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  • Project Manager: Boe2
  • WildStar
  • 437 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: API 11
  • 218,178 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/21/2015
  • Created 03/12/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v2.0.7
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About CommodityStats


Commoditystats is a tool for tracking the price history of buy- and sell-orders on the Commodity Exchange, so that information can be used to your advantage. It does so by saving the statistics as often as once every hour and present them to you in a nice graph. It has a scan button to perform a (fast!) scan of all commodity items and a history link on every presented commodity item.
It currently features:

  • Save the price history of buy/sell orders, including C.R.E.D.D.
  • Save the history on completed/expired commodity orders
  • Display history graphs and a list of past transactions + total profit for individual items
  • Show estimated profit for commodity items
  • Autofill the best price for buy/sell transactions
  • Set auto undercut/increase options for buy- and sell orders.
  • Reuse the price/quantity of the most recently created buy/sell order
  • Set the default sell quantity to your current stack size
  • Save the position of the Carbine Commodity window.
  • Save the scrollbar position between transactions
  • Replace the 4-second blocking confirm/error window with a non-blocking alertbox

How to use?
Just install the addon and you are done. Additionally, you can type /commoditystats to change a few settings. Commoditystats will gather/save statistics on 2 occasions:

  • Simply by browsing the Commodity Exchange. Every item displayed will be saved.
  • By using the Scan button. Commoditystats will then request every item of every category. Since this takes a few seconds at most, this is the recommended way.

When browsing the Commodity exchange you will see that an extra history button has been added on every item. Click it to display a graph with the price history for that item. The first time you use this, it won't be very exciting since 1 price point results in a very empty graph. As soon as you got 2 timestamps though (differing by hour), statistics should show.

tag a8da7c0bcd09be7fbcf7da62929bff9e7a005bf8 v2.0.7 Author: Jimmy Van Hecke Date: Tue Oct 20 21:30:12 2015 +0200 v2.0.7 commit 255e1b3425938b6a73545ef8f806523e2f873645 Author: Jimmy Van Hecke Date: Tue Oct 20 21:14:44 2015 +0200 fix issue with displaying tooltips from chat


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  • #345

    Great addon, 

    Is there a way to sort the personal transaction history table. The way it's now that it just randomly sorts it. And maybe a way to hide the expired ones so only successful transactions are shown

  • #346

    Oh and I think it never takes the taxes into consideration when calculating the sells and profits

  • #340
    Found an issue with the Focus Stone (Healslinger) that spawns in your inventory after casting "Gather Focus". I get a microfreeze (stutter) whenever it pops up in my inventory and when i consume it (The "Focus Stone" Item). When disabling Commoditystats the freezes stop occuring so it is 100% the issue with the addon. It is soulbound and marked as "Potion".
  • #341

    That's weird. Focus stone is not a commodity, and even if it was, my addon shouldnt attempt to fetch any data until you request a tooltip.

    I'll create a spellslinger to try and reproduce this.

  • #338

    Tracking History is broken since the new CX hotfix I think. Mine doesn't work after yesterdays hotfix..

  • #342

    What exactly do you mean? Price history? Transactions? Works fine here.

  • #344

    For a while now Transaction History has not been saving properly. Particularly when it comes to sale history. Right now I'm looking at a screen that says I've lost well over a plat on an item I've actually made good money on because it doesn't track the sales. For this item in particular actually, it's saying the sell order simply expired. I know for a fact it sold.

  • #337

    I found a solution to the timeout issue which's makeshift fix led to the removal of the information at certain places: caching the lastest results in a table.

    I can't speak for memory leaks now but editing the addon to also write the latest data into a cache table made it so fast that it doesn't even stutter shortly when opening the CX and I have no freezing either anymore when opening my listing even though I have tooltips now.


    All I did was adding a global cache

        local cache = {}

    and adding

        cache[nItemId] = stat

    below the normal stat saving in the OnCommodityInfoResultsNative function, then just refer to that cache instead of using the normal function that 'regex'es through the save strings, which to be honest is shit slow...


    I tried to test out the plugin example for CS and the results came in, thanks to the 'regex'ing so slow that it didn't even get 100 commodities tested before timing out.

    Changed that to the same cache trick and BAM, going through 4000 results like nothing.

    Just wanted to share this now, I'll enjoy my tooltips EVERYWHERE now :>

  • #343

    Caching works, but memory usage will blow up again (especially when you use that combined with a full CX scan), combined with a performance hit.

  • #339


    Can you post it somewhere?

  • #335

    Hy Mate :)

    I have a problem whit the "Transaction History". I play this Game whit a German Wildstar-Client and they doesnt tracking my Sell / Buy statistics under the Transaction Tap. but if i choose the English Version of WIldstar then it works whitout any problems and  they  tracking my Sell / Buy Transactions

    Maybe u can help me to get them to work in my Language?


  • #336

    That's because the tracking of transactions is only done for the english client currently, main reason probably because Carbine offers NO way at all to get the item id from the mail so it has to be done by parsing the item name, and to make things worse did they also choose to pluralize most items, and some even in dumb ways.

    So if you want tracking you gotta play it on english or live without it : /

  • #333

    Does this error being caused by your addon?
    Started having issues with this problem today when
    I click on "My Listings: 132/180"

    "Lua event handler has exceeded 2506 ms.
    stack trace:
    ...SOFT\WildStar\Addons\CommodityStats\Transactions.lua:95: in function 'trim'
    ...NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\CommodityStats\Statistics.lua:36: in function 'GetLatestStatForItemid'
    ...FT\WildStar\Addons\CommodityStats\CommodityStats.lua:298: in function 'GetItemTooltipForm'
    ui\MarketplaceListings\MarketplaceListings.lua:441: in function 'BuildCommodityOrder'
    ui\MarketplaceListings\MarketplaceListings.lua:252: in function <ui\MarketplaceListings\MarketplaceListings.lua:235>"

  • #334

    That error shouldn't happen anymore with the latest update.

    But in that regard, I've found out WHY the error happens and what carbine seems to have screwed up royally: it seem to be calling the tooltip function for EACH item in a stack, so one full tradeskill bag stack = 250 calls to one item's tooltip.

    I found out because I just had the Guild Bank error out on me because I started stacking up some resources there, and suddenly was it extremely slow upon opening and some stacks were missing.

    After I took a few out temporarly did one item of 249 stack pop up back, but only 1, after I removed more the remaining 248 also showed up and also another stack that was missing before.

  • #330

    One feature I would like is if I could just see top buy order and top sell order and not top 1, top 10 and 50 at the same time in the tooltip.

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