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Movable Frames

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  • WildStar
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  • Supports: API 9
  • 92,474 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/09/2014
  • Created 03/29/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Movable Frames

Movable Frames is a simple U.I. unlocker that allows you to move, scale and hide elements of the UI where you please.

Type /mf to bring up the menu, check the items you wish to move or scale and once they're set, uncheck them. If you want them hidden, just check the hide button.

The addon also features a Grid to help with addon alignment (Press ESC to close the grid) as well as saved profiles to bring up settings of different characters.


  • Action Bar
  • Left Bar
  • Right Bar
  • Castbar
  • Dash Popout
  • Datachron
  • Datachron Toggle
  • Experience Bar
  • Hazards/Breath Bar
  • HUD Alerts
  • Interface Menu
  • Inventory Bag
  • Loot Notification Window
  • MiniMap (Hide and Lock)
  • Mount Popout
  • Quest Tracker
  • Recall Frame
  • Recall Menu
  • Resource Frame
  • Sprint Meter
  • Art Assets
  • Unit/Target/Focus Frames (Hide and Lock)
  • Zone Map

Some of the addons such as the Action Bar is hidden via the HUD Options, there is a quick link to those via the Movable Frames Options Window (Action Bar is labeled as Skill bar in HUD Options).

Version 1.0 is released
Profiles now only save if you click the save button in the MF Window.

* Fixed Quest sorting
* Fixed issue with the drop down arrow shifted up too high


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  • #355
    Mount Popout

    I am having an issue were the mount popup is not moving with the mount box. 
    So when I open my mount popup it show to be in its proper position. 

    Heres a screenshot:

    This is the only issue I have had with the addon, and for all I know its user error. 

  • #354

    I can't seem to find a way to move the "Inspect" window. The Inspect window is the one that appears when you hover the mouse cursor over an NPC, monster, etc and it shows you the details of the NPC, monster etc in the left, just above the default location for the chat window.

    The reason why I ask this is that I use LootTable2 and some creatures have large drop tables. The drops are listed in the Inspect window, and for large drop tables the list ends up goingn off the top. If there were some way to re-size and relocate the "Inspect" window that would be great.


  • #352

    Is there currently any way to save a UI set up and have it loaded for your other characters? I spent hours tweaking it on my main but want to have it set up for my alts too :3 I am probably missing something really obvious lol 


    Yes.. I was missing something obvious.. the big "import" button encorporated into the menu near the save option... lol. My bad! Great little mod, and the fact that you can save it is just so useful. Simple but effective :) ty <3

    Last edited by SlappedYak on 9/9/2014 12:04:55 PM
  • #351

    Any engi's have a problem wil moveable frames messing up there resource bar?


  • #349

    I have recently started using this addon as a way to move my cast bar and loot window, however I have noticed that with this addon running my left and right bars are missing 2 buttons each.   I go from 12, to 10 on each bar.    Is there a way to fix this that I am not noticing, or is this something that you can fix? 

    Please and thank you,

  • #348

    Sprint meter does not hide when clicked to be hidden. It can be scaled and moved, so I hid it behind my minimap, but it will not hide it.

  • #346

    Sort Quests Top to Bottom does not work button does not work. Always sorts top to bottom. Would like to revert back to Bottom to Top.

    Last edited by PinkleFairy on 8/14/2014 3:59:11 PM
  • #345

    Why does the quest tracker, after i move it once, say to top left corner,, then later on start organizing itself from the bottom of the fram upwards? Its really annoying to set it as if it is top down then after a relog it changes.

  • #342

    How much do I need to donate to fast-track the option to move/hide Achievement Pop-ups so I can get them out of the middle of my screen?

  • #343

    Anything I haven't added is because wildstar programmed them in a way that you would need a replecement addon for them...such as tooltips, stun breakouts, this and more. It isn't something I can just hook into and move unfortunately.  

  • #341

    This addon has started overriding the positioning and sizing settings for the Quest Tracker in the most recent game update. It might be a good idea to simply exclude the Quest Tracker from Movable Frames from now on since the default UI provides the same functionality, or MF needs to update based on changing the ingame stuff.

    Last edited by Surge on 8/8/2014 10:42:01 PM
  • #344

    Well you can position, scale and resize with this so i'm not sure what you're talking about.

  • #339

    When using this addon as an esper. There is a bug with the PSI points not showing up in the correct spot.

    They should appear in the little trapezoid shaped box below the brain image where focus is, instead the PSI points appear way below the box they should be in.  Where it says 0 is my PSI points, at the bottom of the hotbar. 

    Image Removed:

  • #340

    Sounds like the window got modified, if you click the move button for the resource bar, goto the corner of the blue line box and drag it around until it fits like it should.

  • #353

    I had the same problem with the artwork on the esper resource, but it was just a matter of resizing the window using the blue frame edges and now it matches up again :) 

    thanks for the help! 

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