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  • Created 03/12/2014
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About PotatoUI

Last Updated: 10/9/14 - v2.8.x - Smooth Castbars! Moveable/sizable Interrupt Armor, and MORE! Click for more details.

What is Potato UI?

PotatoUI is a UI addon that replaces a large portion of the default Carbine UI with simplified, yet highly customizable, UI elements. 


Customizable Modules By pressing the "Edit" button on the PotatoUI Toolbox, or by typing /potatoedit, PotatoUI will enter Editor Mode. This allows modules to be customized, moved, or resized. You can resize by dragging one of the corners, or entering values. Each frame is customizable via a menu once selected.

Examples can be seen in this awesome video by Falcon777:


Many other customization options - just check it out!


/pui or /potatoui - Toggles visibility of the "Editor toolbox", the frame that reads PotatoUI and has the edit and reset buttons.

/potatoedit - Toggles Editor Mode without having to press the button.

/potatoreset - Resets frames to default values (only works in Editor Mode).

Fine Tuned Positioning - While in Editor Mode, frames can be moved with keyboard commands. Arrow keys will move a frame, while the arrows on the number pad (2, 4, 6, 8) will resize it!


Content release plan:

Visit the update page at!

New Addon:
PotatoHazards - Tracks the new hazard bars as implemented by Carbine (temperature, breath, and radiation).

Bug Fixes:
Fixed possible bugs due to lag with charged and multi-tap abilities.
Infinite interrupt armor now shows properly.


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  • #1280

    UI blocks Debuff/buff and skill  description ... when i turn PUI off all ok i see buff description and so on


    maybe you can fix it

    Last edited by wolly1980 on 11/20/2014 2:22:16 PM
  • #1279

    ...FT\WildStar\Addons\PotatoCastbars\PotatoCastbars.lua:1197: attempt to index field 'tCurrentMultitap' (a nil value)
    stack trace:
        ...FT\WildStar\Addons\PotatoCastbars\PotatoCastbars.lua:1197: in function 'UpdateTimeLeft'
        ...FT\WildStar\Addons\PotatoCastbars\PotatoCastbars.lua:271: in function 'OnCharacterCreated'
        ...FT\WildStar\Addons\PotatoCastbars\PotatoCastbars.lua:226: in function <...FT\WildStar\Addons\PotatoCastbars\PotatoCastbars.lua:224>

    Hey, still getting this error even with version 2.8.1. Tried resetting all the cast bars settings and reinstalling the entire addon, still pops up. Always right as I use Rampage.

  • #1277

    Thank for this update 2.8.1 :)
    Its a great addon i just waiting for Copy Settings so much ^^

  • #1270

    What happend to the "Copy Character Settings" its just a blank window now :(

  • #1271

    It should have a bunch of text explaining why it's not there. Shame.

    There will be a profile system coming in the next few weeks. I'm unsure when, as I've been inundated with other work, this new rune tetris, and raiding.

  • #1278
    Quote from perterter »

    It should have a bunch of text explaining why it's not there. Shame.

    There will be a profile system coming in the next few weeks. I'm unsure when, as I've been inundated with other work, this new rune tetris, and raiding.


    Cools :)

  • #1264


    any way to get the new "heat" bar working?

    firewing DS or skullcano left wing (the one through the tunnel, where you get heat if youre outside the safe-bubble)

    this patch removed the heat display in the top left corner and added an additional meter sticked to the sprint/dash tokens bar

    so our whole raid had to disable potato sprint (or whatever addon they were using for sprint/dash tokens) and use the standard crabine addon

    i miss potato sprint and especially the dash token display ;)

  • #1273

    Added in PotatoUI-v2.8.1! Enjoy!

    Please leave feedback. It's still a work-in-progress. I'll fine tune it as to how you like it.

  • #1267

    Making progress. It will be done by tomorrow.

    Basically I made a PotatoHazards that will feature the 3 bars, each of which you can put together in a "docked" mode, or move/position separately. Each bar will have the feature to be vertical or horizontal.

    And of course, standard PUI customization (color, texture, transparency, the works).

    Last edited by perterter on 11/14/2014 4:47:30 PM
  • #1269

    Update to this. No more docked mode, otherwise it would take a few extra days to perfect.

    Keep your eyes peeled (potato pun intended) for PotatoHazards by 7pm PST.

  • #1265

    You got it. I'll do it first thing tomorrow.

  • #1263

    yeah, it cant be downloaded from curse client, but regular download is working

  • #1274

    This should be fixed now. I uploaded a new version ( and it updated fine from the Curse Client.

  • #1266

    I'll look into this. That's really odd. 

  • #1261

    I can't download to curse client, this is the only add-on that will not allow me to do so, manual install is not working either

    Last edited by bebman11 on 11/12/2014 12:00:21 AM
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