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XVM Stat

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  • World of Tanks
  • 796 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 8.2
  • 83,447 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/10/2012
  • Created 05/12/2012
  • 96 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: XVM Stat 1.1.0 for XVM 3.1.2+

About XVM Stat

This program is used for add in-game players rating for XVM mod

Project site
FAQ (Russian)

Starting with patch 0.8.1 XVM applies only to the version Lite, that is, without the statistics module, statistics module renamed xvm-stat and distributed as a separate package.


1. Install XVM mod ( or
2. Game must be installed to disk with NTFS file system.
3. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Client Profile is required (not 4.0).
You can check your installed .NET versions using this utility:
4. Install DokanLibrary:
5. Unzip archive to game folder:
Right click to archive -> "Extract all..." -> select game folder -> "Extract"
6. Run xvm-stat.exe (game will be started automatically).
If you want statistics and game launcher, start with /launcher argument:
Create shortcut xvm-stat.exe
Open Properties
Write 'xvm-stat.exe /launcher' (without quotas) in Object field
Press OK
7. If you use Skype, in Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection ->
REMOVE CHECK "Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections".
8. If you want to send bug report, include file XVM.log from game folder to your report.

Authors: Sirmax2, iBat.

Версия для XVM 3.1.2+
XVM Stat - программа для отображения статистики в моде XVM

Version for XVM 3.1.2+
XVM Stat - program for in-game players rating in XVM mod


  Added saving stats to xvm-stat.log file (optional).
SHA1 Checksum:    a248bfe3ff8787375961aea1a7d957c18c2d0cae


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  • #67


    .NET v 3.5 needed but the .NET check utility mentioned says it can only detect up to version 3.0

    Am I missing something (usually am!)?

  • #66

    Can you please update this for the 8.8 version? I really would love to have this mod!

  • #65

    Great help for installation ... step by step video for installing XVM

  • #64

    hi, having issues getting xvm-stat 1.5 to start.  while watching the WoT folders, I do see the .xvmfs folder get created. This is what the log always says:

    2013.07.03 22:55:18 XVM Stat v1.5.0.40823 for XVM 4.0.0+
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [D] MountPoint: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\xvm\.xvmfs
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [D] Unmount previous mount
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [D] Create MountPoint directory
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [D] Creating server thread
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [D] Starting server thread
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [D] Dokan thread: Starting main loop
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [i] Timeout: 25000, MountPoint: res_mods\xvm\.xvmfs
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [i] Game Region: US (detected)
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [i]   Time: 273 ms, Size: 22 bytes
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [D] responseFromServer: {"id":1,"status":"ok"}
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [D] Dokan thread: Main loop ended
    2013.07.03 22:55:18 [i] Can't assign a drive letter or mount point
    2013.07.03 22:55:20 [D] Dokan thread is not alive. Exiting.
    2013.07.03 22:55:20 [i] Stopping server

    Does anyone have an idea what's going on? I've uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled till I'm red faced and ready to take a sledge hammer to this. would really like some help instead of succumbing to that last step :)


  • #62

    really confused with the stats, ive created a XVM shortcut, when i click properties what is the object field??? is it "target" or "start in" what does /launcher arument mean exactly???

  • #61

    i get a repeated error which which says 

    'error parsing @LOG command parameters'

    how fix?

    Last edited by malibu187 on 4/19/2013 1:12:35 PM
  • #63

    You need to install the correct version of XVM Stat



    for version 3.5.x of XVM

  • #60

    Hello,I have installed XVM Mod & XVM Stats from offical page,but I really like config that is on screenshots,could you tell who's config is that?



  • #59

    Is this working for the 8.4 update?

  • #55

    I thought I would add an issue that I was having and was able to solve part way. Like many people I was getting the error saying connection refused when starting XVM STAT. I found out I could not ping the proxy or traceroute to it. At first I thought maybe Comcast was banned since my phone and work could both ping the server. It turned out to be my router. For whatever reason my new  Netgear WNDR3800 could simply not get there. I replaced the router i use with the other router I had upstairs and all worked just fine. I still have no idea why the netgear cant do it but it just can't get to the proxy though it can get to the IP just before the proxy. I went through every configuration I could find on the router and could not get it to see the proxy. Its the only address I have ever had issues getting to. I have a feeling it's something about the ip address but since my router does not print out route tables I cant see if there is something hardcoded but when resolving the 5.9.136 address it wont go further than the router itself.

  • #54

    The XVM says ingame that there is a new update but i do not see the update anywere, i already have the xvm roughneck update but the XVM that i have to run before the game is still old version, how do i update so it will work correctly.

  • #57

    You can find latest xvm stat here:

  • #51
    Error preventing operation

    Every time I try to run the EXE I get the following error:


    Can't assign drive letter or mount point


    Any idea on what the issue is?

  • #56

    You have to install Dokan library, you can find it here:

    that will solve your issue.

    This is what it does for you:


  • #49

    it doesn't work since I've installed Visual Studio, do you guess why?

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