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  • Supports: API 9
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  • Updated 05/06/2015
  • Created 03/12/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
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Support development! **

About AuraMastery

To get up and running ASAP, follow one of our Quick Start guides or just copy in a code from our CodeCopy page.


Aura Mastery
Aura Mastery is a Buff / Debuff / Cooldown / Resource / Health & General Proc tracker useful for tracking those important abilities!

To open Aura Mastery configuration, use the command: /am

For information on how to setup Aura Mastery, visit the Wiki.

Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated! Please drop me a line on what you want to see next.

There are currently the following trigger types:

  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Cooldowns
  • On Critical
  • On Deflect
  • Resources (Primary & Secondary)
  • Health
  • Moment of Opportunity Tracking
  • Scriptable (Custom triggers)
  • Limited Action Set Checker

Icons can be shown only when in combat.
Icons can be shown only when a specific Action Set is activated.
Icons can be shown either Always, or when All, Any or No triggers pass.
Sounds can be played when All, Any or No triggers pass.
Icons can have timed effects.

 Text Customization

The text string currently understands the following tags:

  • {time} - Time remaining on the buff / cooldown
  • {stacks} - Number of stacks of the buff (empty if zero)
  • {charges} - Number of charges remaining of the cooldown (empty if zero)

 Current Limitations

  • You cannot track 'Only Your' spells, currently we do not have support in the API for this

Known Bugs

  • Charged Shot & Vitality Burst cooldowns do not track correctly when used under spellsurge

 Backlog / Future Features

Visit the todo list for the full list.

- Update to 'Share In-Game' function, SendMessage does not allow tables!


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  • #757

    I used to be able to set AM such that my Skills would light up when their CD <= 0.5s or when buff/debuff was <= 0.5s.  Is this still possible?  Been wracking my brains but have not yet found a way.

    Edit:  From previous posts it looks like the "Time Remaining" feature was removed.  Any chance of it being restored?

    Last edited by Anoyarou on 6/28/2015 5:25:36 AM
  • #756


    Is it possible to add StanceAbilities or StanceSpellIDs and BotAbilities or BotSpellIDs for Engineer to use the French client.

    One can find the IDs list of the addon Watcher from alex_chrome.

    Thank you

  • #754

    Aura Mastery isn't tracking the new Augmented Blade Kinetic Drain Debuff.
    Anyone knows how to get it working?

    Trigger: Debuff - Pass
    Debuff Name: Kinetic Drain: Augmented Blade
    Unit: Player
    Stacks: True >= 2

  • #755

    I got it working. 

    Kinetic Drain: Augmented Blade is still a buff. So choose "Buff" as trigger and everything works.

  • #752

    Hey Caedo, can you put back in Time Remaining? It's pretty useful for Warriors since it's sub-optimal to use Tremor or Savage Strike with less than 3s on the CD of Rampage. Thanks!

  • #753


    Ah - so that's the problem... Time remaining is missing.... Put it back in pls <3

  • #751

    good to have u back tbh, but is there any chance to improve a optimization ?

  • #750

    Heyho! Since CD 5 I'm having the problem, that my Auras aren't working correctly anymore.

    For example: I'm having an aura that shows me a picture when my Life Drain buff has 20 seconds or less left. Since CD 5 the "20 seconds" constraint is totally ignored and I see the aura all the time having the buff.

    This is happening with all my auras. :( Am I doing something wrong?

  • #748

    Share In-Game is back!

    BUT! I have noone to test these things with anymore, please let me know if it works.. Or if your on Jabbit give me a shout (Caedo Maroon).

  • #749

    I'm not on Jabbit but I have a second account that I'll give you and I can test anything with you. By the way, could you shed some light on how scriptable triggers are supposed to work?

  • #747

    Hey Jamez226, thank you very much for this awesome addon, hope you keep up the good work.

    But could you please add a funktion like a checkbox, to tell the addon it shouldn't show the cooldown or buffduration on the icon?

    For example the Stalker Skill "Punish", i want to have a trigger for the buff that i get when i do a critical strike so that i can let the icon flash or give it an activation border. But i don't want to see the duration off the buff on the icon, because it overrides the cooldown that i also trigger and want to see. So it would be nice to have a function to select which timers/timed effects are shown or hidden on the icon.

    Hope you understand what i want, and sorry for the bad english, it's not my foreign language. Thanks!

    Last edited by Qrout on 5/5/2015 7:12:08 PM
  • #744

    Hi guys,

    I decided to re-sub for a month and show some love since it's been such a long time, I don't know what I will get time to actually do, but I just uploaded a version which should atleast 'work'

    Please let me know if there are any other show stoppers other than the JoinChannel error. Also if anyone actually misses the 'Share In-Game' function... I'm currently assuming noone ever actually uses it..

  • #746

    Agreed with Morthiras -- The Share in Game functionality comes in handy, especially for PUG raiders (X-89 is infamous).

    Welcome back, and thanks for the update! Updating the actual auras themselves (ability to rotate transparencies/cooldowns, etc) would be really helpful.

  • #745

    Please have a look at this version which got updated by Twinkiee:

    This version seems to fully support the new api.

    Please do not abandon the "Share In-Game" function. We use it every once in a while in our raids to get new raiders ready asap.

  • #742

    Is this going to be updated for Drop 5? It doesn't work at all on the current PTR build, and I really need this function. I can't see all of the screen at once, so I can't tell very easily when my abilities are proced or off cooldown.

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