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About PotatoUI

Last Updated: 7/11/14 - v2.7.0 - New Castbars, Text Truncation, Sprint/Dash Textures, HP colors, and more! Click for more details.

What is Potato UI?

PotatoUI is a UI addon that replaces a large portion of the default Carbine UI with simplified, yet highly customizable, UI elements. 


Customizable Modules By pressing the "Edit" button on the PotatoUI Toolbox, or by typing /potatoedit, PotatoUI will enter Editor Mode. This allows modules to be customized, moved, or resized. You can resize by dragging one of the corners, or entering values. Each frame is customizable via a menu once selected.

Examples can be seen in this awesome video by Falcon777:


Many other customization options - just check it out!


/pui or /potatoui - Toggles visibility of the "Editor toolbox", the frame that reads PotatoUI and has the edit and reset buttons.

/potatoedit - Toggles Editor Mode without having to press the button.

/potatoreset - Resets frames to default values (only works in Editor Mode).

Fine Tuned Positioning - While in Editor Mode, frames can be moved with keyboard commands. Arrow keys will move a frame, while the arrows on the number pad (2, 4, 6, 8) will resize it!


Content release plan:

2.8.0 (7/30)


  • Reducing the amount of processing needed
    • Aiming for 0.100ms/frame per unitframe (Update: Currently at 0.027ms/frame.)
    • This will allow for the SMOOTH castbars like SCastBar
    • Even in SCastBar, smooth castbars reduce processor performance (however barely affect graphics-driven FPS); thus, it will be a toggleable option.
  • Making the addon more modular - each element will have its own addon element.
    • PotatoFrames
    • PotatoCastbars
    • PotatoSprint
    • PotatoDash
    • PotatoCombatIcon
    • PotatoInterrupt
  • The new PUI options UI will be implemented. completed.
  • Other new features:
    • Bugfix for Biji/Grid colors not updating properly
    • German localization fix for faction icons
    • Interrupt Armor as a separate frame
       - Also added as an option to display on castbar.
    • Option to have shield and hp bar separate (not overlapped).
       -Shield top, hp below
       -Possible shield right, hp left.

2.9.0 (To Be Determined)

  • Resource Customization
  • Castbar Customization
  • Sprint/dash separated, and Customization
  • New PUI options UI finished. (Moved up to v2.8.)

Ninja update!

A very small feature and a bug fix:

  • Added coloring based on Kinetic Energy for Warrior resource bar (currently NOT customizable).
  • Bug fix for charged abilities (thanks to the user who posted it in the comments section).

The next update is coming along nicely, and should be out relatively soon if I keep up the pace I have been at.


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  • #1204

    I love this addon, and I wont play without it, but it gets annoying neededing to restart my client half-way through raids every night because it tanks my fps. This only occurs in raids for me for some reason. Thank you!

    the picture linked below describes my situation, but please note that ms/frame before restarting is closer to ~.500ms



  • #1205

    Beta build is running at 0.095ms/frame PER unitframe, so you will see a performance increase there.

    My hunch is that the increase you see in ms/frame is from having another frame open while checking. Be it a focus frame or something. The current 2.7.x runs at 0.300ms/frame PER unitframe.

    On that note, however, it is NOT PotatoUI causing your FPS drop during raids. I have the same issue (FPS drop over time) with the beta build (which is better on ms/frame). I have tested it without PotatoUI with the same results. This is memory leak in the game, not PotatoUI.

    That being said, I have and will continue to work on improving performance to mitigate the issues caused by PotatoUI as much as possible.

  • #1206

    If that's the case, then I suppose it's up to Carbine. I'm sorry for accusing pui, it just appeared that way because of the sizable gap between total cpu time on pui and the next addon.

    Also, I'm happy to see that you've been able to squeeze that much more performance out of 2.8.x; I look forward to the stable release.

    Once again, thank you for making an incredible addon!

  • #1202

    Hi, in the last BETA 2.8b2 you make the IA frame disappear. So i have rollback, bc can't play in pvp without it (maybe a bug?).

  • #1203

    I'll look into the issue tonight. Someone else was reporting a similar issue.

    I would actually advise against rolling back, because the settings see saved differently and you run the risk of losing your settings.

    I'll get on it asap.

  • #1200

    Where did my focus frame go? =P

  • #1201

    Idk, where did it go? It's working for me. @___@

    You may have just lost it... try this:

    /eval Apollo.GetAddon("PotatoFrames"):ResetFrame(self.tFrames[4].window)

    Last edited by perterter on 9/28/2014 10:47:01 PM
  • #1199

    PUI is easily one of the very top best add-ons for WildStar.  Thank you for taking the time to develop it, and to continue improving it.  I am so excited to see the release!  You're awesome!

  • #1195

    The fixes to bug reports on my Twitter are not in 2.8b2, but will be in the final beta build tomorrow. Due to the issue with Curse, I will have to put out another build tomorrow to get daytime testing.

  • #1191

    Got a small bug regarding T8 Trueshot and Rapid Fire on the spellslinger.

    If your using the multitap cast bar included with PUI, and T8 Trueshot with 4 tap, it sometimes switches the name in th multitap castbar name.

    ex. You start using Trueshot and fire off all your charges, and then starting using Rapid fire also with 4 charges. Then the multitap bar doesnt change the name from the trueshot name. and vice versa.

    This only happens when both spells have 4 taps. So a T7 Trueshot would, not give the problems.

    Not sure if its UI based or its something wonky with Carbine, but now you know :)

  • #1192

    Which version? The latest beta build, or the current stable release 2.7.1?

  • #1198

    I didnt notice it before 2.8, and im currently using the new 2.8b2 build.

    It also happent in the 2.8b build aswell.

  • #1188

    I'm trying to release another beta build for quick testing before release, but Curse is having issues accepting files for upload. Until they get it fixed, the beta build will unfortunately not be on Curse.

    However, you can find it in my Dropbox for the time being:

    And just so you know I'm not bullshitting, here is a link to the progress spreadsheet again. As I mentioned before, the closer the spreadsheet gets to green, the closer PUI is to a full release.

    Last edited by perterter on 9/26/2014 12:48:49 PM
  • #1193


    Testing this version (PotatoUI-v2.8b2), "More bug fixes and feature additions." 
    What new features do you added ?

    Also combat bug reset position/not editable is not yet fixed (dont know if u added it in your bugfix)

    EDIT: Missing to report a bug
    Copy settings dont work properly, several frame player/target... is not imported, settings is not saved also the position.

    Last edited by aliasm6 on 9/27/2014 3:28:48 AM
  • #1197

    Hahha, thanks! I get phone notifications.

    Yes, the settings copy functions are not working and will not be working for the official 2.8 release. There will be NEW profile system in a 2.8.x release.

    The new system will save "profiles" rather than character settings. This means you can have a "tanking" PotatoUI and  "DPS" PotatoUI and easily switch between the two. Sort of like LAS. In fact, I may put in a feature to bind certain profiles to certain LAS.

    No more responses though, it's sleep time. x)

    Last edited by perterter on 9/27/2014 3:33:15 AM
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