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  • Supports: API 9
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  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 03/12/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
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About TrackMaster

Please visit the Wiki for more information on this addon!

Track Master
Track Master was a simple addon which will draw a line to a specific unit / position.

Use the command /trackmaster to open the track panel.


Track Master allows you to easily track places, currently the following trackers are supported:

  • Nearest Mailbox
  • Current Target
  • Current Quest (Click a quest in the mini log)
  • Waypoint (Rightclick the main map)
  • Focus Target

Additional Modules

  • Farming: Automatically tracks the nearest harvestable node to your current position.
  • Subdue: Automatically tracks your weapon when subdued (disarmed).
  • RareTracker by Tomed: Tracks nearby rare mobs & allows tracking via TrackMaster
  • Objectives: Automatically tracks the nearest path, quest & challenge objectives


External Tracking
You can hook Track Master up with your own addon using the following:


Apollo.GetAddon("TrackMaster"):SetTarget(unit, cleardistance, linenumber)

- Bump to API version 9


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  • #258

    Just curious if the author is still active and subbed? 

  • #259

    Dont think so. The addon havent been updated in 3 months. I am using Perspective instead now.

  • #257

    If you set line color to black aka 0-0-0 - it wont save savedata since it tries to probably multiply/divide by 0 or something like that.

    Last edited by ohotcoolero on 8/21/2014 1:06:37 PM
  • #256

    When I'm trying to track Questobjectives via clicking on the Questtracker:


    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\TrackMaster\TrackMaster.lua:1028: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    stack trace:
    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\TrackMaster\TrackMaster.lua:1028: in function 'callback'
    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\TrackMaster\TrackMaster.lua:1049: in function <...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\TrackMaster\TrackMaster.lua:1043>

  • #255

    /trackmaster does not open the menu =/

  • #254

    Hello there, since a while (a bit before api 9 version), trackmaster shows a double line when the nearest tracked unit is quite close: the default line (line 1) + the line I've set up for this specific unit (for example quest hook (line 3), or zenradar follow (line 9), and so on).

    It show up either with main addon lines (trackmaster), or mods (subdue, zenradar and so on).

    But it doesn't display any error message.

    Would it be possible to completely deactive the default line (line 1), or anything that could prevent this double line?

    Last edited by Kyess on 8/14/2014 7:52:31 AM
  • #253

    Hey Jamez,

    first of all thx for the awesome addon. 

    Have a problem with adding new lines to Hooks. I create a new line (same model as the default line, but different colour) and try to use it as my quest hook. Getting that error:

    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\TrackMaster\TrackMaster.lua:1028: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    stack trace:
    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\TrackMaster\TrackMaster.lua:1028: in function 'callback'
    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\TrackMaster\TrackMaster.lua:1049: in function <...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\TrackMaster\TrackMaster.lua:1043>

    Hope you can fix this. 

    Thx ahead.

  • #252

    I will try to fix some bugs in this addon on github:

    Already fixed the problem with 'CanBeHarvestedBy' (invalid unit) on OnUnitCreated and OnUnitDestroyed, and other bug on OnTimer with distance calculation.

    Last edited by reinaldons on 8/4/2014 12:00:43 AM
  • #251

    How do you bring up the trackmaster menu? /trackmaster does nothing even though it shows as a recognized command

  • #250

    Any chance the TrackMaster Farming will get updated soon?

    It's been giving errors for a while now...


    ...r\Addons\TrackMaster_Farming\TrackMaster_Farming.lua:152: bad argument #1 to 'CanBeHarvestedBy' (invalid unit)
    stack trace:
        [C]: in function 'CanBeHarvestedBy'
        ...r\Addons\TrackMaster_Farming\TrackMaster_Farming.lua:152: in function <...r\Addons\TrackMaster_Farming\TrackMaster_Farming.lua:151>

  • #246

    Is there a way to track someone in my raid group constantly? I need to stick to my group leader like glue, but sometimes my target switches to something else and it throws me off.

  • #248

    For now, the best way is to target someone and use the following macro:

    /eval Apollo.GetAddon("TrackMaster"):SetTarget(GameLib.GetTargetUnit(), -1, linenumber)

    Where line number is the line you want to set the target of (i.e. 1)

  • #245

    I have a more UI/simple request for this addon - the option to have the "track" and "hooks" lists to popup upward from the trackmaster box, rather than downward.

    Die by the Arrow

  • #243

    I really like this addon, but I swear I used to be able to set different colored lines for farming/quest/challenge, but now they're all the same line and it really annoys me because I have to go turn farming off if I want to focus on quests instead of leaving it on like I would before. Is there something I'm missing?

  • #249

    From what I can tell, the ability to set unique line types was removed with the 0.1.3 objectives update.  One user below reported that using the 0.1.2 version with the forced-load option (to ignore the version 9 check) might bring that feature back.

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