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About PotatoUI

Last Updated: 7/11/14 - v2.7.0 - New Castbars, Text Truncation, Sprint/Dash Textures, HP colors, and more! Click for more details.

What is Potato UI?

PotatoUI is a UI addon that replaces a large portion of the default Carbine UI with simplified, yet highly customizable, UI elements. 


Customizable Modules By pressing the "Edit" button on the PotatoUI Toolbox, or by typing /potatoedit, PotatoUI will enter Editor Mode. This allows modules to be customized, moved, or resized. You can resize by dragging one of the corners, or entering values. Each frame is customizable via a menu once selected.

Examples can be seen in this awesome video by Falcon777:


Many other customization options - just check it out!


/pui or /potatoui - Toggles visibility of the "Editor toolbox", the frame that reads PotatoUI and has the edit and reset buttons.

/potatoedit - Toggles Editor Mode without having to press the button.

/potatoreset - Resets frames to default values (only works in Editor Mode).

Fine Tuned Positioning - While in Editor Mode, frames can be moved with keyboard commands. Arrow keys will move a frame, while the arrows on the number pad (2, 4, 6, 8) will resize it!


Content release plan:

2.8.0 (7/30)


  • Reducing the amount of processing needed
    • Aiming for 0.100ms/frame per unitframe (Update: Currently at 0.027ms/frame.)
    • This will allow for the SMOOTH castbars like SCastBar
    • Even in SCastBar, smooth castbars reduce processor performance (however barely affect graphics-driven FPS); thus, it will be a toggleable option.
  • Making the addon more modular - each element will have its own addon element.
    • PotatoFrames
    • PotatoCastbars
    • PotatoSprint
    • PotatoDash
    • PotatoCombatIcon
    • PotatoInterrupt
  • The new PUI options UI will be implemented. completed.
  • Other new features:
    • Bugfix for Biji/Grid colors not updating properly
    • German localization fix for faction icons
    • Interrupt Armor as a separate frame
       - Also added as an option to display on castbar.
    • Option to have shield and hp bar separate (not overlapped).
       -Shield top, hp below
       -Possible shield right, hp left.

2.9.0 (To Be Determined)

  • Resource Customization
  • Castbar Customization
  • Sprint/dash separated, and Customization
  • New PUI options UI finished. (Moved up to v2.8.)

Ninja update!

A very small feature and a bug fix:

  • Added coloring based on Kinetic Energy for Warrior resource bar (currently NOT customizable).
  • Bug fix for charged abilities (thanks to the user who posted it in the comments section).

The next update is coming along nicely, and should be out relatively soon if I keep up the pace I have been at.


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  • #1166

    Well... It seems that I went and buggered up my buff bar and debuff bar. I made them a bit more squat so that it could fit where I wanted it, but now the icons are HUGE. I mean absolutely HUGE. I have no idea how to reset them or change the size. Anyone know how to?

  • #1167

    The height of the debuff icons are dependent on the height of the debuff bar. Just make the bar shorter.

    Unfortunately, PUI only handle one row of buffs currently. Once I begin work on TinkerFrames, that will change. See older comments for release plan.

  • #1163

    When I raid, my fps begins to slowly go lower and lower until I /reloadui.

    All evidence is pointing to Potato which is making me cry, as I rely on the addon implicitly.

  • #1165

    I'll monitor memory usage over my raid on Wednesday, just to be certain.

  • #1164

    I don't want to sound pompous, but I'm fairly certain that it's not PUI. Unless there's a memory leak I'm unaware of, I think your issue may lie elsewhere. PUI doesn't store anything to memory that would pile up over time to create FPS drops.

    Are you using GalaxyMeter? I've been having poor raid performance over time with GalaxyMeter. Reason? Because it stores every fight since the beginning of time. Reset the logs of fights and it should clear up.

    This all being said, I'm about a day or two away from releasing the new PUI in which performance is GREATLY improved. So stay tuned, and hold on! Things are getting better.

  • #1162

    Once again, raiding. But tonight was the last night until Wednesday.

    I'm going to start going hard in the paint.

    Sorry bout the delays. :\

  • #1161

    Aaaaand... I need another day. I didn't suspect that raiding this weekend would take so much time out of my schedule to code. I'm going to start up again tomorrow morning, bright and squirrely.

    Things are close. As for total progress towards update, I think I'm sitting around 90% and was somewhere around 60% this morning.

  • #1160

    Update coming tonight. It will likely be a beta release, which I will post the link to - since the Curse client won't update it automatically.

    I won't sleep until the update is done.

  • #1159

    3 more days for a update. I cant wait, its gonna be soooo good :)

    Keep up the awesome work, I'll never use VinkingUI over Potato :)

  • #1157

    just a request if it is posible, i dont know how the addons can be made. 


    So could you make the parts to be hocked to something ? aka so you can aligne the bars.


    second could you make at least groups to lock together? 1 for player 2 for target 3 for focus 4 for ToT, or to make groups to lock together. Since now you have to click every bar to lock and then to reclick to unlock them to move the rest or make adjustments. 

    P.S. or at least if they are groups locked that all together Scale as one 

    I hope they can be make and it is not a problem with the Game utilitys.




    Btw nice Addon

  • #1158

    It is not a problem with game utility, I just have to think about how I will handle what I assume you're describing as snapping.

    Just know that snapping won't be in PotatoUI until I develop it for TinkerFrames.

  • #1156

    I put out a small update today. There's a change to the Warrior resource bar, and a fix for the charged ability bug (thanks to jijuakosxqwzts for saving me the debug work).

    This update is NOT, by any means, slowing down the progress of the main 2.8 update. In fact, that update is coming along faster than I had anticipated! :D Keep your potato eyes peeled... coming soon to a Wildstar near you.

  • #1153

    I'm setting a hard deadline of Saturday, September 8th. It may be out before, but will 100% be out by the 8th.

    A snippet of new features (* = already finished):

    • Modular UI elements
    • Interrupt armor shield icons are moveable and resizable*
    • Smooth castbars*
    • Color changes for Warrior KE resource bar* already implemented
    • HUGE performance gains (using about 20% of CPU than before)*
    • Bug fixes (charged casts, pet bar, others that have been put in but I forget*)

    Update after next:

    • Resource bar changes
    • Profile system (not character based)

    After that, development on TinkerFrames starts.

    Last edited by perterter on 8/29/2014 1:41:22 AM
  • #1155
    Quote from perterter»

    I'm setting a hard deadline of Saturday, August 8th.

    But i dont want to wait a whole year ;)

    Last edited by KungenMike on 8/28/2014 11:28:29 AM
  • #1154

    Thanks Perterter! And also, you said the 8th? I think you mean a different date because August 8th has passed, unless you mean next year! =P

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