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  • WildStar
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  • Supports: API 11
  • 332,502 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/09/2015
  • Created 03/12/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: Aura Mastery v1.8.0
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About AuraMastery

To get up and running ASAP, follow one of our Quick Start guides or just copy in a code from our CodeCopy page.


Aura Mastery
Aura Mastery is a Buff / Debuff / Cooldown / Resource / Health & General Proc tracker useful for tracking those important abilities!

To open Aura Mastery configuration, use the command: /am

For information on how to setup Aura Mastery, visit the Wiki.

Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated! Please drop me a line on what you want to see next.

There are currently the following trigger types:

  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Cooldowns
  • On Critical
  • On Deflect
  • Resources (Primary & Secondary)
  • Health
  • Moment of Opportunity Tracking
  • Scriptable (Custom triggers)
  • Limited Action Set Checker

Icons can be shown only when in combat.
Icons can be shown only when a specific Action Set is activated.
Icons can be shown either Always, or when All, Any or No triggers pass.
Sounds can be played when All, Any or No triggers pass.
Icons can have timed effects.

 Text Customization

The text string currently understands the following tags:

  • {time} - Time remaining on the buff / cooldown
  • {stacks} - Number of stacks of the buff (empty if zero)
  • {charges} - Number of charges remaining of the cooldown (empty if zero)

 Current Limitations

  • You cannot track 'Only Your' spells, currently we do not have support in the API for this

Known Bugs

  • Charged Shot & Vitality Burst cooldowns do not track correctly when used under spellsurge

 Backlog / Future Features

Visit the todo list for the full list.

- Rework of main configuration UI to increase ease if setup


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  • #773

    am is messing with tooltips. i have checked with it enabled and off and lose them every time.

  • #771

    Version 1.8.0 Released!

    This release brings a re-work to how the main configuration UI looks, expect more updates in the near future.

    Feature Requests

    I've been out of the game for a long time now, I would be interested to find any features people feel are missing from Aura Mastery now.



  • #769

    Hey! I was wondering if there have been any reports of AuraMastery conflicting with tooltips in game?  I noticed today that when I had AuraMastery loaded my tooltips wouldn't show up when I hovered over buffs/debuffs and abilities.

  • #770

    I have noticed this happening in-game, but I'm fairly certain it is not Aura Mastery. Reloading the UI fixes it.

  • #765

    Hi, i was wondering could you ad the feature for Multi Hit or does it count as critical? I really wanna track my quick burst.

  • #772

    I can confirm this can be tracked via the buff:

    {['playSoundWhen'] = "None",['iconScale'] = 1,['iconEnabled'] = true,['iconSprite'] = "",['iconSound'] = -1,['iconPosition'] = {['left'] = -156,['top'] = 133,},['SimpleMode'] = false,['onlyInCombat'] = false,['iconName'] = "Quick Burst",['showWhen'] = "All",['iconText'] = {[1] = {['textFont'] = "CRB_FloaterSmall",['textAnchor'] = "ITL",['textString'] = "{charges}",['textFontColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},[2] = {['textFont'] = "CRB_FloaterSmall",['textAnchor'] = "IBR",['textString'] = "{stacks}",['textFontColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},[3] = {['textFont'] = "CRB_FloaterSmall",['textAnchor'] = "OB",['textString'] = "{time}",['textFontColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},},['iconBackground'] = true,['Triggers'] = {[1] = {['Type'] = "Buff",['Name'] = "Multi-Hit Buff",['TriggerDetails'] = {['Target'] = {['Target'] = false,['Player'] = true,},['Stacks'] = {['Enabled'] = false,['Operator'] = "",},['BuffName'] = "Dealt Multi-Hit Damage",},['TriggerEffects'] = {[1] = {['timerLength'] = 0,['Type'] = "Activation Border",['EffectDetails'] = {['BorderSprite'] = "sprActionBar_YellowBorder",},['When'] = "Pass",['isTimed'] = false,},},['Behaviour'] = "Pass",},[2] = {['Type'] = "Cooldown",['Name'] = "Cooldown",['TriggerDetails'] = {['Charges'] = {['Enabled'] = false,['Operator'] = "",},['SpellName'] = "Quick Burst",},['TriggerEffects'] = {},['Behaviour'] = "Fail",},},['iconOverlay'] = {['overlayColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 0,[3] = 0,[4] = 0.75,},['overlayStyle'] = "Radial",['overlayShape'] = "Solid",},['iconColor'] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},['actionSets'] = {[1] = true,[2] = true,[3] = true,[4] = true,},['iconBorder'] = true,}

  • #766

    There is definately a difference between multi-hit and critical hits. I just had a quick look at the events for multi-hits and in true carbine style can't see anything which identifies them, but the serious lag wasn't helping. Ill check later and see if I can dig something up.


    P.S., for medics it is possible to track the appropriate buff (with the spell name), however this didn't work for engineers as their buff doesn't seem to appear in the buff table still.

    Last edited by Jamez226 on 10/9/2015 1:02:45 PM
  • #768

    For engineers, the buff is called "Dealt Multi-Hit Damage".

  • #764

    Hi, i was wondering could you ad the feature for Multi Hit or does it count as critical? I really wanna track my quick burst.

  • #763

    Thank you for the update and so glad the config is compatible with previous versions.

    I'd hate to have lost my 100kb configs per class :P

    Last edited by Naomh on 10/3/2015 10:23:17 AM
  • #760

    Until the author updates the addon, the following is a fix.

    Go to your AuraMastery.lua (In appdata/roaming/ncsoft/wildstar/addons/auramastery) and find line 580, the function called AuraMastery:ProcessResources()

    Replace the entire function with the following

    function AuraMastery:ProcessResources()
    if TableContainsElements(self.buffWatch["Resources"]) then
    local playerUnit = GameLib.GetPlayerUnit()
    if playerUnit ~= nil then
    local resourceId = resourceIds[playerUnit:GetClassId()]

    local mana, maxMana, resource, maxResource = playerUnit:GetFocus(), playerUnit:GetMaxFocus(), playerUnit:GetResource(resourceId), playerUnit:GetMaxResource(resourceId)
    for _, watcher in pairs(self.buffWatch["Resources"]) do
    watcher({Mana = mana, MaxMana = maxMana, Resource = resource, MaxResource = maxResource})

  • #762

    What a needless change... do you know if this works for all classes? I guess I will need to get back ingame again!

  • #759

    Please update this to the new api. Need this addon :)

  • #758

    Does not work now.. :(

  • #757

    I used to be able to set AM such that my Skills would light up when their CD <= 0.5s or when buff/debuff was <= 0.5s.  Is this still possible?  Been wracking my brains but have not yet found a way.

    Edit:  From previous posts it looks like the "Time Remaining" feature was removed.  Any chance of it being restored?

    Last edited by Anoyarou on 6/28/2015 5:25:36 AM
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