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  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 03/19/2014
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About Grid

Grid is a set of compact unit frames for dungeoning/raids. It is primarily targeted at healers, but other classes may also want to use it as an indicator of how well their raid group is doing. The addon is currently undergoing major redesign and will only do bugfixes and minor feature requests. Stay tuned for the future!

Grid is not currently a replacement for the stock GroupFrame addon.

Latest update: (v0.24) API version 9, right click menu (shoutout to Squishes), dispell indicator overrides and priorites(static), shield bar growth (change by changing anchor)

As you can probably tell, it's heavily inspired by two WoW addons, namely Grid, the namesake of my addon(no other affiliation), and VuhDo. To a very limited extent, it also aspires to features of Clique.


  • Displays a health bar for every party member in a nice and compact format. It is intended to be placed in the area around your cast bar for maximum efficiency.
  • Acts as an interface for targeted skills (usually heals). Simply mouse over the frame of a unit in need, and hit the appropriate hotkey on your LAS. The addon automatically targets the unit you are mousing over to facilitate healing with as little inputs as possible. I find it works well by binding the relevant skill LAS button to a tertiary mouse button (middle mouse, extra buttons, +/- modifier keys). Note that the addon will automatically reset to your previous target once your mouse leaves the grid area. This behaviour can be changed in the option dialogue.
  • Shows a range indicator for your group members. Units that are further than (default 35m, reverie range) away from you get faded out. Helps knowing if you will heal that low health DPS at the other end of the room with your finisher or not.
  • Aggro indicators to let you know who is currently tanking a mob.
  • "dispellable debuff" indicator. It displays one debuff per unit that can be dispelled, and will pick the one with the most time left on it.
  • An arrow pointing in the general direction of where on earth that low health group member is hiding from your heals.
  • Lastly, in the top left, there is an interrupt armor/"is currently being CCed"/Is out of focus multi-purpose indicator.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. If you get a crash, please copy+paste the stack trace into your report and I will fix it asap. You are also more than welcome to post feature requests, I will always see what I can do.


/grid show
 > Show the addon (settings may prevent this)
/grid options
> Show the options dialogue
/grid lock
> Lock window position
/grid unlock
> Unlock window position
/grid reset
> Restore default settings


  • Yet more settings, always more settings!
  • Ready check/assigned roles indicators
  • Incoming heals preview (hard due to telegraphed nature of skills)
  • Fully configurable indicators ("if unit.focus < 25%/ if unit has a certain debuff, display a blue square in the top left") - planned for the next major release (read: not soon)
  • Account-wide profiles
  • Right click dropdown menues?
  • Editable unit groups?
  • Enemy/Focus/Pet frames?
  • Proper mouseover healing without the targeting workaround - sadly this is not something I can do, but perhaps Carbine will surprise us with this feature in a future patch

Known Bugs

  • Click to select and locking the frames will make Grid swallow mouse input (you can no longer right-click to rotate the camera while hovering over it) Cannot fix?
  • Aggro tracking breaks if you do not witness the friendly unit entering combat. This happens most frequently with stalker tanks. Cannot fix/API bug.

added somewhat obscure method to chance shield bar growth
added right click menu
api version 9
replaced stale dispell overrides with static priorities


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  • #145

    Is this project alive or is it another casualty?

  • #144

    one of the best addon... but on 40man it takes so much CPU resources... :{

  • #143

    is this addon alive or i shouldnt expect any further updates ?

  • #142

    Sweet addon, just waiting for the day I can select and view raid/party roles with it, at that point i can disable the other raid and pary frames and start running grid only :)

  • #141

    Thanks for the awesome addon. Is there any chance you could add a feature to have the names be the class color and the  bars themselves all be the same color?

  • #140


    1. Scaling text should be added.
    2. Using the 4 corners (and the 4 sides) for little colored squares that can be customized to show whatever it is you want to show should be added as well, just like the original WoW Grid.

    Thanks for the great addon so far, much appreciated.You did a fantastic job.

    Last edited by glowang on 8/13/2014 8:54:37 PM
  • #139

    Hi mate,

    1st gr8 addon.
    2nd can u fix the problem when pple are in another location, you cant right click them and set them funcion like promote. This way im forced to use carabie group panel.

    Last edited by Saphirr0 on 8/11/2014 5:51:18 AM
  • #138

    Could we get some kind of sorting - maybe the way the normal raidframe is sorted, so tanks are always together?

  • #137

    Love the addon, keep up the good work!



    Class Color for Players name and player hp percent (Any text)

    Ability to place names of players on top of box instead of inside therefore adding more space to have % values shown

    Ability to scale any text

    Group Numbering and colums

    additional tank boxs / colums

    Thank you,


  • #135

    Thanks for working to give us better raid frames! Any chance for an option to hide direction arrows for people over a certain health %? Or making targets at full health the same opacity as people who aren't in range? Those two features seem to be the hardest to find in raid frame addons and I really miss them.

  • #134

    Is there a way to put it into test mode to adjust frames without being in a raid?

  • #136

    I'd like to see this as well if possible

  • #132

    Please can I be told what do I need to change in the LUA and which file specificaly in order to change font to CRB_Header9_O ? That is really all I need from this already awesome addon.

    EDIT: NVM I found it ;) If anyone is interested it was in the Grid.xml file and you need to replace the "STRING" insinde Font="STRING" with the font you want to use :)

    Last edited by warriotox on 7/16/2014 5:23:24 PM
  • #123

    similar options like icon/role settings, lootmaster options etc like the original raidframe options would be nice.

  • #122

    any chance we can get ( heal ) (DPS) (TANK) icons or something to display in groups and stuff for raids and instances? would be amazing T_T

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