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  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 03/21/2014
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About Steer

Steer will engage Wildstar's native Mouse Lock functionality that pans the camera by mouse movement.  By binding the forward movement with the mouse lock, we can achieve a "steering" function by pushing the middle mouse button and moving the mouse.  While the addon senses your character moving, the Mouse Lock will engage.  If the addon senses your character has stopped, it will disengage the mouse lock.

You can optionally select from two modes of operation:  manual or automatic.  You can manually toggle the mouse lock via a number of methods including single LMB click, double LMB click, or a keypress of your choosing.

NEW!  You can bind forward movement to ANY mouse button.  This is currently disallowed in the Carbine stock keybinding add-on, so it may come to pass Carbine "patches" this later.  So, for now, enjoy! 

NOTE!  This is not a "click-to-move" function, movement is triggered by holding your forward movement keybind (or optionally the middle mouse button) and steering is enabled by simply moving the mouse.

IMPORTANT!  This addon will likely not behave well with DeadlockExt or any other addon that attempts to manage the Mouse Lock functions.


If you wish to bring up the options window, just type /steer .  You can bind the middle mouse button to forward movement and engage the mouse lock, or you can just engage the mouse lock upon character movement.  Finally you can optionally maintain the mouse lock during combat even when your character is stationary.

API 9.0 update, no functionality updates.


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  • #114
    MMB keybind

    I'd lik to bind Middle Mouse Button to Toggle Mouse Lock.

    Issue: when using Toggle Mouse Lock, opening then closing any UI does not re-lock the mouse.

    Could be fixed if movement automatically re-toggled mouse lock <or> re-lock when closing the window that unlocked the mouse lock.


  • #113

    I'd like to first thank you for the addon, cause it's perfect for what I need.  I only use it for camera lock during movement, freeing up the right mouse button for other things.  Unfortunately, it seems that the addon is disabled during certain (but apparently not all) blind events, off the top of my head bosun octog's blind does this.  Basically, when your blinded by him (and a few other blinds) camera no longer locks during movement, and since right mouse button is bound elsewhere I lose the ability to move in a normal fashion, its sorta like being disoriented AND blind, it can be quite troublesome.  since I run steer 100% of the time, I haven't tested to see if it isn't steer, but my controls act the same as if steer was suddenly set to disabled so I can't imagine it was anything else.

  • #112

    Can we get an option to actually toggle on movement without it auto-deactivating when stopped? I want the ability to reactivate on movement, but I also want to use Steer Clear (swaps keybinds to default mouse clicks while not Steering) and would rather not get caught entering combat while stationary.

    Last edited by Surge on 8/1/2014 7:42:25 PM
  • #111

    Quick question Casstiel, is it possible to like... idk how addon-developers like say it... hook in? Or make this compatible with quest log addons? For example, the unlock when interatcting with interface option works flawlessly, but it doesn't work with quest dialogue addons. I end up spinning my toon around dizzily. Specifically, I used UnitedDialogs and Steer doesn't unlock when a quest window pops up.

    And as a side note: great work with everything. Steer and GotHUD are handsdown my favoritest addons evar!

  • #108

    how is this compared to lockdown

  • #110

    I don't know much about lockdown, as I recall, it uses an external script, where this is entirely an addon running in game in Wildstar.

  • #107

    Waiting for an API update of this superb addon. Cant play without it...

  • #106

    If you could add the option to set the lock and unlock to a mouse 3 or 4 button that would be amazing. So that we can enable and disable when we are standing by npcs without clicking on them.

  • #105

    Is it possible for you to add an option to only bind mouse button to movement when in mouse lock mode, and reset when not?

  • #109

    Unless I misunderstand, that sounds like the exact opposite purpose of this addon.  This addon toggles the mouse lock mode based on the detection of movement, not the other way around.

  • #101

    I like it the way it is now (where the mouse stays where I left it).
    If you are going to re-centre please make it and option to be toggled on and off.

    ALSO: Please could you add some form of reticle or telegraph, it would help aim some skills better.

  • #102

    No telegraph is planned, sorry.

  • #98

    It works now as inteadend. No more mouse on 2nd monitor. WOOT WOOT

  • #99

    While it may work for 2 monitors (I wouldn't know) it doesn't work as intended because the mouse still doesn't recenter. Hoping the new code allows for that through an update though.

  • #100

    Personally, I like it reappearing where I left it rather than recentering. I don't know what the intended behaviour is but I'm happy with the current state.

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