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About PotatoUI

What is Potato UI?

PotatoUI is a UI addon that replaces a large portion of the default Carbine UI with simplified, yet highly customizable, UI elements. 


Customizable Modules - By pressing the "Edit" button on the PotatoUI Toolbox, or by typing /potatoedit, PotatoUI will enter Editor Mode. This allows modules to be customized, moved, or resized. You can resize by dragging one of the corners, or entering values. Each frame is customizable via a menu once selected.

Examples can be seen in this awesome video by Falcon777:


Many other customization options - just check it out!


/pui or /potatoui - Toggles visibility of the "Editor toolbox", the frame that reads PotatoUI and has the edit and reset buttons.

/potatoedit - Toggles Editor Mode without having to press the button.

/potatoreset - Resets frames to default values (only works in Editor Mode).

Fine Tuned Positioning - While in Editor Mode, frames can be moved with keyboard commands. Arrow keys will move a frame, while the arrows on the number pad (2, 4, 6, 8) will resize it!


Fix to Esper resource bar crashing.


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  • #1337

    Hello i love the addon, but i would like more customization for the resource bar. Right now it does not fit in with my frames as i use the "minimalist" style and i would love to apply that to the resource bar aswell. I would also like to change the colour of the bar! That was everything, thanks for a great addon!

  • #1336

    Hello there I would like to know if you going to add a profiles option,that would really really make it easier to edit the UI in each character.

  • #1331

    Is this addon dead? Last Updated: 10/9/14 - v2.8.x

  • #1332

    I updated in September for Drop 6. I'm no longer actively doing content updates, only maintaining it so that it still works. It works for the current patch.

  • #1334

    Thanks! I downloaded it and love it!

  • #1329

    When I first started looking for UI's all I had found were messy and buggy UI's. I almost had given up untill I had found Potato UI. It came clean as is and I was astonished. Everything was almost the way I wanted. After that I went into the options menues and I was flooded with customisation. After playing around for it for about 5 minutes I accomplished what I was trying to do with the other mods for hours. Brilliant mod. I can't recommend enough ^~^

  • #1328

    Great AddOn, but I have two things to say.

    1 - That red combat Icon that appears on the screen when you enter in combat, I set it to "Never" but he keeps changing to "Combat" for itself.

    2 - Is there any way to only have the Dash Bar in the screen? Since dash and sprint bar are together you need to have both of them active or none of them. :C


    The third question now. haha

    If I am using Interruptor, there is no need of having your Special Cast Bar active, right?

    Last edited by BakuDM on 10/10/2015 1:52:25 AM
  • #1333

    Special castbar is for special casts by your character. These are abilities with "charges" like Rampage, or charged abilities like Soothe or Charged Shot.

  • #1323

    Thanks for a good modification! After the upgrade, the observed defect in the form of border around lanes buffs. They are not removed.
    Lost appearance.

  • #1324

    Update to the latest version.

    If the problem persists, try typing /potatoedit twice to toggle in and out of editor mode. If it still does not fix, please report back.

    Last edited by perterter on 10/9/2015 1:24:51 AM
  • #1330

    Hello! I found the cause of the border around the strips buffs. This conflict with the addon:

    Unfortunately me and my friends have to part with Your addon. Gorynych Reborn - this is only one Russian localization of the game, for our dialogue between Russian-speaking players.

    Very sorry. You have a very good and nice addon.

    Last edited by elektrikons on 10/11/2015 5:01:39 PM
  • #1325

    Unfortunately your way out of the situation didn't help. Various options have been tried-the result is the same.
    Looking forward to the changes. I can't imagine the game without your Addon. Good luck!

  • #1322

    I love this addon. I even got my husband loving it as well. However I have come across a couple issues. Is there no way to save my settings so that I can copy/paste them to another character? Instead I have to change my settings for every character.. and as we all know that can be very time consuming. If not I would love to request that in the future that this could possibly be added? 

    The only other problems I have run into is that the resource bar  settings on my target does not want to change color. I had it set to a dark blue with lifestep skin and when I save it, it is opaque and no matter how many times I reset/reload it still stays the same. Last bug/issue I found was the Combat frame ( it usually shows a sword icon when you are in combat ) This wont go away, even if it click never show it resets to always show. It does this on all my characters and the only work around is to completely shrink it to nothing.


  • #1326

    In the address bar in Explorer to write: %AppData%\NCSOFT\WildStar\AddonSaveData

    Next, open all folders, until we find the folder with the nickname of your character. Choose from this folder files that begin with the name of the Addon. Copy these files to a folder with the name of your new character.
    All. Copy the addons settings completed. Have fun playing!

    Last edited by elektrikons on 10/9/2015 8:57:45 PM
  • #1327


    Oh you are amazing! that is perfect! It even worked with Optiplates ( the profiles for me never saved )

    Thank you so much! Now the only issues I have with potatoUI are the class color settings for the frames not wanting to show up ( it stays with default carbine no matter how many times I change it minus the custom colors ) and the combat frame. I hope those get figured out!

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