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About IconLoot

IconLoot is an alternative to Carbine's LootNotificationWindow.  It provides a customizable notifications for loot that you receive.

To access the IconLoot configuration, type /iconloot

Potato's Comments as Maintainer:/em>

Here's a list of improvements I've got listed up. They obviously won't all make it into the first update, but they'll leak a few at a time. Improvements with strikethrough have been implemented.

  • Resizing and Toggling Loot Notification popup
  • Filtering
    • Blacklist system for specific items
    • Blacklisting item types (signs, runes, etc)
    • Toggle off certain path/quest items, etc
  • Pausing the list scroll while hovering
  • Possible UI tweaks
    • Italic font change
    • Color options for text
    • Positioning for money loot
    • New notification and list skins
  • Notifications when rolls are won
  • Loot notifications on highest Z-level

Bug Fixes:

Fixed the bug where minimum item quality for notifications was not working properly. Sorry it took so long; I don't get notifications for this addon.


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  • #59

    Hi. Can you adjust the addon so that if you select the loot list to "Grow Upwards", the coin loot is at the bottom of the window rather than the top?

  • #58

    Thank you so much for the Bugfix.

  • #53

    Surprise. I did the bugfix.

  • #52

    I'm going to be working on IconLoot once I finish the current PotatoUI version. I'm looking at starting next week.

  • #51

    Hey Mate , I have the problem that I can't set the minimum item quality on something else then blue. Is there a way to fix this by myself or do We need to wait for the next update?


    Ty for the work , realy like your addon

  • #54

    Resolved in 1.6.0b.

  • #50

    Yo, Perterter, please have a look at the posted Bug. I really love your Work but this annoys me, i have to turn off notifications completely.

    I try to turn off my other Addons maybe one is affecting IconLoot but i dont really think so.

  • #55

    Resolved in 1.6.0b.

  • #47

    Bug report :

    On my new computer this addon has the blue item selected as minimum quality in Loot Notification popup no matter which one I actually pick.

  • #57

    Resolved in 1.6.0b.

  • #49

    Same here, didnt reinstall it. It just happened one Day, cannot change the Minimum Notification Quality.

    I then deleted the Addon and all SavedVariables but after reinstalling the Addon the Bug is still present.

    It always switches back to Blue(Superior?) Quality. Please have a look into this. Thanks.

  • #46

    WARNING: after you remove this addon, lootnotificationwindow will no longer function. even if clicked load addon, and restarting UI and whole game. only way to restore it again was to click "restore defaults" on addon options, which removes all your other addons.

    You (dev) might want to fix this.

  • #48

    I'll look into it, but I continually remove/reinstall my addons, and I haven't had any issue. I'm currently running the default loot window after using IconLoot for a long time.

  • #43

     /!\ Please can you make a version where we can disable/hide the loot notifcation thing that pops up in the middle of the screen /!\



  • #45

    Are you serious? I just added this in the last update.

    Last edited by perterter on 7/25/2014 12:20:43 PM
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