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  • Project Manager: Boe2
  • WildStar
  • 2,721 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: API 9
  • 192,321 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/05/2015
  • Created 03/12/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About CommodityStats


Commoditystats is a tool for tracking the price history of buy- and sell-orders on the Commodity Exchange, so that information can be used to your advantage. It does so by saving the statistics as often as once every hour and present them to you in a nice graph. It has a scan button to perform a (fast!) scan of all commodity items and a history link on every presented commodity item.
It currently features:

  • Save the price history of buy/sell orders, including C.R.E.D.D.
  • Save the history on completed/expired commodity orders
  • Display history graphs and a list of past transactions + total profit for individual items
  • Show estimated profit for commodity items
  • Autofill the best price for buy/sell transactions
  • Set auto undercut/increase options for buy- and sell orders.
  • Reuse the price/quantity of the most recently created buy/sell order
  • Set the default sell quantity to your current stack size
  • Save the position of the Carbine Commodity window.
  • Save the scrollbar position between transactions
  • Replace the 4-second blocking confirm/error window with a non-blocking alertbox

How to use?
Just install the addon and you are done. Additionally, you can type /commoditystats to change a few settings. Commoditystats will gather/save statistics on 2 occasions:

  • Simply by browsing the Commodity Exchange. Every item displayed will be saved.
  • By using the Scan button. Commoditystats will then request every item of every category. Since this takes a few seconds at most, this is the recommended way.

When browsing the Commodity exchange you will see that an extra history button has been added on every item. Click it to display a graph with the price history for that item. The first time you use this, it won't be very exciting since 1 price point results in a very empty graph. As soon as you got 2 timestamps though (differing by hour), statistics should show.

tag cb8b7a93b7001c22d702cdd1f37ce0bae616b801 Author: Jimmy Van Hecke Date: Tue May 5 18:00:56 2015 +0200 commit b41e489099eac2192469a0eae3a07682bc95141d Author: Jimmy Van Hecke Date: Tue May 5 18:00:37 2015 +0200 update to API version 10


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  • #271

    ...FT\WildStar\Addons\CommodityStats\CommodityStats.lua:1172: attempt to index local 'item' (a nil value)
    stack trace:
        ...FT\WildStar\Addons\CommodityStats\CommodityStats.lua:1172: in function <...FT\WildStar\Addons\CommodityStats\CommodityStats.lua:1159>

    was at the auctionhouse looking at the graphs for the buy and sell for a Eldan Hybrid Orginator and I got that error.  Can some one please look into this and fix it. Thanks

    Last edited by darkshad9999 on 2/23/2015 9:27:35 PM
  • #269

    This addon has huge memory leak issues and should be updated or replaced with a better addon.

    If any addon developers are lisetning, I assume you actually want to know how much your commoddities are worth, and if you check how much ram this addon uses you would be amazed how much faster your game can run without this essential addon, so if you can help in any way, we would appreciate it :)

  • #270

    High memory usage is not the same as a memory leak.

    The wildstar addon API does not allow us to read from saved data on demand. This means all saved statistics are kept in memory as soon as the addon is loaded. Unless you computer is really starved for ram, this has no impact on the game's performance. I estimate that in the most extreme cases the addon can use up to 50 MB ram. If this is a problem, I suggest lowering the number of days the addon should keep the statistics. 



  • #268

    This addon does not work with API 9. Every time I start up it is starting with errors. Please take a look at this addon and FIX it please so that it works  with API 9.

    It doesn't display any errors but if you hit esc and click on the addons tab it has a yellow circle next to the addon and the addon does NOT work.

    Ok this is wierd I just got it working I reinstalled the addon again and it is working nowI am not sure why it was not working before but I am able to now scan the market.

    Last edited by darkshad9999 on 1/8/2015 11:42:39 AM
  • #267

    I can't recall when exactly it changed, but CommodityStats is using twice as much memory as OptiPlates right now and it's been bogging down my game a lot (especially when you Esc to the menu - I'm pretty sure it's causing the lagging).

