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WoW style XVM

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  • World of Tanks
  • 4,911 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 9.0
  • 116,714 Total Downloads
  • Updated 04/18/2014
  • Created 06/06/2012
  • 51 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: wow_90v3
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About WoW style XVM

This is a full XVM configuration designed to make efficiency colors WoW alike. Player efficiency will be colored with the World of Warcraft's default quality (rarity) ratings, like below:


Originally developed by LrdStudio, due to real life obligations was no longer able to keep it updated on a timely basis. He requested and I agreed to assume author responsibility. I will keep it current with the latest XVM changes and only make configuration changes based on community demand. Arasgrandpa

WoW like XVM overview


  • Now includes current XVM files
  • Download WoW style XVM from this page.
  • Extract all downloaded files into the game folder. (Merge the res_mods folder from the zip file to your World of Tanks folder.)
  • Run the game as usual.


For best results, please use the forums for this mod at Please comment about your opinions, what would like to see or don't want to see in future releases?

  • v90v3 updated to XVM 5.2.1 test2
  • v9.0 updated for 0.9.0
  • v2.3.0 updated for XVM5.2.0-test1
  • v2.2.0 changes to some alternative configs, none to main config
  • v2.1.0 bugfix for colors.xc error, updated to 0.8.11 and XVM 5.1.0
  • v2.0.0 updated for 0.8.11
  • v1.9.4 updated to fix some color range errors
  • v1.9.3
  • Updated to XVM Build 3186, Win8 replaced EFF and Win6

v 1.9.2

  • Added necessary XVM files to download

v 1.9.1

  • Color rating fixes for WN8, new scale: New WoW Style XVM color ratings

v 1.9

  • Compatibility fixes for XVM 5.0.2 & WoT 8.11
  • Efficiency Rating changed from WN6 to WN8. Config files with WN6 rating can be found in alternative settings folder.
  • Alternative configuration with XWN Rating (2-digit version of WN)
  • finalStatistic switched to battleResults (Parameters of the After Battle Screen)
  • userInfo.xc added
  • Autologin
  • New vehicles added

v 1.8.4

  • Now compatible with XVM version 5.0.0
  • Dokan, xvm-stat and .NET Framework is not required now. Please, delete xvm-stat.exe.
  • Minor visual changes in loading & tab screens.
  • Experimental win chances (dynamically changes while in battle) are added to tab screen.

v 1.8.3

  • Now compatible with XVM 4.1.1
  • New vehicles added
  • Added new alternative hit-log format: 1 line on top right corner

v 1.8.2

  • Fix for archive file, there were errors on V1.8.1's files.

v 1.8.1

  • Alternative settings are implemented back. (Copy your preferred setting files from Alternative Settings to "...\World of Tanks\res_mods\xvm\configs\WoW Style XVM")
  • Curse installer support dropped

v 1.8

  • New config format
  • Updated for XVM 4.0
  • GigaMap hotkey: Left Ctrl
  • Enemy units HP left hotkey: Alt
  • Support for in-game crits panel added
  • Visual improvements for dead tank markers
  • Other various visual & stability improvements/fixes

v 1.7.1

  • Visibility update on Minimap Distance Circles
  • Visibility indicators added to side panels.
  • Squad Window support added.
  • Player and Clan statistics are added in-game windows
  • Achievements window support added however disabled due to inconsistency.
  • Minor visual improvements on frag (top) panel
  • Minimap Zoom Hotkey support added. It's
  • After Battle Screen support parameters added
  • Game Update 8.5 Support - New vehicles added.

v 1.7.0

  • Loading Screen & Tab Screen simplified.

v 1.7.0.ß

  • New Minimap mod added
  • Ingame Battle Clock disabled. Reason: incompatible with other major mods.
  • Changes in Hit-log formatting
  • Improvements in capture bar readability
  • New alternative Modes: Double Line, Double Line, Without Tank Icons and Tiers, Without Minimap Addon
  • Contour Icon Fixes in certain alternatives. Tint effect fixed for the usage with other vehicle icon mods.
  • Increased Platoon member visibility (Color & text)
  • Switched to Unicode Encoding

v 1.6.9

v 1.6.8

  • New alternative version added: Non-Mirrored, Without Tank Icons, Hit-Log on Right Side
  • Fixed a recurring issue about Hit-log.

v 1.6.7

  • Fixed null values on player (side) panels
  • Visual and content changes on player (side) panels.
  • Minor fix on Loading Screen

v 1.6.6

  • New alternative version with different positioned Hit-Log added. If you're using any other damage panel mods, this won't conflict with them.

v 1.6.5

  • Fixed an issue about Hit-log. Damage done will be displayed correctly now with latest versions of XVM

v 1.6.4

  • Minor visual fixes in loading and tab screen
  • Win percentages of each player is simplified (removed overall win rate of players, only per-tank remains)
  • Adaptation to game version 8.2

v 1.6.3

  • Added new vehicles into the config.
  • Visual improvements in Capture Bar text.

