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  • Supports: API 11
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  • Updated 02/07/2016
  • Created 03/12/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: Aura Mastery 12
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About AuraMastery

To get up and running ASAP, follow one of our Quick Start guides or just copy in a code from our CodeCopy page.


Aura Mastery
Aura Mastery is a Buff / Debuff / Cooldown / Resource / Health & General Proc tracker useful for tracking those important abilities!

To open Aura Mastery configuration, use the command: /am

For information on how to setup Aura Mastery, visit the Wiki.

Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated! Please drop me a line on what you want to see next.

There are currently the following trigger types:

  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Cooldowns
  • On Critical
  • On Deflect
  • Resources (Primary & Secondary)
  • Health
  • Moment of Opportunity Tracking
  • Scriptable (Custom triggers)
  • Limited Action Set Checker

Icons can be shown only when in combat.
Icons can be shown only when a specific Action Set is activated.
Icons can be shown either Always, or when All, Any or No triggers pass.
Sounds can be played when All, Any or No triggers pass.
Icons can have timed effects.

 Text Customization

The text string currently understands the following tags:

  • {time} - Time remaining on the buff / cooldown
  • {stacks} - Number of stacks of the buff (empty if zero)
  • {charges} - Number of charges remaining of the cooldown (empty if zero)

 Current Limitations

  • You cannot track 'Only Your' spells, currently we do not have support in the API for this

Known Bugs

  • Charged Shot & Vitality Burst cooldowns do not track correctly when used under spellsurge

 Backlog / Future Features

Visit the todo list for the full list.

 - Adds 'Cast' trigger

 - Adds 'Internal Cooldown' trigger


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  • #837

    Hi  I 'm trying to make assasinate aura for spelllinger but the health trigger (<30%) fails consistently. Can anyone confirm that its ok or else im making a mistake.


  • #838

    Just to make sure, you definately have the 'Shown' dropdown under the general tab set to 'All' right?

  • #834

    I have a question, if u'll allow me.

    I want to setup a sort of icon (one of those with 2 rounded bars) that display the cast of my medic's quantum cascade... But i want the colors to change / fade as the cast progresses.

    So far, all my attempts to make that only work in the icon beeing one color when its beeing cast and when im not casting changes back to the other color.

    However, i would like for the color to transition along with the time. Example: Quantum Cascade is a 2 second cast. I would like for, when i press my button, for the icon to turn full red and then, slowly and for 2 seconds, to slide up to down, red to green. When its full green, it means my cast is complete and i can recast it.

    Basicaly, a visual timer instead of a actual text timer.

    Pretty much similar to what this dude has on this video around his character (i think its a charged shot cooldown timer bar):

    Thanks in advance.

  • #835

    Unfortunately I have tried this myself in the past being a medic.. There is a bug in the API where quantum cascade always returns 0 for its cooldown time, therefore the bar does not show correctly (it always shows full until the cast is complete).

    For now you can use this to accomplish what you want:

    {['playSoundWhen'] = "None",['iconScale'] = 6,['active'] = {['notInCombat'] = true,['solo'] = true,['inGroup'] = true,['pvpFlagged'] = true,['notPvpFlagged'] = true,['inRaid'] = true,['inCombat'] = true,},['group'] = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",['iconEnabled'] = true,['iconSprite'] = "icon_arcanehud1",['iconSound'] = -1,['iconPosition'] = {['left'] = -137,['top'] = -129,},['SimpleMode'] = false,['Triggers'] = {[1] = {['Type'] = "Scriptable",['Name'] = "Trigger 1",['TriggerDetails'] = {['Script'] = "local qc = GameLib.GetSpell(60093)\
    trigger.Time = qc:GetCooldownRemaining()\
    trigger.MaxDuration = 2\
    return trigger.Time > 0",},['TriggerEffects'] = {},['Behaviour'] = "Pass",},},['iconName'] = "Quantum Cascade",['trackLine'] = {['Enabled'] = false,['showDistanceMarker'] = true,['numberOfTrackLines'] = 0,['trackMode'] = 1,['distance'] = 10,['Sprite'] = "Icons:Arrow",['bgColor'] = {[1] = 0,[2] = 1,[3] = 0,[4] = 1,},},['showWhen'] = "All",['iconText'] = {[1] = {['textFont'] = "CRB_FloaterSmall",['textAnchor'] = "ITL",['textString'] = "{charges}",['textFontColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},[2] = {['textFont'] = "CRB_FloaterSmall",['textAnchor'] = "IBR",['textString'] = "{stacks}",['textFontColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},[3] = {['textFont'] = "CRB_FloaterSmall",['textAnchor'] = "OB",['textString'] = "{time}",['textFontColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},},['iconBackground'] = true,['iconOverlay'] = {['overlayColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 0,[3] = 0,[4] = 0.75,},['overlayStyle'] = "Linear",['overlayShape'] = "Icon",},['customSound'] = false,['iconColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},['actionSets'] = {[1] = true,[2] = true,[3] = true,[4] = true,},['iconBorder'] = true,}

  • #836

    AWESOMESauce :) Thats just what i was looking for.

    Really appreciated.

  • #831

    Updated 9 hours ago? The zip file that I just downloaded (via the "Download Now" button above) is the same as the zip file I downloaded on 1/17/16. They binary compare. Did you upload an old zip by mistake?

  • #832

    There is a beta version currently available, though you will have to select it from the 'other files' section.

  • #833

    Ah. Ok. Thanks :-)

  • #830

    Love this, i can finally know when a rare pops Staunch Defense and stop attacking for that 20 seconds.

    Is ther any way to track if Medi-shot (slot) is on cooldown?

    Last edited by Morgaloth on 1/28/2016 4:59:21 AM
  • #828

    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\AuraMastery\AuraMastery.lua:830: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
    stack trace:
    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\AuraMastery\AuraMastery.lua:830: in function 'ProcessHealth'
    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\AuraMastery\AuraMastery.lua:515: in function <...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\AuraMastery\AuraMastery.lua:510>

    Error thrown when trying to set an aura to play a sound when the current target (or target target's, or hostile) HP is 0.

  • #829

    Can I check that you are running the latest version? I believe this issue should have already been fixed

  • #824

    I can't seem to get custom sounds to work.

    If I check the 'Use Custom Sound' box and enter a custom sound that comes with AM (e.g. 'Burn.wav'), it works. If I copy one of those sounds and rename it, (e.g. 'Burn2.wav'), it works as well.

    But if I try to put in my own sound file (.wav or .mp3), it does not play. It also doesn't work if I open one of the sounds that comes with AM in Audacity, re-export it, and try using that.

    How can I fix this? Thanks.

  • #825

    I've not done much with the sound API's myself so I'm not sure quite how picky they are about their sound formats.

    Try this from audacity:
    Other Uncompressed files -> Options
    WAVEX (Microsoft) Signed 16bit PCM

  • #827

    Your solution worked! Thanks :D

  • #822

    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\AuraMastery\AuraMastery.lua:830: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
    stack trace:
    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\AuraMastery\AuraMastery.lua:830: in function 'ProcessHealth'
    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\AuraMastery\AuraMastery.lua:515: in function <...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\AuraMastery\AuraMastery.lua:510>


    Getting this when i open de letter box , or rune stand , for the first time

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