • #75

    I keep getting "error refreshing dossier file" tommyhawk101;.  I tried reseting the dossier file.  Any ideas?? it wont keep track any longer

  • #74

    Any idea when there will be an update to show the new tanks in 8.1????

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