v 1.6.2

  • Fix for Hit-Log positioning. Now it should be displayed correctly regardless of screen resolution. However, you should update your XVM and XVM Stat to latest stable version
  • Alternative version without Hit-Log added.
  • Tank names added back to Tab and Loading Screens.
  • Various color corrections

v 1.6.1

  • Floating damage text color changed for platoon members

v 1.6

  • Added different floating damage text color support for player
  • Added Hit-Log support and it's placed on bottom-left corner.
  • Support for experimental feature added: Capture bar additional information
  • Changes on Floating Damage Texts
  • Various minor visual fixes

v 1.5

  • Fixed color of dead tank icons on "alt" mode
  • Fix for dead enemy textfield readability
  • Added new alternative version: Non-Mirrored WoW style XVM
  • Other minor visual fixes

v 1.4

  • Now compatible with XVM 2.5.3 (Note: There's a bug on friendly vehicle tiers and it can't be disabled on version 2.5.3)
  • Fixed dynamic shadow problem caused by XVM version 2.5.2
  • Minor changes on some colors to increase readability

v 1.3.1

  • "Without Tank Icons" alternative version changed to "Non-Mirrored & Without Tank Icons" to support custom vehicle icons.
  • Version info on file structure fixed

v 1.3

  • Win percentage for each tank added to loading & tab screens. Now it will be shown as: Player's Battle Count - Efficiency Rating - Player's Victory Percentage (Players Victory Percentage for that tank)
  • Ammo rack explosions renamed to: "Ammo Rack!"
  • Fixed alpha values of icons on dead tanks.
  • Added 2 new alternative versions (as requested) Previews of alternative WoW Style XVM configs

v 1.2.2

  • Support for the Curse Client added
  • Added default OTM alternative version that won't conflict with previous OTM settings if they exist.

v 1.2.1

  • Minor visual fix on knocked out ally name shadows.
  • Added alternative versions, preview: Alternative WoW Style XVM config previews

v 1.2

  • Trimmed down to only the configuration file - Nagatron
  • Minor visual fix on battle loading screen.
  • Colors simplified for victory percentages: They are now white and scaled in alpha values. Only for extreme ratios they are green and red now.
  • Minor changes and visual fixes for players panels (right and left) on extended mode.

v 1.1

  • Visual fix for vehicle marker shadows


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  • #37

    its self explanatory really...the better performance in game=better stats...the stats are read from shot/hit ratio, damage ratio / damage dealt and taken, average earned experience, average battle time, average damage dealt per kill ... etc etc obviously when u miss a shot or die quickly without much experience your gonna be in the uncommon / noobie section...hope that helps Foot in mouth

  • #36

    That rankings are based on player's efficiency rating. The efficiency rating is a qualitative characteristic which determines the efficiency of the player in combat.
    Old XVM Formula
    Here's the actual formula, however it's a little bit outdated. You can check this page for an online efficiency calculator. 

    Ranks are given to following efficiency rating ranges:
    0 - 600 = Grey
    600 - 900 = White
    900 - 1200 = Green
    1200 - 1450 = Blue
    1450 - 1700 = Purple
    1700 - 1900 = Orange
    1900 - X = Cream

  • #31

    What I noticed is that, unlike the other mods, damage to an enemy appears in green numbers instead of red. It really throws me off as I expect enemy damage to always appear in red. The healt bars are green over enemy tanks, so perhaps a red bar would be make things easier spotting wize. I got tked in 2 out of 4 games last night by playeres, so there's already confusion about identifying  friendlies vs enemies for some players as it is. The only red part is the dot marker on the icon. The body turns red when zoomed in on though, but still the enemy name info tags should ALWAYS be in red.

    Last edited by ShortBusDeathSquad on 8/10/2012 10:08:43 PM
  • #35

    Thanks for your feedback ShortBusDeathSquad. We arranged it to be like that, damage done to the enemy is indicated by green, and damage done to allies is by red. In a common sense, we wish to damage the enemy, which can be described as a positive action, so its colored green.

    About health bars; all enemy tanks should have red health bars in addition to their health values. You might have another addon that conflicts with WoW style XVM, so I recommend deleting all mods except WoW style XVM and XVM Core and try running the game to see if everything working as expected. You can check the screenshots above to see how it should look like.

  • #33

    I don't experience that when I got it installed today. My enemies are red.

  • #29

    I dont see the Chance to win Rate % anywhere and I was trying for hours to find it and turn it on. Any Idea what Im doing wrong?


  • #30

    Do you see colored player names and their ratings? If not, there must be a problem related with XVM. Get latest XVM from here. Follow the installing instructions in the description above and reinstall XVM. However, if you see player ratings and other stuff as expected, chance to win rate is displayed on both loading and tab screens, check the screenshots above, you should notice them.

  • #27

    Waste of time!

  • #24

    Hi, Are the errors in the 'Chances' caused by the new tanks in 7.5 correctable?

  • #25

    Yes they are. You should update your XVM, here's the download link. You can get latest updates for XVM from here:

  • #28

    Thank you. I was unable to find this update on Curse. Still seems to be '2.4 Full' there.

  • #21

    I was just wondering wether or not this mod is compatible with the 7.5 patch, if it is I will install the mod and hopefully enjoy it

  • #22

    Yes, it is. Alternatively, you can check project overview section on top of the page anytime.

  • #19

    Dear LrdStudios

       Time to update sir. can i ask for 1 more detail.. i asked of you before to remove the tank icon above the tank with tier on it. can you just leave the tank tier on it.. just remove tank icon.  cant play without your mod hehe. Laughing

  • #20

    Hi again eugene1235!
    New alternative version can be found in version 1.3. Good luck in your battles!

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