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About ThreatMeter

ThreatMeter is a basic threat meter.

Current features include:

  • Threat Per Second
  • Different colors for player, group, player's pets and non-group members
  • Audio and Visual warnings - these may need tweaking from feedback

Note: The API surrounding threat is very limited presently and is only available for your current target.

The following commands are available:
/threat Shows the threat list window
/threat optionsShows the options window


Update 0.8.6 (Quality of life v3) Progress. EST Release 8/1

  • Slider for party size threshold. 
  • Buttons to reset window position 



  • Hide When in Combat: Warning
  • When Items are locked they are now non-interactable.
  • ThreatMeter Options added to addon bar.


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  • #95

    Yeah the auto options on this are a bit annoying. I want it to never disappear and never show itself unless I specifically tell it to do so. Eg it's never there until I type /threat and then it only goes if I hit close ... however even if you uncheck all of the auto options then it'll just autohide itself as soon as you tag a mob ... I want it to basically work like vortex meter does as I only need a threat meter in specific circumstances. Hopefully someone might update it / make a new one?

  • #94

    my threat meter disappeared and cant seem to get window back and no reset button, any ideas?

  • #93

    Mini-review / addon showdown for ThreatMeter!

  • #92

    Please make it so you can have it so it always shows your current threat, regardless of how far you are from top threats

  • #88

    Is this addon still being developed? If not it would be lovely if someone would pick it up and fix a few of the minor issues like the constant high threat message or the bars randomly disapearing.

  • #91

    Show hide options are in the configuration, please check those as most options for show and hide are there. The biggest one people have issues with is the threat warning showing when first entering combat. This assumes that since you have not target a mob that you have high threat. Targeting a mob normally hides the threat warning. The threat bars display bug(aka black bars) was fixed last time I checked when the drawing api was fixed in blighthaven.

  • #87

    Is there a way that us tanks can use this on a dummy to check our tps? Would be a handy thing to have to check builds other than going into an instance and mucking about.

  • #90

    Unfortunatly no, the threat issue on target dummys is associated with a bug in threat generation on the target dummys specifically. If you use the raid dummy in your house that works just fine.

  • #84

    Can we PLEASE have a toggle on/off state? I don't want an automatic system, it pops up when I don't want it to all the time. I just want to be able to have it on or off like the damage meters.

  • #85

    There is an option for this in the config settings, check your options.

  • #83

    BUG: Please fix the high threat bug or disable it until it's fixed. We constantly get a high threat warning in combat

  • #81

    Is it possible to make it look like it does in the picture just a box I don't want the edges in the green highlight I also would love to be able to change the background color.

  • #79

    Is there anyway to reset the window to default location?  I accidentally moved it off screen when I was rotating my camera and now I cannot get it back... I've tried everything including wiping my entire addons folder and it wont show anymore. 

  • #86

    This is hopefully coming when I can carve out some time to work on this some more :)

  • #75

    i ALWAYS have the high threat notification from the start of the fight until the end even though i am not even close to high threat

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