    I don't want to stop using it though since it's so useful!


  • #266

    I have disabled it after drop 3 since many addons were causing errors. I didn't realize that is working fine. An update would help player know that the addon isn't dead, even if is a small one.

    Very useful addon, thanks for making it !!

  • #264

    Please, update this useful addon or let us know if it won't be updated anymore

  • #265

    what issues do you currently have? 

  • #263

    Not a fancy fix but it works.


    luaCaller:OnListInputNumberHelper(wndMatch, sellQuantity)


    local wndListSubmitBtn = wndMatch:FindChild("ListSubmitBtn")
    local tCurrItem = wndListSubmitBtn:GetData()[1]
    local bBuyTab = self.MarketplaceCommodity.wndMain:FindChild("HeaderBuyNowBtn"):IsChecked() or self.MarketplaceCommodity.wndMain:FindChild("HeaderBuyOrderBtn"):IsChecked()
    local orderNew = bBuyTab and CommodityOrder.newBuyOrder(tCurrItem:GetItemId()) or CommodityOrder.newSellOrder(tCurrItem:GetItemId())

  • #260

    I'm getting this error:

    ui\MarketplaceCommodity\MarketplaceCommodity.lua:526: attempt to index a nil value
    stack trace:
    ui\MarketplaceCommodity\MarketplaceCommodity.lua:526: in function 'HelperValidateListInputForSubmit'
    ui\MarketplaceCommodity\MarketplaceCommodity.lua:457: in function 'OnListInputNumberHelper'
    ...FT\WildStar\Addons\CommodityStats\CommodityStats.lua:249: in function '?'
    ...ns\CommodityStats\libs\GeminiHook\GeminiHook-1.0.lua:111: in function <...ns\CommodityStats\libs\GeminiHook\GeminiHook-1.0.lua:107>


    It seems related to the undercut option set to a fixed value (1c).

  • #262

    Sorry, I can't reproduce this. The error seems to point at Carbine's own MarketplaceCommodity addon. Are you using any other AH/CX addons that could interfere? Try disabling those to see if it makes any difference.

  • #261

    I'm also having this error every time I open the CX. I pinpointed the problem to be having the "auto-set sell quantity to current stack size" box marked. Uncheck the box and the error no longer occurs. This is unfortunate because that was one of my favorite features available.

  • #257

    Hey! Great addon you have going but I wanted to try something out, I was wondering if there is a way to actually extract the data I gather in game into like a word processor of some sort. I found the "save file" for the addon but once its opened I think all the items are associated by their specific ID numbers. I was hoping you would be able to help me out slightly in decrypting it. Thanks in advance!

  • #258

    I will look into (optionally) adding item names to the savedata to make it more export-friendly. Deserializing the xml data is up to you though :)

  • #256

    Hi, nice addon.

    Could you add the ability to go beyond the Best Bid and Best Offer for auto-pricing by having the option,

    1. under "Buy order auto-pricing" -> "Match the lowest sell price"

    2. under "Sell order auto-pricing" -> "Match the top buy price".

    Or just call it "Match the spread", please?

    The reason is two fold. First, the Buy Now does not work properly so most of the time I have to use a Buy Order anyway to buy immediately. If the spread is large, as it is on many items, then it is currently necessary to input a price a long way from that shown by default because the spread is different for every item. Second, quite often there are no bids on an item, so the addon currently just puts 1 copper when you can already buy the item at the Best Offer price. I imagine the same affects items with only bids and not yet listed. If you have an item, you can just sell it immediately at the Best Bid price instead of being forced to always input your own offer price.


    Note. I am currently using an older version of CommodityStats (1.5.2). If you have inserted this functionality in a version since then, please disregard this comment and thank you very much!

    Last edited by umarmung on 9/15/2014 10:04:05 AM
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