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  • WildStar
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  • Supports: API 9
  • 280,512 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 03/12/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About BetterQuestLog

BetterQuestLog is a minimalist oriented quest log replacement that does away with the episode/category/quest tree-style of quest menu in favor of the more familiar flat menu. A full list of features (updated as new features come along) can be found below.

CLICK HERE TO REPORT AN ISSUE or to check your issue has already been reported/resolved. You can report issues anonymously or login to report and then be notified as soon as it's fixed!

Please consider donating if this addon is valuable to you. Donation details are below as well as reward programs!

  • Minimalist one-line quest listing with status
  • Text coloring for difficulty of the quest (ordered easiest to hardest)
  • Reduced right-side unused space
  • Removed quest difficulty and status from right-side info since it's now included in the text
  • Optional quest level display
  • Working quest-linking
  • Group member quest tracking (see how many people have your quest). Note: Only works if your group members have this add-on as well! Sorry but the native quest log does not provide the support to do this at the moment - at least that I'm aware of.
  • Fast tree-navigation style with expand-all/collapse-all button
  • Callback log incorporated into main quest text for ease of use

If you can't live without addons like these, let me know by donating just $1 through curse. If everyone that downloaded donated $1 I could make and improve addons much more than I do now. I've only made this addon currently but I have a backlog of other ideas on how to improve wildstar. If you donate $50 I'll add the feature you request or work with you to have it made and if you donate $100 I'll do my best to make any addon you want or refund your money if it's not possible.


  • 'show level' and expanded items are now preserved between sessions


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  • #150

    Anyone with an active subscription want to tell me if everything is working ok? :)

  • #151

    Everything is working well for me!

  • #149

    For the life of me, I could not find the ignore option and a dozen quests kept coming back to annoy me - at level 47, there is no reason I want to see level 15 quests I abandoned and tried to ignore.

    If I turn off the addon, I can ignore them.  So that's my solution for now.  Love the add on, but really want a way to get a quest off my list for good.

  • #147

    i get allways a issue where the Quest window disappears and i cant see it anymore. is there a way to show it again ?

  • #146

    Is there a way to unignore a quest?

    with the carbine Quest log I can go to the Ingored quests then highlight the quest and hit Unignore..

    In Better Quest Log I go to the [ Ignored ] tab and I can SEE all the quests I ignored but I do not see an option to Unignore.. am I missing something?

    Pah I figured it out.. If I click on the quest then over to the right  I can then Click the Contact: Area either the Portriate Or the CALL Icon and it brings up the Call.. figured I would leave this up for anyone else who does not know how to Unignore a quest =)

    Not to mention you can click the Objectives: Locate {whatever} and it will bring up the Map of where that quest is =)

    I am not sure it is explained very well in the Decription..

  • #140

    So I have no idea if this is supposed to happen but I noticed this in grimvault/blight:

    Says like  {50}and no questinfo.


  • #141

    This is a known bug on Carbine's side.  Been that way for a couple weeks :/

  • #142

    What this guy said, this is a known CRB issue.

  • #139

    Lua event handler has exceeded 2501 ms.
    stack trace:
        ...FT\WildStar\Addons\BetterQuestLog\BetterQuestLog.lua:1571: in function 'FactoryProduce'
        ...FT\WildStar\Addons\BetterQuestLog\BetterQuestLog.lua:654: in function 'AddQuestToLog'
        ...FT\WildStar\Addons\BetterQuestLog\BetterQuestLog.lua:628: in function 'RedrawLeftTree'
        ...FT\WildStar\Addons\BetterQuestLog\BetterQuestLog.lua:1078: in function <...FT\WildStar\Addons\BetterQuestLog\BetterQuestLog.lua:1077>

  • #138


    Love your addon great idea and well implimented.  I was wondering if there was anyway to be able to move the panel.  I have a slighly larger minimap than normal and it goes into the BetterQuestLog title and hides parts of the tasks.  I would just like to move it down by about 5mm or a little less.  I hope this isn't a big ask and is a simple thing you may be able to direct me to in the lua file and I can change myself?  Thanks again for an awesome addon.  And the reason I ask for this is because my eyesisight is not great and I need a larger minimap to view everything on there.

  • #133

    Any way you'd be interested in giving the Crafting Panel the same treatment if it's possible?

  • #137

    I just started crafting so we'll see. I was motivated to make this after I was frustrated enough from using the default. Maybe the same will happen with the crafting.

  • #134

    Wow yeah, if you could do the crafting panel the same as this if it's possible i'd love you.

  • #132

    I recently installed this addon and I really like it. However, there are a major issue for me:

    - It does not remember the settings across session, like:
    tracked/untracked quests
    quest level on/off

  • #131

    I am wondering, how much does one need to donate to have a "T" in the quest log for Tasks, and possible brackets with players that is on the same quest? like if 3 people in your group is on the quest, it would have 3 stars? "***"

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