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WoW style XVM

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  • World of Tanks
  • 3,610 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: Update 9.6
  • 154,405 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/26/2015
  • Created 06/06/2012
  • 54 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: wow_9632
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About WoW style XVM

This is a full XVM configuration designed to make efficiency colors WoW alike. Player efficiency will be colored with the World of Warcraft's default quality (rarity) ratings, like below:

NOTE: After you install this mod,you MUST go to XVMMOD.COM, sign in and then select Activate Statistics to see any player statistics. If you have already done this, disregard


Originally developed by LrdStudio, due to real life obligations was no longer able to keep it updated on a timely basis. He requested and I agreed to assume author responsibility. I will keep it current with the latest XVM changes and only make configuration changes based on community demand. Arasgrandpa

See change log for latest features and information


If your installing XVM for the first time, disregard.

If updating XVM from an older version you need to do the following:

  • Prior to installing, delete the 0.9.5/scripts/client/gui/mods directory, then install XVM or...
  • After installing delete the following 0.9.5/scripts/client/gui/mods/kwg_waiting_fix and xvmstat directories and the xpm.pyc file
New features in XVM 5.3.4

Alternate Views:

Press the ALT key to get:

  • Alternate Minimap View
  • Extended OTM
  • Enemy HP Remaining in Hitlog
  • Players Panel in Mdium View

Press BACKSPACE to get: Minimap Zoom view (moved from CTRL)

Press ALT+BACKSPACE to get Alternate Minimap Zoom

Alternate Minimap shows vehicle, player rating (vehicle win% color), tier, lost vehicle, and dead vehicles

Alternate Minmap View

WoW like XVM overview


  • Now includes current XVM files
  • Download WoW style XVM from this page.
  • Extract all downloaded files into the game folder. (Merge the res_mods folder from the zip file to your World of Tanks folder.)
  • Run the game as usual.


For best results, please use the forums for this mod at Please comment about your opinions, what would like to see or don't want to see in future releases?

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  • #125

    Reinstalling should solve the problem. Make sure to overwrite files in the gui\flash folder. You may have to overwrite them manually.

  • #128

    I knew I saw something about mirrored, browsing through the files at one point, just couldn't remember where I had seen it. The non-mirrored alternative worked! thank you very much!

    Last edited by cayden1130 on 12/9/2012 6:51:19 PM
  • #127

    You should use the "Non-Mirrored" alternative config which can be found in alternative folder along with other alternative configs, that's just in the zip file.

  • #126

    I manually reinstalled XVM, got it working but now the names and tiers on the enemy icons are mirror  reversed. this applies to the loading screen and player tab.

  • #123

    Here is the official statement from XVM authors about these connection issues:

    Because of the extremely rapid growth in popularity XVM load on our servers in prime time has exceeded permissible limits, and some users may have trouble obtaining statistics.

    We appeal to all users who want to help the project. What do we need? Just a little: stable server :)

    You can find more info about helping project here (russian) or here (translated english)

  • #122

    This karnage59-solution works fine for me most of the time.

    What I've find out so far: If I leave a battle and start a new one with another tank still in battle I do not get the statistics for the new battle.

    Anyone else noticed that?

  • #115

    Hello, first of all I have to tell I love this mod.

    But since I upgraded XVMstats to 1.1.0 and XVM to 3.1.2 yesterday,your mod works on the first battle only and on following battles it only retrieves my information. I dont have the stats of the other players nor the chances to win. If I shut down WOT and reboot it, first battle, ok I have all stats and mod working but again fail on the following battles...

    And I am using the latest version of your mod : 1.6.3

    Is someone else experiencing the same problem ? How can I fix that ?

  • #117

    Same problem here.

    Yesterday I was getting the overall win percent chance but no data on any of the battle participants.  I then updated XVM/Stats and now it is doing what you describe:  works the first battle, then only shows me in all subsequent battles (and no overall win percent).

    Great mod, btw...

  • #116

    I too have these problems, i tried to download the previous version again instead which worked well for me, yet i am still suffering these issues. It would be nice to find out what is wrong.

  • #120

    ah cool cheers buddy this works properly now other than the fact for some reason i still don't see people's win ratio in their current vehciles. But i can live with that :)

  • #119

    This should be a XVM connection problem, probably caused by an overload on proxy servers or some another reason that we couldn't figured out yet.

    karnage59's solution might help in some cases, but even with increased timeout, we still couldn't get stats on 1 of 9 games roughly.

  • #118

    Hi guys, I found a solution to make it work.

    Open xvm-stat.exe.config with Notepad then go to the line <setting name="Timeout" serializeAs="String">

    and replace <value>10000</value> by <value>20000</value>

    Works for me so far.

    Have fun.

  • #113


    i really like the colour concept of this WOW Style XVM, It's a lot better than all the other colourful xvm mods where the game looks more like a paintball area.

    But i'm missing one thing to really make it perfect.

    I've seen it in another mod and its named Capture Bar. It shows how many enemies/allies are in the cap circle and how much time is remaining until they take the base over. Is it possible to add it to this mod ?

    If you give me instructions i would do it myself if you don't have the time.



    Last edited by LrdStudios on 11/25/2012 1:19:32 PM
  • #114

    Thank you very much for the feedback Marco.
    We allready implemented that. You just have to update your config file and XVM files.

    Last edited by LrdStudios on 11/25/2012 1:27:28 PM
  • #107

    and when am in game i press tab and there's no tanks name shown is it a bug or?

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